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The Superstate - Hiding in Plain Sight

By Jim Kirwan


The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict.”

k - By the time this years presidential elections are held, in November, the UN will be, seventy-one years old. But throughout its treacherous and deceitful history, it's never been responsible for anything that has made this world a better place. Instead the UN has only been responsible for paper 'rules' that have only deepened the slavery that the UN was created to oversee ­ and that role has always been disguised as the Trojan Horse that you see above. The UN was put on American shores to oversee the overthrow of the United States of America, which will be completed with the presidential selections, that will end all the freedoms that America was founded to enable.

Unless Americans come together to throw the UN out of New York and disband this criminal-conspiracy against the planet ­ there can never be any chance for the survival of the Western Values or any of the supposed Freedoms that the UN was created to totally destroy.

Obamanation has illegally signed off on the control of all US weapons in the United States ­ and given the control of all US guns to the United Nations, which is hell bent on taking down this country by implementing the elimination of the United states Constitution and all that this Republic ever stood for. Look it up!

The Second World War was supposedly fought to free the world of tyranny, but in reality that war was created to shift power from all the nation-states to a world-government body for a one-world government that's trying desperately to take down all the once free people of the world. WWII, for America lasted just four years, but we've been at war continuously, in Iraq alone, for over 27 years ­ that's almost seven times as long as America was fighting, worldwide,, in WWII. Meanwhile the UN has been behind everything; including all the global-crimes that have been committed in both Oregon & Nevada, that seek to unconstitutionally remove all rights to all the lands and resources in the Western United States and beyond, that's been going on non-stop since the 1970's.

Read this carefully beginning about 11minutes into the video:

Oregon Bundy Case,, Emergency Motion to Dismiss

The Fabricated Trials in Oregon are Over

But what has escaped notice by the American public is the fact that the UN has attempted to control, not just America but the world, using a lawless global set of regulations that will end freedom everywhere on the planet ­ unless they are stopped dead in their tracks.

Americans must boycott the United Nations, surround their headquarters building in New York and shut it down.

If anyone, anywhere is ever going to have any freedom

anywhere on this planet again.


Americans should clearly control which forces can have their headquarters here in the United States ­ especially if these foreign interests represent foreign powers that are diametrically opposed to everything that was American, not to mention the founding of our nation which was based on our constitution and our laws, which the UN is actively moving to totally obliterate.

The Barbarians Are Coming - Polish Song

The Trojan House represents the enemies of humanity, on every continent, administered by a supposed 'global-body' ­ but that in reality only represents the Kazarian Mafia, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey and all the other outlaw-nations in the current struggle to end the damned wars that are consuming the formally separate nations that existed at the end of WWII. And of course they also represent the IMF, the World Bank, The City of London the Vatican and everyone else that's trying so desperately to surrender everything to a New World Order wherein 'the Messiah' is to be replaced by Satan incarnate - which is also supposedly in play as this is being written.

Obama must be impeached for his treason's regarding his active opposition to the U.S. Constitution and to the will of the American People in this matter, and for everything that he has advocated with his failures to enforce immigration laws, societal norms, or the freedom of religious norms, not to mention his embrace of the Barbarian invaders that reject the established laws of the United States, while they actively seek the overthrow of America in order to convert this nation into just another primitive Muslim State based on Sharia Law and the savage treatment of women-worldwide: While the same Muslim-state promotes rape, pillage and plunder of the population, in the name of “Allah” which is not a religion but just a not-so-common cult of bestiality, torture and death.

POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion on September 23 2016?

11min 26 sec VIDEO

Obama for his part must be IMPEACHED or deposed

for what he's spent the last 7 plus years

doing to the people of the United States & the world.

Of course this is a huge order, not least because it exceeds anything that most American's have any inkling of ­ but once Americans can finally see what the hell has been going on; then I think that they will take to the streets of New York and demand the eviction of the United Nations from this country permanently­ for starters.

The public must begin to spit upon all the lawless agencies

wherever they exist

People say that there are good cops, honest politicians, etc,

If that is so then they'd better show us where they stand

because otherwise they'll all be swept up in the war

that's about to spread to every corner of the USA,

The time to act on your convictions is here!

We have very few days left to grasp what's already happened here ­ and in many ways we are like global-victims in a major catastrophe with only seconds to decide how to save our lives, before whatever is coming can finish closing any way out from under the massive collapse that's already begun.

World War Three is already here.

It's up to us to act on what we know NOW, to stop this lawless take-down

before it can finish what they've already started.

Listen to the videos and ask every question that the images

might leave you with ­ because this is really up to

everyone of us and we're out of time!

For starters we could

'Hang the Clintons'

for their crimes against every American, and there are just 12 days to go.


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