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Suspended Animation


By Jim Kirwan


These last fifteen years have been spent living in a slow-motion global explosion that will culminate in the obliteration of everything that so many think can be avoided. Those of us who have lived every second of that corrupted time can tell you that it did not need to happen ­ but apparently the time for analyzing what we didn’t do, when we could have changed the course of history, has past us bye.

I’ve always been one of those who chose to live my own life, my own way, and I’ve had a really good life, several of them actually; Which brings me to this quagmire that needs to be understood by far more people than the few of us who have survived it to this point.

From the time when I became a teenager, in Oklahoma, I knew from watching national television news, that Oklahoma was at least thirty years behind the rest of the planet. Oakie’s didn’t really speak English as it was meant to be spoken, and from the ads it was clear that Oklahoma had become some kind of dumping ground that didn’t keep up with the nation on either coast.

For the uninitiated Oklahoma at that time was a ‘Right to Work State’ still stuck in prohibition times, to keep the bootleggers in business. We had prostitution and pornography rings that went from St. Louis all the way to California, and un-official-corruption in Oklahoma was second only to Bill & Hillary’s Arkansas ­ but they both came from the same core corruptions. In Oklahoma that included but was not limited to judges, politicians, media, and all the official ‘businesses’ and virtually everything in between, including prosecutor’s. Cops in OKC rode three to a car and corruption was not-so-quietly king in every corner of that place.

Clinton 2016: Conspiracy Shocker

Since ‘we’ did nothing then about the massive criminality, we’ve inherited EVERYTHING THAT’S GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

If you have any doubts just take a look at the new 100 dollar bills.

Welcome to the rainbow colored money ­ here’s the proof and here’s today’s comment:

The police cruisers featured a black flag that flew from every car to remind people to “drive carefully” but which in reality told everyone that you were living in an undeclared police-state and that was just that. After I finished my four years active service in the Air Force, several of those cops decided to hunt me down three or four times a week, for ‘interrogations’ and short rides punctuated by pistol whipping, punching and dumping me out in empty lots were common ­ until I got some help from ex-cops that put an end to that. My ‘offense’ was that I had a goatee, which meant that I was a bum, a hippie, or both.

Everyone who failed to look the way cops thought everyone should look, were unofficially dealt with and kicked out of town. I kept notes, names and dates and that cost several of them their pathetic jobs, but that changed nothing about the backwardness of Oklahoma, as the system continued unabated.

Oklahoma was one of the more disgusting homes to “Born Again”, and just down the block from us, as kids, there were “Holy Rollers” just doin’ their thing. Oklahoma could easily have become home to Elmer Gantry, as it was such a common-con, that it was laughable, even before I made it into teen age life. It was this ‘determined backwardness’ in Oklahoma that forced me to look for the depth that had to be out there in the wider world.

When I didn’t find it to the degree that I knew it was needed, I decided to draw what I was seeing about the total crime that Oklahoma and the nation had by then become: Media was not interested and there was no internet, but life continued and so did I.

That led to a critical expose on LBJ

Afterwards I worked for the Governor of Oklahoma to improve education in Oklahoma that had fallen to 47th in the nation. Those 6 illustrations changed the course of education, through the legislature in 1967. When LBJ decided not to run again, I packed a bag and headed for California.

The military taught me everything that anyone could ever know about corporate life, as the two have the same root causes that benefit only the upper echelon—everyone else is nothing but road-kill. Later on I spent some time honing skills in the corporate world, using what life teaches us, which vastly improved my bank accounts, but sickened me as a person. I added skills but the educational value did not outweighed the obscenity of the money that corporate life made possible. After that I started over and became self-employed as a home designer and artist ­ until I dumped everything except the art and began to live a real life without the corporations or their supposed safety nets in the massively corrupted world that still hasn’t changed from the days of Hillary & Bill, as that is so graphically illustrated above.

The same was true of Bill Clinton, all members of the Bush Cabal and that charade has been going on and on and on. John Kerry, Al Gore and the entire cadre of minor US officials are all criminals ­ everyone knows it, but nothing is ever done about any of that ­ the same goes for the Supreme Court since they made corporations into human-beings, and then decided that those same corporations can now become states with more rights than real states ­ which is of course what is currently being attempted on the global stage with TTP & T-TIP ­ of course if this happens then no one on the planet will ever have any rights again.

I’ve done a lot of stuff in the last 57 years, made my share of mistakes and had some victories along the way. I lived that life without trying to force what I learned about for myself, or life in general, on to others. And along the way I have come to despise the word “SAFE”.

It’s everywhere now, just as all corporate garbage always includes “SAFETY” into virtually every message. It no longer has any meaning when it comes to ordinary people: The only reason that “SAFETY” is mentioned in virtually every ad is to keep down the cost of law-suits that should flow from corporate crimes the world over ­ currently the same thing is happening to how we think: If we disagree with any government program, or even if we think differently about whatever any corporation believes ­ then we’re committing a crime.

