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Hot Sizzling, Summer Heat From The Huge
Ozone Hole Widening Caused By Radiation
From 3/11 Fukushima And French Nuclear Leaks

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The midsummer heatwave reopens the dispute between the media-driven climate-change campaigners and cooler scientific minds who put the blame squaredly on the nuclear-power industry's intensifying damage to the Earth's atmosphere. Among those latter post-3/11 skeptics of climate "science" propaganda, I am suggesting a direct causal relationship between the epicenter of the European dog days, Paris, with the fact that France has the greatest concentration of nuclear reactors, 38 for electrictity and dozens more for research purposes, of any country of its size in the world. AREVA, the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and other supporters and suppliers are broiling the land of vinyards and duck ponds to a well-done flambe.

The French nuclear plants provide 73 percent of the nation's electricity, which is now intensified by soaring demand for aircon and refrigeration. A vicious cycle of rising power output to cool homes and public places has been intensifing the release of heat-emitting radioactive isotopes, gamma and beta radiation, and steam, all of that rising into the upper atmosphere, as shown in NASA images of the long lateral ozone hole (identified by blue swathes) over Western Europe.

Prior to the March 2011 Fukushima disaster, ozone depletion was negligible over the northern hemisphere. Then within a month of the TEPCO meltdowns, the Arctic Ozone Hole rapidily expanded between April and June to swell larger than the existing one over the Antarctic. This sudden widening of the northern ozone hole shocked the 60 meteorologists then measuring ozone over the Arctic region, but their scientific findings were censored by a NASA official, under the influence of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, a pro-nuclear zealot in the Obama administration. His henchwoman at NASA blamed "unusual cold weather" in a ridiculous stretch of logic, whereas my early-on examination of the Japanese meteorologists' findings showed otherwise, of radioactivity in heat columns out of the destroyed Fukushima plant was the actual cause of this titanic weather event. (

Official silence and bureaucratic inaction have grossly worsened this catastrophe for the environment and human health, with wildfires now burning unchecked above the Arctic Circle in Siberia, Alaska and northern Canada. Nuclear releases, from meltdowns, weapons testing and daily venting, is the actual cause of the climate apocalypse and ongoing extinction event. Anyone who still blames coal is either an laughably ignorant zealot or a cynical agent of the global nuclear profiteers.

Since the 311 events, the Arctic ozone diameter has continued its expansion unevenly, opening gaps as far southward as the Tropic of Cancer, while concentrating residual ozone in ever-smaller pockets in the upper atmosphere. The absence of an ozone sunscreen over many parts of the wold means that extraterrestrial radiation bombards the Earth's surface unblocked and unfiltered. The spectrum includes ultraviolet (causing sunburn and skin cancer), infrared (heat stroke), cosmic rays (DNA damage) and other wavelengths including gamma, beta, alpha (cancer and destruction of the immune system).

What's so unnatural about this nuclear summer for the Northern Hemjisphere is that air temperatures are higher on the upper floors of office towers than at ground level, indicating increased radiation as the prime driver of the heat wave. At these intensity levels, the clouds are dissipating without pouring down rain. The net result in urban desertification and the very possible transformation of much of Europe into an extension of the Sahara.

Up-to-date satellite-based graphic images of the Arctic Ozone Hole can be seen at the frequently updated NASA webpage:

French Vinyards Poisoned

France is the world's most nuclear-dependent economy due to investment and political lobbying by Rothschld et Cie, the secretive Franco-Jewish banking dynasty strongly linked with French Freemasonry. Operating from a Renaissance-style headquarters near the posh Champs Elysee, the French Rothchild investment house is associated with N.M. Rothschild Bank based in the City of London, which also accounts for French nuclear activity across the UK. Their massive financing of the European nuclear sector, which provided crucial support for the Israeli aomic-warhead plant in Dimona in the Negev Desert, has been backfiring on the Rothschild bankers and their "investment advisers", those purveyors of bribery to corrupt politicians.

The Rothschild fortune, with its extensive contacts with publishers, broadcasters, editors and reporters on the take, have been waging a rear-guard campaign to squelch news leaks of serious uranium releases at Tricassin and Romani-sur-Isere in southeastern France, close by the French wine country. Other radioactive releases have been covered up, for example, the blast at Codolet, which I discoverd after purchasing a couple of bottles of the Tricassin label for about 2 dollars apiece and then noticing that this red from the Bas (lower) Rhone district had the immediate effect of warming my body, a strange sensation without which I would never have written this diatribe against the French nuclear industry for ruining my enjoyment of shiraz varietals, the nontransparent black wine of the southern region. Bon Apetit to all those nuclear scoundrels, may yiou choke on your Chateau Lafitte.

Coal or Nukes?

The rivers and soils of France, the foundations of its national gastromony, have been ruined by the technology-based greed of the Rothschild clan, who deserve to be deported back to Frankfurt and pork-liver bratwurst. Tardily, so late in this final game, the European "green" movement has finally wiped nuclear power off the list of "clean energy" sources. Hurray! I am not an advocate of Big Coal, after seeing the toxic effects of coal dust from long-haul trucks on farmlands. Just let me make one point in defense of anthracite, in that if indeed if smoke from coal-fired plants is as extensive as the nuclear lobby aka climate-change advocates claim, 2019 would be experiencing one of the coolest summers in recent history, due to the shielding from smoke in the atmosphere, increased rainfall triggered in the clouds by carbon particles, and a subsequent vast increase in ground cover (despite acid rain).

If it boils down to choice between nuclear and coal, the latter is less dangerous, sad to say. Of course, alternative energy and power-conservation technologies remain underdeveloped and in need of more investment, but to raise market funding for this radical step, the nuclear industry must be disvested by shareholders.

In my opinion, it is not enough for the Greens to delist nuclear energy but should impose a special punitive tax on financial institutions that have invested in nuclear energy, in order to fund the enormous costs of plant shutdown, environmental detoxification and medical care for the millions of victims of radioactivity-related cancer and strokes. The Rothshilds, Rockfellers, Morgan-Stanley, Goldman Sachs and the rest should pay for the deaths and illnesses caused by their long-term management of an ethically derelict energy sector. Also the military-industrial complex must end the fascination with "hypersonic missiles", which are fueled by highly radioactive isotopes that resulted in three unreported crashes over the past year, threatening millions of residents in the trio of major powers.

Before signing off, let me point out that I have done enviornmental consulting in many desert and moutain regions, but nuclear was never part of that agenda (other than my opposition to that flawed technology). Early on, I did publicity for the 1997 Kyoto Summit (the kickoff of the climate-change protocol) attended by then-Vice President Al Gore. The main funders of that "historic" gathering were Toyota Trading, which envisioned a future of electric cars powered by nuclear energy, and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which was lobbying to replace coal-fired plants with uranium-generated n-power stations.

Climate change theory was a blatant financial ploy from its very inception, and has since contributed to irreparable damage to the atmosphere, soil and all biological species, especially to humans. In post-311 Japan, late-period abortions and infanticide have become the norm due to embryos, as one physician put it, "looking like reptiles and not mammals, much less human." In Washington State, on the other side of the Pacific current and jet stream, there's been an avalanche of brain cancer in American children. Across the USA, the endemic population of birds and insects is reaching the zero mark, as reported by many Midwest residents to

Never mind the summer heat, sweating is a joy at this moment when the entire biological realm is facing the terminal phase of a global extinction event. Legislatures should be passing bills staring that nuclear energy is a crime against humanity, and perpetrators and accomplices should face the sternest justice. Fukushima was the moment of truth' therefore humanity must never slip back into media denial and nuclear madness.