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Stunning Comments On
'Duke Takes Aim At Nicki Minaj'



Former US Rep David Duke Takes Aim At Nicki Minaj

I agree with him. These people have used our talents and creativity to promote self-hatred. The Irritated Genie has discussed the role of small hats in his lecture. Go to youtube and listen. These people have not been a real friend to us, but they have enriched themselves from our backs.

Posted about 4 hours ago | Reply

Jarrad Hurley
He is right when he calls nicki Minaj a piece of shit. She clearly is. She should be sucking dicks for money, not given a platform to express her stupid self. She can fuck off with that big gaping ass of hers.

Posted a day ago | Reply


Posted about 22 hours ago

I really feel uncomfortable when I agree with everything the KKK leader says.

Posted 2 days ago | Reply

he's absolutely right, open your eyes people this shit is being peddled to our children

Posted 2 days ago | Reply

Sensaye Sixkiller
I can't even argue with anything he said man, that's the sad part. He's right. Rap music and urban culture can't even be defended any more. Rap music is not in it's infancy anymore. It's been around long enough where it should be evolving and progressing, and it's not. It's just a cesspool of ignorance, with the exception of a very small percentage of artists. There's no regard whatsoever for the listeners, who are mostly kids. Everyone has totally absolved themselves of responsibility for their material, their people, and their community. Everyone is too absorbed with their own sense of self-importance to care about anything. "I'mma get dish money shun, fuck everybody".

Posted 2 days ago | Reply

David Duke time is up, Rep Scalise should resign and he will ,The music industry is dying fast along wit the movie industry ,nicki is not a good role model for any youngladies out here her time is up!

Posted 2 days ago | Reply

I am disgusted at all the moronic "REAL RAP/Hip-Hop Heads" who are siding with this delusional, fucking psychopath. You realize probably 95% of Hip-Hop was ALWAYS based on "sex, violence and drugs"? LMFAO hypocrites..... And so Lil' Kim, Beyonce, Missy, Da Brat, Eve, Trina, MC Lyte (later shit when she was Mainstream and had a sex image/stupid ass lyrics), etc. MOST women in Hip-Hop are garbage in his definition? So what class is Eminem? Civil Rights? LOL "Promotes sex, violence and drugs", IGNORES Eminem's ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY.

Posted 3 days ago | Reply

No it wasn't, it was based on anti-establishment, civil rights etc. No it is consumerism and damn right degenerate behaviour. I like a little smoke every now and again but what they advocate now is just getting smashed, buying a pair of beats, dissociation with humanity, with togetherness and segregation. The people you have named there or mc's from the last two/three decades, hip-hop has been about what I just mentioned from that time. I know people on here have some underlining racist views but we need to grow our conciousness and come together as we are all in the struggle now being controlled by the elite and rise up together. A united people, a common goal will get us all living in a society that isn't about greed and is actually about humanity. Peace.

Posted 3 days ago

Does anyone remember when they privatized the prison system? The people who are the majority stockholders in private prison management are the same ones that own and promote gangsta rap labels. Let THAT sink in a bit. David Duke is an 'anti-Semite' because he has publicly identified them.

Posted 3 days ago | Reply

He's an anti-semite cause he was THE FORMER FUCKING GRAND WIZARD OF THE ENTIRE KKK. Not cause he publicly identified them. Jesus, never post again with your ignorant ass

Posted about 22 hours ago

He seems to be more angry at jewish people than Nicki Minaj

Posted 3 days ago | Reply

he absolutely right!


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