We are censored for every breath we take, for whatever we ingest, or whatever we chose to think about ­ and failure to conform to the completely corrupted mob is punishable by prison. The entire world is upside down, and we are expected to endorse every crime proposed by the government against human life or nature, no matter how small the infraction ­ that is the living death we are expected to endorse every minute of every day now ­ which is why all of it is about to implode.

And as for being SAFE in everything we eat, drink or how we live: That assumes that our kitchens, bathrooms and our lives are perfectly sterile places where we can all be totally SAFE: Which everyone knows is total bullshit. Hospitals ­ the places where everything is supposedly spotless and sterile: Hospitals and vaccinations kill way more people than any number of weapons ever did. And evil political thoughts and practices also exceed the traffic deaths plus the daily murders the police still increasingly kill from the general population each and every day. Between the crimes that are the backbone of the CRIMINAL Just-us SYSTEM, compounded by the private prison systems in the old United States, we have become the most criminal nation on this earth ­ and no one even mentions that.

This ‘nation’ is buried in racist practices, murder is probably the cheapest of all costs as a way to alter your future, and yet none of this is ever investigated at all, whether it’s political or private, murder has become the go-to answer for everything in Amerika.

But most of that stuff is just the ticker that runs beneath every story that is run on the totally corrupted media which lies with every story they report on.

Moving on to the real problems with this place that claims to ‘BE FREE”, the United States is no longer ours. USI has made the US a totally owned subsidiary of Israel and the Khazarian Supremacy. The congress should be moved to Israel, because they are the real Knesset in Tel Aviv, after all that’s where the American elections for president are counted, how much more do you need to know?

And just what is Israel Really?

Israel has the world’s fourth largest military, yet they cannot win any war outside of that fake nation. Every time they’ve tried to attack another nation since we made it possible for them to win their war in 1948, they’ve lost, and yet they behave as if they are a global military power. Without the total cooperation of USI Israel would have become nothing but the open global-sewer that it already is. They have nuclear weapons, which they refuse to claim. And they have told the world that only “Jews” should be allowed to live. By that they mean the Khazarians that have been hiding behind the “Jews” since the end of WWII.

The continuing war-crime that is GAZA has never been legal by any stretch of the imagination ­ yet it has gone on since Israel decided to force the Brits, through the UN, to convert Palestine into Israel ­ and the world still looks on while the inhuman slaughter continues without erasing Israel from the global map.

Meanwhile Israel throws insane tantrums about Iran, a nation that we’ve attacked three times in the twentieth century, while Iran has not attacked another nation in over 300 years ­ but you’d never know that if you listen to Bomb-bomb McCain, who is a certifiable traitor and major enemy of the United States. Of course the same is true of the entire congress, but no one worries about that ­ just as so many want to pretend that there’ll actually be a 2016 election for which criminal they want to run whatever’s left of this burnt-out place.

Then of course there are the absolutely obscene lies that the US continues to spread about Russia and Ukraine ­ while the rest of the world has decided to ‘move-on’ to more markets, more challenges that don’t involve liquidating the known world or to have that WWIII which the old US with its broken military establishment and worn out military junk, who still want to pretend that “We’re Number One” - no matter what level of insanity that we keep on trying to force into reality; when the actual world knows that we really have no future; much less a military that could fight their way out of a paper bag.

Meanwhile none of the trafficking in human body parts, the global pornography, or the drug trafficking worldwide is ever mentioned when it comes to saintly Israel. And now Israel has become the world leader in sexual deviance and depravity, along with same-sex everything in a world that has not embraced their sexual preferences, any more than the US approves of the same practices here ­ but the problem we have is that since ISRAEL has taken over all of our government functions, there is nowhere for Americans or anyone else to go to refute or alter these new mandates that are coming down from on high to the low-life’s that both Israel and the US Inc. have decided that all the rest of us are.

After all everybody knows that only the Jews will be allowed to live

After the coming whatever the hell it turns out to be

That will finally do its worst…

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately and I discovered a very unusual fact that makes this entire problem much easier to deal with.

The Khazarians make up a very minute part of the population of the world, something like 0.02% of the people on the planet: Yet between them they OWN the planet?

The creatures that ‘protect’ them are not Khazarians, they’re scum just like you and me, and we already know that they will eat their enemies, including those who are supposedly “protecting them”.

Every time there’s a Bilderberger meeting I just keep thinking that somewhere there’s an outlaw military squadron that just might remove that spot from the map ­ of course that’s a fantasy ­ but with every few months that pass, such fantasies become necessary to global sanity.

But good things are happening: Just today Greece stiffed the IMF and signed a deal with Russia, or maybe they’ve just agreed to agree, but things are looking up as the EU continues to sink along with the cowardly USI. Rumors abound that JADE Helm is this or that, or nothing at all ­ but a holding place until Planet X makes its appearance. Yesterday the rumor was that in late August all the grocery stores in the nation will be closed, because our ‘friends’ in Israel will be sending all their Amerikan servants into underground cities to survive whatever type of hell might just drop by…

The only thing that is certain now is that nothing here will change by itself ­ and of course we’re out of time ­ so do whatever you’re planning to do but don’t expect much help from the Universe, she’s already on record that this is going to be one hell of a ride…



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