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The Synagogue Of Satan

 By Jim Kirwan


Brought to us all by a much younger Whore of Babylon

Hillary Clinton, serving the Synagogue to the hilt,

but no longer hiding in the shadows.

Their primary weapon against us has always been the FEAR they believe they have engendered throughout American society. But in this case just 'wanting-something' is not the same as acquiring it: And today after years of living with the thought of prosecution, this might finally be coming to an satisfying end.



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On another Front

A reader said: 'The Orlando op has now backfired because of the "shoot back" posters in LA and so many LGBT's are now buying guns and joining the NRA and the Gun Owners of America organizations. This has started a whole new movement called "SHOOT BACK" (the only way to stop a bad guy shooting innocent victims) is for a good guy with a gun to shoot back!'

Don't Tread On Us


True enough. And thanks to that effort, the real farce behind the globalist idea below, is finally on the way out!

The Synagogue of Satan has been trying to destabilize the United States since before they stole the U.S. Mint, the Treasury and the FED. Their motto throughout has remained the same as the Israeli Mossad:

By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”.

But in this colossal war “losing is not an option”.

One further proof of the farce behind their failing attacks

is the impending collapse of the latest announcement from DHS.

Newly released Homeland Security Department documents detail how Secretary Jeh Johnson and 28 other officials defied a security precaution against using Web-based personal email accounts at the office, the conservative legal group Judicial Watch announced on Friday.”

k- This linking between Jeh & Hillary came on the heels of an announcement by Jeh Johnson that “gun control is now part of the Department of Homeland Security”, ergo Second Amendment protections would no longer apply ­ But OOPS ­ It looks like it will be the DHS pretend-Czar and his 28 other officials that will be under the strobe lights and in the cross hairs of national security problems ­ instead of the Second Amendment after all?

The fact that Homeland Security officials “bent rules” on private email use—first reported nearly a year ago by Bloomberg—represented a waiver given top executives that lasted a year despite a February 2014 departmental crackdown on such use for fear of cyber breaches of webmail accounts such as AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Gmail and Yahoo.

Judicial Watch filed suit in October 2015 after an unsuccessful Freedom of Information Act request to DHS, and in February a U.S. district judge ordered the release of 693 pages.

The newly released records reveal that Johnson was given an exemption from the ban on the first day of its implementation simply because he liked to check his personal email from the office every day, Judicial Watch said in a statement. In an April 7, 2014, email, DHS Deputy Director for Scheduling and Protocol Mary Ellen Brown wrote to DHS Chief of Staff for the Under Secretary for Management Vincent Micone: “Hi Vince ­ I wanted to flag that S1 [Secretary Johnson] accesses his [redacted] account every day and I didn’t know if we could add his computer to the waiver list? Let us know at your convenience.”

Departmental memos had warned that webmail account use was traced to half the outside efforts to compromise DHS security, including 14 Trojan-Horse attacks in August 2013 and 25 attacks in December 2013.

The legal group also accused the department of misleading Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, in early 2014 by assuring him in response to queries that no official business was being conducted on private email accounts.

Jeh Johnson and top officials at Homeland Security put the nation’s security at risk by using personal email despite significant security issues,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And we know now security rules were bent and broken to allow many of these top Homeland officials to use ‘personal’ emails to conduct government business.

Asked for comment, a DHS spokesman said the story is old news and that the situation has been rectified. “As of a year ago, no one here has access to their personal email (or "webmail") over their DHS computers,” J. Todd Breasseale, assistant secretary for public affairs, told Government Executive. “It feels oddly political to suddenly attempt to revive this topic.”

Fitton claimed the story has legs. “If the waivers were appropriate,” he said on the Judicial Watch website, “then they wouldn’t have been dropped like a hot potato as soon as they were discovered by the media.”

k - Say Bye-Bye Czar Johnson, you all need to go to prison anyhow

you should be in gen-pop, just to know how that feels!

Top Homeland Security Officials Under Fire for Personal Email Use


It's beginning to look like all kinds of hell is finally about to unfold, and of course that couldn't come at a better time ­ just before the Republicans enact their own version of the Democrats “SUPER-DELEGATE” Scandal.

The Retarded Republican party is trying to shut down the results of their conventions so far, by allowing the delegates to throw out (or “UN-BIND”) the numbers delegated so far and replace them with their own personal beliefs: Just as the Democrats created their SUPER-DELEGATES, the Republicans now want to disavow ALL the republican votes so far, in order to give the nomination to someone that has not run for the office ­ just as long as they represent "ANYONE BUT TRUMP"!

With the Democrats Super-delegates this stunt would make this election something that will DUMP THE PUBLIC'S VOTES, throughout the nation and make everyone subservient to the Empire - and the Empire's choice for leadership of the USSA - if that doesn't produce the desired REVOLT then nothing will, BECAUSE THE IDIOTS THAT HAVE VOTED, ARE THE MOST COMMITTED TO DISBELIEF IN THE TOTAL CRIMINALITY IN THIS GOVERNMENT: So if the Retards go ahead with this farce, then this entirely criminal charade will soon be center-stage and in the international spotlight, just like the slaughter (fake or not) in Orlando - which produced the embrace of SELF-DEFENCE by the same guns that Obamanation created that supposed-attack to attempt to permanently eliminate...

Yeah - we are definitely moving toward the endgame now

Only this time it's the Dark Side that's taking it where it counts!


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