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The Supremely Criminal “Supreme Court”


By Jim Kirwan


Rose Bird was Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.

She began early-on to dictate her own version of 'California law'

Until she was forced from the bench, with a little help.

She was Jerry Brown's appointee

and she had no experience in a court before her appointment

to the position of the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.

Something that delighted Moonbeam Jerry Brown,

but this infuriated a great many people.

So it's time to take a long hard look at what happened

to the U. S. Supreme Court over the course of the last fifty years,

Because whatever this court is now, it's no longer acting for the people:

With the murder of Justice Scalia just about everything about the current LGBTQ court must be re-examined, very closely, under a very public microscope.

Some of the founders thought that to keep their liberty, American's might need a revolution every ten years or so—just to keep the passions and the price of freedom fresh in the minds of the people in the country. And because that did not happen the freedom, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution are now all dead—except in the minds and hearts of those who will still fight for those pillars of freedom, for life & opportunity.

Shorty after I got out of the Air Force in1964 I began to look around at what the country had fallen into after the very public murder of JFK in November of 63.

It soon became clear to me that,, in “Amerika”, there was really no “Complaint Department”, except for the 'selections-process' which had already been stolen. As one consequence, that became an 'opus' for me, I created a three part series of images called “The State of the Nation 1966”.

But by and large there has never been a real and physical solution to the problems we continue to face today: Especially when it comes to the invasive tactics of what have become the several criminal states that are still pretending that they are “independent American States that subscribe to the Constitution and sometimes even to the Republic”..

During the standoff at Bundy Ranch,almost two years ago in Nevada: We got some unexpected help from a number of ex-military and maybe from some active duty members as well—together with some militia and even a few from Oathkeepers.

The Marines Were Ready to Fight the Feds on Bundy Ranch

That was possible then, because everything took place on the open area's of the Bundy Ranch. But by the time that the battle over the Hammond's illegal second incarceration came upon the Hammond's in Oregon ­ which became a massive criminal conspiracy by the Feds, the IMF mercenaries and the crimes committed by Kate Brown the stand-in for the Tarnished House a whole new circumstance was created. After the totally illegal and criminally conspiratorial charges were released, three weeks after the arrests: The same type of help that came to Nevada, was preempted from doing much about all those people in solitary confinement, now under lock & key by the same criminals that have been virtually running everything now for decades.

Consequently it has now become clear that the outlaws in every key position in Oregon have created a situation that has not occurred before inside the United States—which in the end has seen Oregon become a rogue state that is no longer part of the United States. This circumstance must now be openly fought against - between the legal and loyal Americans and the appointed and criminally inclined “officers” in what used to be the State of Oregon.

The marines might not be able to take direct action this time, but the loyal military forces, both retired and active, can still be pivotal in the current outrage against the people and the nation. It will be up to us to create the opportunity for that to happen, and if we are careful and determined, that should still be more than 'just possible'.

When I was stationed on Guam, with over 60,000 GI's the locals, mostly retired military were beating and killing GI's in large numbers. Because those who were ordering these beatings and murders had connections from the states, there was “nothing we could do” we were told. Then one day something happened that triggered us all and word went out: Every able-bodied GI put on a t-shirt and grabbed anything they could find to use for a non-lethal weapon. Then from motor-pools all over the island we descended on Agana, the capitol city, where we shattered every window in every bar or business in the town: Offenders were found and beaten to within an inch of their lives; then after several hours everyone returned to their bases, cleaned themselves up and proceeded as though nothing had happened at all. Since no one died, the officers, many of whom had participated, did nothing ­ and the civilians on Guam totally changed their entire approach to the lowly GI's

America seems to need something of the sort here and now: But since the population here is so heavily addicted to weapons, such a response would probably be met with deadly-force: But for the same reasons those of us who would be protesting the treatment that we're getting each and everyday from cops, police, politicians and states throughout the U.S.: This might turn quite easily into a major war, one that would not be fought with bed-adapters or clubs, but with every kind of deadly weapon that this country uses in all the wars we continue to start worldwide... In brief that could be a bloodbath to end all previous wars that have ever been seen upon this planet.

Of course most of those of us who are just “going along” with all this criminality now, would have to grow a pair, if we are to ever change anything here for the better, we have to act. But if people here began to discover that crucial attitude, beneath the rebellions large or small, then government would have to change or die—that's the exact same non-choice they've been giving us for the last fifty years ­ so why not shove it down their throats for a change: See what happens when the hob nailed boots are on the other foot so to speak?

If we stand by and watch the Supreme Court get turned into just another monstrously criminal device, this time, as an LGBTQ contrivance of nine criminals, then we shall deserve everything we're about to get.

The three branches of our criminal aristocracy are the Administration (the Tarnished House) where over 5,000 work against us 24-7 ­ followed by the members of the 535 Club that have already sold us all out to Israel. Then there's the Supreme Court ­ just nine pretend human-beings, in one place, that could easily be targeted by say 50,000 to 100,000 people to camp out around them until they are forced to come out and be jailed for the crimes thy have committed that got us all into this mess in the first place, beginning with their intervention on 12-12-2000 (above) that gave us Bush the lesser in that fake selection that Jeb Bush created by petitioning the Supreme Court from Florida.

That crime sealed our fate: And that asshole is running for president when he should be locked away in GITMO for his bit of that particular treason... instead of being allowed to speak to people as if he's not a traitor to us all...



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