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Stunning Remote Viewing Of Nice
Attack Location 8 Weeks Ago!



Remote Viewer Dick Allgire 'saw' and drew the LOCATION of the future tragic events at Nice, France a full two months BEFORE they happened.

Dick's RV session was held in May, 2016 at his home in Hawaii.

This is another STUNNING example of how Remote Viewing…not affected by TIME or DISTANCE...can 'see' into the future.

There is simply no way to argue it as you look at Dick Allgire's Remote Viewing sketch impressions of the location of a major FUTURE event.

See his notes and impressions written while making this sketch 2 months ago...and pay special attention to the lower right text which, in part, reads... 'NICE place' !

Below is a current photo of the scene of today's terror tragedy… the oceanside Promenade Des Anglais in Nice, France. 
Dick's RV drawing is absolutely the same location and his descriptions fit perfectly.

Remember, Dick Allgire drew the sketch above during a Remote Viewing session two months ago...


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