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Suffering In The Animal Kingdom
As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Gnostic
Part Two

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Parents, in the Animal and Human Kingdoms, feel the loss also when offspring die, or are cruelly taken and eaten by other animals or humans. Have you ever been near a cow whose calf is injured or killed? If you have, you will remember its distressed and distressing bellowing forevermore. Have you experienced the anxiety of birds rearing their chicks? Many of them often fall prey to the weight of responsibility. Indeed, they suffer.

Humans separate litters and sell the offspring for financial gain. The parents do suffer the emotional separation.

One TV documentary I recently viewed revealed the ridiculousness, cruelty, and the suffering that even the lowest of species suffer very clearly.

In the desert outskirts of the Sahara, as a mature snake attacked a mongoose’s lair to eat the young ones, an adult mongoose was shown raiding the snake's nest and eating the eggs. How ridiculous! How cruel! How absurd!

Watch, if you care to, the frenzy of a fly caught in a spider's web next time you see this scene. Examine the situation closely. If you are sincere and open to the suffering of others, you will sense the anxiety and fear of death in the fly – yes, a puny, little, so-called useless fly.

But, who among us is fit to judge what consciousness is in that fly? The anxiety and fear of the fly are real enough. Of course, eventually it resigns itself to its fate, but not before it suffers greatly and is drained mercilessly of much emotional energy. Can you not see that cursed could be ‘he’ who set up such a cruel, exploitative system?

Apart from questioning the supposed benevolence of this cruel system, and apart from highlighting the ridiculousness of this Plane, my point is that the physical, emotional and mental suffering in these creatures, in all animals, is real enough.

Many humans are oblivious to this cruelty. Recently, on a children's nature program on television, the treatment and recuperation of injured wildlife was documented. An admirable effort one would think. When eagles were shown, the caretaker stated that they prefer live rodents to eat, and then simply picked up a mouse and gave it to a juvenile eagle.

The screams of the poor rodent being torn apart while still alive by the eagle were music to the caretaker's ears apparently, for she took absolutely no notice and simply handed another one to the eagle in due course.

The pain and suffering of the rodents were palpable and very, very real for any who wished to perceive them.

Just who are such humans to judge the value of one life above the other? Who are they to dispense cruelty in such a carefree manner? I will tell you. They are either very stupid, or very ignorant people, or else they are demons who themselves gain from the suffering of others.

An episode with David Attenborough, probably the most famous of the TV naturalists, showed penguin chicks running the gauntlet in the sea near Antarctica. Leopard seals attacked at will but they did not go in for a mercifully swift kill at all. They played like cats do with mice, flinging the penguin chick each caught here and there for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Eventually, of course, the chicks gave up the ghost and were then devoured.

The cruelty and resultant suffering were obvious. And, of course, such seals are themselves subjected to crime and punishment, to inescapable suffering, as sharks and polar bears ensnare them and devour them live. They, too, are torn to pieces as they scream for the mercy that never comes under those circumstances.

The Animal Kingdom, just like all the other Kingdoms in this cruel Virtual Reality, is based on a horribly brutal, malicious, pitiless, often spiteful, Evil System which has been purposely created to exploit all who are trapped within it, and to maximize the suffering of its members.

Most will have seen the fish cartoon of the minnow-sized fish being eaten by a larger fish as it eats a smaller animal still, and the larger fish being about to be devoured by a larger one, and so on.

Animals led to the slaughter know what is about to happen. And they suffer. Go to an abattoir and listen to their cries for mercy. Look into their eyes and see the fear; approach them and touch them and appreciate their suffering.

Even driving past the cattle yards of an abattoir allows one who is aware to sense the apprehension and fear of the poor animals on Death Row. Alas, eventually they resign themselves for they cannot alter their fate in this cruel, evil, exploitative system.

But, why is it like this? Who has created this abomination? Only Gnostics have the answers.

Often, many excuse the absurdity by turning to Springtime, when they witness the rebirth of Nature in all its glory, and the birth of so many young in so many species. Thus, they excuse away the yearlong slaughter by reasoning that if all of them survived, the Earth would not, could not, sustain them all anyway, and therefore Nature culls them for the good of all.

But, of this we must ask the following: “Philosophically, existentially, spiritually, has an individual not the same rights as any other to survive once it is brought forth?”

If it has that right, then the system is crazy and very evil if it allows such wanton slaughter. It is a system, therefore, of Injustice.

If each individual has no such right, then the system is also crazy and evil for bringing forth that which has no right to survive. In that case, the creation of such individuals is itself an act of injustice.

Why can the Earth not cope with what it brings forth? From whence and why have the corruption and inadequacy come? Why is this such an inadequate, painful system in which all must suffer, especially animals?

Whichever way we look at it, THE SYSTEM IS CRAZY, CRUEL AND EVIL, based totally on the exploitative whims of unacceptable injustice.

The suffering of animals, and of any of us, should never have been a factor in our existence. And, for true thinking people this situation is intolerable.

We thank the True God that such an exploitative corrupt system is to be destroyed, and soon shall be no more.

Many will deny animals have souls, as Descartes is perhaps erroneously reported to have said.

To most it appears that it does not matter how and what they suffer.

