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Suffering In The Animal Kingdom
As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Gnostic
Part One

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Alas, suffering is ubiquitous in this unjust World. And, as one would expect, the greatest burden of pain, suffering and misery falls on those who are the weakest, the most vulnerable and the most defenseless.

Things should never have been this way, and were it not for a Massive Celestial Error, which is well under way to being totally corrected, with the Justice promised to the supplication of countless prayers throughout the Ages cited by those whose purity of heart withstood the Winds of Evil and shone in the Darkness of this Malediction, no suffering would have been our lot. The Celestial Error is a Gnostic Concept of why we are as we are today in the Physical Dimension.

But, for now we must struggle as best we can against the tyranny of oppression and exploitation.

Nowhere is the INJUSTICE of existence in this doomed Plane, whose basis is DISHONESTY and HYPOCRISY, better seen than in the tragedies of the Animal Kingdom.

Indisputably, there is immense suffering in all species of the Animal Kingdom. As I stated, such suffering should never have been. The Kingdom has been developed in such a cruel, exploitative way by its evil exploitative creator (the evil demigod of this sector of creation who is an illegal usurper) so that animals suffer maximally.

A food chain exists within the Kingdom and nearly all stronger animals prey on the weaker in the case of carnivores. Those that consume vegetation are either themselves targets for consumption or else suffer in different ways.

We humans have accepted this very cruel and diabolical suffering of animals as an aspect of the wonders of Mother Nature and its marvelous ability to sustain life in a cycle of death and rebirth.

We have become blind to the suffering and exploitation, labelling that which exists as a 'normal function' not to be interfered with.

It may well be classed as 'normal' in the abnormal and ignorance-producing paradigms of this Virtual Reality because it is what happens, but it cannot be classed as 'normal' in an undisturbed non-evil creation, for in the True Reality, none shall suffer. Besides, by husbanding animals, selectively breeding them, experimenting with them, racing them and shooting them when they are injured, humans have for many centuries interfered in the lives of animals, much to the animals' chagrin.

The Fall of Awareness in Humanity has been such that many scholars and philosophers, who should certainly know better, cannot even now acknowledge that animals, as they are preyed upon and slaughtered for food by other beasts, and for food and sport by humans, actually do suffer.

How many times has Rene Descartes, now presumably in a better place, regretted his supposed assertion that animals have no souls?

What demons seized his mind temporarily to utter such nonsense, such untruth that has seen the dear, gentle and lovable animals we all know become the victims of greed, malice, and cruelty?

Has this utterance been the basis for openly expressed demonism? Indeed, that is what the practice of most humans towards animals is.

Even most ecclesiastics who claim they represent their 'god' have no scruples whatsoever in killing and consuming animals, remaining oblivious to the pain and suffering they impose with their executions.

If they do not commit the slaughter themselves, they certainly do not object to the butchery done by others, on their behalf.

They, and the rest of Humanity, justify this massacre, of course, by saying man is a carnivore, and has to eat the flesh of animals in order to remain healthy.

Besides, they claim 'God' gave Man dominion over all the Animal Kingdom. It says so in the Bible, they'll tell you. And the 'god' therein often asked for animal slaughter as sacrifice to appease 'him'.

Does dominion mean wanton slaughter? Since when does it mean the right to cannibalistically devour those whom one is entrusted to protect and nurture?

How many accept that these sections of the Bible are interpolations into Gnostic texts that were stolen and then used to form the basis for the Bible, and that these interpolations are used to serve the avarice of demons?

But, if animals and their lives were useless, as their wanton slaughter might suggest, what good was such a sacrifice to this 'god'?

Their death must have meant something of great significance to 'him'. The pain, suffering and misery of murderous sacrifice must have given this 'god' something of value for which 'he' had a predilection, otherwise why else would 'he' ask for such a distressing sacrifice?

Imagine taking your cutest and most loved pet, binding it tightly, placing it on a slab, and slitting its throat so you can watch it die in agony, with both of you, and any other witnesses, choking on the pain of the emotional distress and the haunting thought, especially in your hitherto trusting, loving pet, of why you would do such a horribly evil, unjustified and despicable thing.

Who but one of utter ignorance, stupidity, or malice, could perform such an act of demonic cruelty when directed to do so by a greater demon of Malevolence?

Who could gain from such suffering, from such injustice?

Could or would a God of Love and Light want such exploitation?

In my opinion, the answer is “Never!”
Again I must say that this is what is recorded in the Bible, but it certainly was not the real 'God' who asked for such wickedness.

It was the blood-thirsty ghoul, Jehovah, who is none other than the evil demiurge, Satan, who took over this sector of Creation, and developed this absurd system where the majority suffer, as much as possible, in a maximum number of ways, in all kingdoms including the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human Kingdoms!

In this way does 'he' exploit the energy of some sections of these kingdoms, which 'he' did not create, but which 'he' trapped, and extracts energy from them, in order to sustain his diabolical schemes.

The fact that such a 'god' would ask for such an horrific event such as a sacrifice, which involves fear, massive energy exploitation, gross emotionalism and murder, and that it would please 'him', identifies 'him', Jehovah, as none other than the Arch Demon in this Battle of Essences in which we are all caught, in this War between Good and Evil which is even now, on this Earth, being fully resolved with the call for True Justice.

Animals DO have an emotional body. Ask any owner who has developed a close, loving relationship with his or her pets, and you will be told with indelible certainty and totally honest sincerity, that animals do suffer physically, emotionally and mentally. Vegetation does too, as various experiments of late demonstrate.

Animals think, react to dangers and fears, and alter their behaviour due to anxiety, depression, and fear of pain, of injury, of disease and of death.

Even the most spiritually unaware pet owner will confirm that this is so. Many sections of society know this.

Most pet owners who are close to their pets can tell when their pets are anxious, depressed, in pain, ill, injured even if the injury is not obvious, etc., etc.

Communication exists on many levels between aware ones and their pets. And this can be so between all types of animals and humans.

Psychologists that specialize in animal behaviour exist to cure neuroses in animals.

Most unaware people – the majority of whom are very ignorant, prejudiced morons, for which there is a very good reason - treat this level of care for animals as a joke, but it certainly is not.

Some humans still hunt animals for sport. What sport is that? It is nothing but cruel massacre.

Anyone who has witnessed a hunt and kill will know, if one takes the time to observe, that the hunted prey, no matter how wild or primitive we may think it is, is filled with gross anxiety and the fear of death.

When it is captured, even if not to be killed, but to transport it from the wild to a zoo, the ordeal causes it to suffer a fate worse than death in many instances.

Any beast, no matter how gentle or ferocious, will show, if examined, all the symptoms of gross anxiety and fear when it is molested by humans or by any which hunt it. The signs of suffering are all too obvious.

Why should any of us dispute the fact that a hunted or maltreated animal does not have the obvious physiological changes of what all human animals would suffer, namely the symptoms of the Fight or Flight Syndrome? Each threatened individual runs for its life, knowing the Fear of Death.

Observe Nature, in all its flawed stupidity and you will note this distress in the Animal Kingdom occurs daily from the first moments of life in many species.

They live with the constant fear of being eaten, of being slaughtered, of being destroyed, and they adapt accordingly. At this point in time, it is indeed a cruel, evil, demonic system in which we are all trapped.

Who has not seen examples of the gauntlet the young of various species need to run shortly after birth in so-called Documentaries on Nature? The fear, cruelty and exploitation are horrendous. But, we have been surreptitiously indoctrinated to accept it as being the norm of Life, because it is 'Nature', and besides, we are really in no position to interfere.

Examples are many: Turtles and tortoises have about a 1 in 200 chance of survival as they leave the hatchery to go to the sea. At the hatchery they are in danger of being consumed by reptiles. As they make their way across the sand, birds eat them.

Even in the water other animals and fish feed on them. Although they are equipped with the instinct to find water and escape, these young ones are still suffering the fear and the anxiety caused by the thought of death, and the desperation brought on by the instinct to survive.

Of those that survive from the hatchery (1 in 200) less than 1 in 200 makes it to adulthood. The others suffer the pain and misery of death shortly after being born.

Hoofed animals in the wild develop the ability to run within minutes of coming out of the womb. Because of the presence of constant danger, they stagger off quickly. Immobility can be death. Many are caught by the ever-vigilant, ever-hungry scavengers and beasts of prey.

This system is ridiculous. It certainly should never been that way. Of course,

New Agers claim this is how wonderful Mother Nature works. But, if we take their assertions at face value, namely that this is a classroom in which we learn about existence, about Goodness, about Love and God, what, pray tell, has such a creature learned by being eaten a few minutes after birth?

How equitable is this classroom in which one is born just to be a meal for another? Or, are we to accept that the value of life is a variable, changing with the whims of any with more destructive power?

Alas, is that not the lesson the World teaches us, even as powerful nations destroy wantonly?

Is it not all a most ridiculous existence as it stands?



Copyright Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone