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The Supremacy
Where Everything Comes Together


By Jim Kirwan


Ask yourself: What the Hell has Israel ever done for us?

Relationships are made up of at least two parties and Americans seem to be the only part of this ‘special relationship’ that has to do everything:

And this has been ‘like that’ for over half a century!

Examples abound of what Israel has done TO America and TO Americans—but Israhell has never done anything FOR this country or FOR our people—except in the negative.

Israel has only contempt for the United States. Virtually every American is ‘driven’ by the Rothschild State and it is crystal-clear that Amerikans are nothing but “worthless eaters” who are only being tolerated until Israhell can find a way to carry out their “Final-Solution” that will end the United States. That will mean that we will lose 95% of our population ­ the remaining 5% of ‘us’ will only be retained to serve Israhell.

Israel believes that we were born to serve the Khazarian Supremacy according only to “The LAW of their BANKS”.

If you disagree then by all means ‘correct the historical and political record’ with the facts and not just with more wildly maniacal accusations.

It’s time to shove Netanyahu’s threats back down his traitorous throat, before we throw him and all those that have assisted in creating Israhell, into their own private pit. These Barbarians have endowed ‘it’ with all their filth and criminal acquisitions that have ‘been’ Israhell from 1916 to the present moment… This continuing “supremacy” must end before they can finish consuming the rest of the planet in their privatized madness.




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