Besides, some unaware ones contend that it looks like Nature produces these young insects and fish and animals as food for others, and not to have a right to survive at length. But, could not such a right be truly granted to any consciousness?

Who will lawfully and justifiably dispute that the properties of a Unit of Consciousness will vary from any other Unit of Consciousness due to time or space considerations?

Well, from my Gnostic perspective, animals do have ‘souls’. Many people agree with me. Animals do suffer, as I said, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And that should not be so.

Why should animals simply be fodder? Why could the creator of this existence (the Demiurge) not provide for all equitably in his system?

The short answer is because ‘he’ is EVIL, and ‘he’ can only keep ‘his’ crazy system going by exploiting the energy of all consciousnesses in it, including certain ones, called Theomorphs, who have the Divine Energy that really counts.

Animals will exist in the New Dimension after destruction of this system but not in the cruel way that makes them suffer as on this planet.

More esoterically, it must be mentioned that many human consciousnesses are present in various bodies of animals. Of course, this cannot be proven scientifically and physically in a laboratory.

But, those with special extended psychic vision can see them and communicate with them, and feel their pain as they sense their suffering and hear their supplications for healing and mercy.

These facts are not fabrications. Before the end of this horrible system such sight will be restored to all humans and we will all be aware of this cruelty and suffering of all animals.

And so it is that many will kill these animals with human consciousnesses within them to devour as animals of prey do.

There is no need for it. Man need not be a carnivore. Besides, this being the case, whose father or son or grandmother is being eaten today? And one knows this is no joke. It is what happens, known by ones who are in the know!

This system in which we presently find ourselves, which causes such suffering, is really very cruel. It is evil and crazy.

Animals suffer and die from diseases, injury and fear. They are exploited at all times in the jungle. Their lives are ruled by fear. And depravity is inbuilt into some of them. They do not wish for this depravity nor for the suffering they undergo.

This madness, craziness and cruelty that results in so much suffering is all the design of the cruel, evil instigator, the vile Jehovah, a product of the Evil Mind which manifested temporarily as a result of the Celestial Error. I have written about these topics at length in my books.

It is ‘he’ who programmed things in such a way. It is ‘he’ who provided the genetic programming, the reflexes, the instincts, etc., into both humans and animals in order to cause such severe pain, suffering and evil exploitation in what appears to be a most necessary and never-ending cycle.

But, of course, it is not a necessary cycle, and it will certainly be brought to a full stop very, very shortly.

I can reveal now “I” am involved with the dating of the END of Earth. As things stand today, it shall be in late 2022 or if delayed, very early 2023!

Some of you may recall that in 1985, I announced the END of Earth would be 2035, the latest!

I then stated that the date would be earlier depending on developments.

With the anticipation of

  • Civil War in the USA (which is tearing itself apart) ,

  • Nuclear World War 3

  • The arrival of annihilating Dark Matter

The End is now in the vicinity of very late 2022 or very early 2023, as I wrote above.

The current viral pandemic is merely a trigger for WW3 as most are now beginning to realize.

I will write more about that soon.

Back to our wonderful partners – the Animals:

It’s true! It appears that most people think they are better than animals.

  • They see animals as dispensable items.

  • They hunt them for sport,

  • They breed them for food,

  • They keep them as pets and then abandon them when it no longer suits them to keep them;

  • They selectively breed them to gain characteristics that suit the owner;

  • They buy and sell them,

  • They breed them to slaughter and remove parts that humans want;

  • They race them for sport and send them over steeples and hurdles, and then shoot them if they break a leg, and so on.

We must be patient.

There is much we could discuss concerning animals. It is the ignorance of Humanity that has allowed such abuse of animals. Most humans are no better than animals and in many cases a lot worse.

What does a human have that an animal does not? Is it emotions, or methods of expression? I dare say they have those in abundance. Is it thought? Is it their apparent inability to appreciate art, music? Is it the thought that they do not work things out or calculate to any seen degree?

It can be none of these things, for I know, as do many owners, who appreciate their pets and farm animals, that animals do think and are appreciative of many things, even things humans cannot comprehend.

In future, as we speak of them, we shall need to keep in mind the robotic, mechanistic shell of Class 3 (the animals) and the consciousnesses that may occupy such shells. There will be many surprises in store for those whose human hubris makes them turn their noses up in a ridiculous manner.

In the meantime, as the Corrective Process manifests, you can choose to be Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution.

It is your choice.

Be Part of the Solution by showing unconditional LOVE to your pets, and all animals, just as they show to us given half a chance.

  • Stop eating them.

  • Speak up when you see cruelty towards animals.

  • Show your displeasure, in any civil way open to you, when you see examples of people who enrich themselves through the exploitation of animals.

  • Ask for Blessings by the True God for the about-to-be-slaughtered animals whenever you see a truck loaded with animals going to a slaughterhouse.

  • Adopt a stray animal if you are in the position to do so and share all the goodness within you with it and all it represents.

  • Donate food, and money, whatever you can, to Animal Welfare organizations.

  • If you have the courage, pray that God will treat you in the same way you have treated the members of the Animal Kingdom.

  • Affirm that, in True Justice, each Unit of Consciousness, be it animal, human, vegetable or mineral, will receive according to its merit.

What could be fairer than that?

What more could one want?


Copyright Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone