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Surrendering To Press Releases

By Jim Kirwan


When the world finds itself in the position of a permanent HOSTAGE to its own failures: To ‘RELEASE’ ourselves from this self-created trap, then a closer examination of the real situation must be undertaken…

During previous global wars people fought for themselves or their artificial masters against other nations or other powers that were clearly defined. Those ‘powers’ were identified with specific people and places that were clearly recognized as themselves; in whatever war or bit of peace that those people might have been involved in.

The “New Millennium” has ushered in something totally new and completely bizarre onto the world stage. The wars of 2000 and beyond are not being fought by nations or peoples fighting as parts of nations: Todays’ most aggressive forces no longer represent nations or people. The only forces represented in the battles being fought in 2014 are just piles of empty press-releases that originate somewhere in cyber-space and belong to no particular place or military force: Frequently it is nearly impossible to even trace the origin of the hundreds of empty statements, as those who write them have remained anonymous.

How can this be?

Actually all of this was a direct outgrowth from the difficulties created by the first two world wars. For instance in WWII the Axis Powers consisted of Germany, Japan and Italy who had basically decided to attack the rest of the planet to expand their powers. One by one those three dissident powers were defeated on the battlefields and the world tried-again to get back to rebuilding and improving life for the survivors—supposedly.

The inherent problem in 1945 was that WWI & WWII had just been the beginning, which made WWIII into that final requirement needed to finish rearranging the nations and powers on the planet, to insure that the optimum power would finally become one in the bloody clutches of the very few who had designed this entire charade…

Since the end of WWII nation states have become obsolete. Nations have been replaced by global-interests that seek Full Spectrum Dominance and of course total control over entire regions of the old world order. To do this without attracting too much global attention; a new system of warfare was required. The owners decided to contract out the butchery, the slaughter the imprisonment and the torture for direct shares in the profits, which is what’s been going on since we began “NO BID CONTRACTING” that became permanent during Iraq War II.

As a consequence the wars of the new millennium are no longer about nations or peoples—they’re all about contracts, market-share and the endless supply of weapons, oil and money needed to supply the virtually endless wars which this strategy was designed to fulfill.

This might have been successful except that global-greed got in the way and now the entire facade is about to be shattered into a billion pieces, unless ‘magically’ something like the next massive global war were to happen: To save the filthy rich from going over their individual cliffs which they are currently headed for.

There was a place called Forward Base Falcon just outside the Green Zone that was overrun in 2006. Over 311 US personnel were slaughtered on the same day and it was never reported or followed up on in the media.

If that had happened in the air force I served in from 1957 to 61, the heads of those responsible would have been thrown from the rooftops after a real investigation: But that’s why Bush Junior, our AWOL resident in the Oval Office had already made every combat fatality “SECRET” long before Forward Base Falcon ever took place, so that absolutely nothing was reported at the time.

During 2006 it was massive news if we lost more than 15 troops on a single day. Imagine what would have happened if that Iraqi victory had been reported as an entire American base that had been totally overrun and everyone there had died? How often did we cover-up the same kinds of military disasters in other places like Vietnam before Iraq was part of the Bush clan’s scheme to dominate the world?

Falcon Base Forward was reported on with names rank and unit, by Indy media that has since been scrubbed, but the policy had long ago been set up to prevent the public from ever knowing what happened on days like that: In places like the Baghdad Airport, Fallujah and elsewhere; wherever the truth would have forced an immediate end to the farce of that illegal invasion of a nation that had been an ally. I wasn’t the only writer who tried to bring national attention to that obscenity, without much success…

That was part of the global takeover that Clinton had a part in as well.

Clinton did his bit with all the Free-Trade Zones, Rwanda, and Bosnia as well. The background for all of that came from the early days of the UN that everyone seems to have totally forgotten. The US refused to even pay dues to that organization, right after the formal organization of the United Nations—as initially we judged the UN to be an international joke. That was the case until GHW Bush decided to give it the power to override US laws and create another fake world body, to crush what was left of US protection, for our citizens, from global designs on international powers that could by-pass the US constitution.

The little blue-helmets racked up huge obscenities throughout Africa, Bosnia and elsewhere, where the UN ran the sex and slave trades, even the sale of illegally obtained body parts, and no investigation followed on their obscenities world wide—especially not after the UN founded AGENDA 21 that was designed to end life as most Americans have come to know it.

Now the whole world can easily see the tyranny that is being wrought in the name of the New World Order, masquerading as the UN. Add to that NATO, that other fake organization that’s nothing but a military-machine that has no population to answer to and no country to call “home”. Those are just two of these fake nations that were never nations or states in their own right: They are merely international and semi-private corporate monsters that are mercenary in nature and totally criminal by design. These are the “organizations” that are served by the huge stack of empty press-releases which are upending the sanity and order in whatever remains of this world today.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how these oligarchs, bankers and outlaws worldwide have decided to undermine the order of the universe in order to steal whatever remains of this planet. And every bit of this is a total farce that has nothing at all to do with nations, states or humanity in this completely false attack upon the whole planet which has been uniquely termed “The War on Terrorism”.

This can only succeed if you stay asleep and refuse to call them on all their colossal lies. We have been responsible for the deaths and destruction of billions of people the world over: Is it not time that we who have silently sanctioned it all - called a halt to all of this?


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