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Subliminal Subtext Languages

By Jim Kirwan


Most people are familiar with subliminal images which are now commonly used in advertising, propaganda and psy-ops. But there is and has always been a different language in images. That language is what is being used now to encourage, to obscure and to directly affect, how we see politics, current events and a world-view that in reality does not exist.

Just as messages are buried in commonly accepted images for advertising: Videos and film are now being heavily used to obscure what we might be thinking into what the fascist corporate state wants us to believe their world actually consists of.

In this visionary-version inside ‘the ‘reality’ of the new world order’, the view is being warped into something that is anti-life and is now totally supportive of the agenda that Zionist-Hollywood is trying to show us, as the real-world we live in today: Whether we agree with “their new normal’s” or not.

A case in point is the new television series from Netflix, “The House of Cards” Season 2. Kevin Spacey stars in the leading role wherein Spacey, as the quintessential crooked Amerikan-politician becomes VP of the United States. The setting for the series involves the current fight between individuals from China and the influence which China might be using to influence American policy. If proven, in the film, that “influence” is actionable because it would be totally illegal if proven.

In life this is exactly what Israel has been doing since the early 1950’s through AIPAC and a large number of interest groups, none of which have registered as “agents of a foreign nation”. Meanwhile China’s influence groups have registered, so if they are found to have tried to influence anything political here: That would be massively criminal and it would be actionable. However Zionist-Israel is proud of its illegal and unregistered Political-Pac’s and its own openly anti-American influence pedaling ­ in which contemporary Israel faces no charges at all, since they began to do this back in the 1950’s. None of this comes up in Zionist-Hollywood’s version of political-life in Amerika today.

The point here is that by presenting this clearly biased view of the non-difference between China and ‘the invisible-state’ that is not mentioned ­ the American-viewing public might not know that there are huge discrepancies wherever and whenever questions about undue Jewish influence arise anywhere in American politics.

That particular question is at the root of “Anti-Semitism” in the world today, throughout Europe and the Middle-East; while the world is facing the need to decide whether or not to give in to Israeli-demands for a third world war. The placement of this series is as telling about what they chose not to talk-about, as the situations they chose to illustrate in the bulk of this made-for-television-episodes.

While its true that every filmmaker has a right to his or her own opinions and can supposedly make any kind of film they choose to make: The flip-side of that corollary is that the only “studios” that are free to make such choices are those endorsed by USI & Israel.

There are no children to speak of in the film, anywhere, it seems. There are only politicians, hell-bent on the things politicians have always been bent on obtaining except that all “the new-normal” social rules are shown between the top echelons in the roles of the main characters. Same-sex, group couplings, along with the selling out of every piece of policy and public-programming, so that the viewer can easily see that it’s pointless to fight anything the majority decides to do. The corruption of every American principal remains at the forefront and as a result, for everyone in the new generation watching this, they could easily believe that ‘everything’ was always like it is inside “The House of Cards”.

Life has always been cheap, but this series manages to cheapen ‘life in Amerika’ even further. The war between the sexes is on display and the women in the White House are even more evil than most of the males in their hedonistic pursuits of power and control. It’s a well executed performance but this is psy-ops on a global-entertainment scale when compared to the opposite slant which was presented in ‘The West-Wing’ ­ not so many years back. That series did deal with some issues such as the hanging of a map of Israel, before it was “a state”, in the West Wing of the White House. They also clearly claimed the predominant role of hyphenated Jews in the government, where The House of Cards steers clear of that topic entirely. I haven’t finished watching it ­ yet.

But because this subject just leap out at me while I was halfway through their second season, I thought this ‘series’ might be worth mentioning. More people might want to look at this for themselves, to see if what is shown to the public has any merit, or anything really dangerous to this country, beyond just ordinary everyday entertainment.

After Spacey becomes VP, what immediately came to mind was that Cheney is about to be arrested. This fictional account of his former-office could help to defend Cheney, from the public, if he is arrested in the near future for Crimes Against Humanity. Because after watching this the public might see not a monster who became VP, but just a flawed human-being who made some mistakes, yet not someone who ought to be put on trial for his life for just being “another criminal-Amerikan-politician”.

There will be a follow-up when I finish the remaining episodes…

The same kinds of things-not-discussed have been raised in SHADE, the full motion picture, which concerns itself with the people who control the world, weather manipulation, geo-engineering and solar-radiation management. This hour and a half feature film, debunks huge amounts of the ‘subliminal-subtext languages’ that have been used to hide what’s been going on planet-wide. The topics in SHADE are not as sexy as the actions in ‘The House of Cards’ but it is clearly far more than just deadly for the whole human race. The whole film can be seen here:

If the public ever begins to see through all the transparent-lies that the enemies of the United States have been using, since the advent of television, then there might yet be some hope for this Republic to reclaim the bulk of what most of us have already lost ­ at least that’s the spirit on which this comment was based.



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