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Stuck In Obama Warp

By Jim Kirwan


This image from the recent past spells out part of it.

Bloomberg’s a forced-out traitor based in part on the above.


Americans are about to be subjected to this kind of fantasy-warmaking, upon the people of this country. It is not real. The bullets are real enough; the high tech weapons are real. The filth being spouted from the outlaws in congress is real enough as far as it goes—but the reality is that the images being conjured up do not reflect the Twenty-first Century. Instead the ‘so-called leadership of the USSA is stuck in a time-warp that’s a mixture of WWII heroics, inner-cut by huge lies, globally, that actually change hourly.

All of this is being done to try to prop up an image of US strategic military power that’s been dead and buried now for well over a decade. The once powerful American war-machine is worn out, leaderless, sick and dying across the world one sad and sickened GI at a time. Yet no one notices. Obama speaks of moving our “occupation troops” from their bases established immediately after WWII. That would be those GI’s stationed in Germany, Japan, and Italy that were created after the last world war, to “keep the world safe for tyranny to flourish. They did that job. But they are not combat ready anything, they’re a bunch of spoiled addicts that have no spine who spend their nights on drugs, parties and sex: By day they play with whatever junk they still have to pretend that we have a military force in place: When the only real weaponry that is about to be used is in the trillions which we spent to arm so many different kinds of addicts to kill the American population inside America.

This is the so-called “force” that Obamanation is trying to convince the world will still be effective against a renewed and completely reinvigorated Russian military, a successful and growing Russia, economically and strategically, from the twenty-first century reality that is Putin’s Russia of today.

Russia’s leaders grew up through the cold war years and survived the collapse of the USSR to create from their own ashes a new promise of a world that values human beings and their rights to have a say in the world in which we all live: All of this is in direct contrast to the total lie which Obamanation and all of his fake ambassadors are trying to force-feed the world, during the latest attempt to paint Russia as everything from Hitler to Stalin: The truth is we cannot compete with Russia’s political and military policies which do not depend upon massive invasions or fascist political control. The global-cabal of this planet knows that they have no real chance against today’s Russia, because our threats are just as hollow as every word of our supposed policy statements, backed up by our toothless military that are nothing anymore except criminals and addicts who should be wearing IDF uniforms because they’re not fighting for America: Instead they have become the latest threat to every man woman and child in America today.

Let’s take a long hard look at the creature that calls itself Obama.

Historians cannot agree about what period time the cold war dominated in. If you begin with the creation of the Berlin Wall 1961 -1989 to the fall of the Soviet Empire in Dec of 1991: That will give you an idea of the time period during which those policies tended to rule the world. Now compare those years to what the lying sack of lies in the Tarnished House was doing during those years?

Barry Soweto was born in 1961, the year the Berlin Wall went up.

By 1983, the imposter claimed that he had graduated from Columbia with a degree in political science—yet no one at the time has been able to confirm that he even attended that school. Reagan was the resident in the Oval Office, and Ronnie had begun to create our death squads in Central America, while we lied our way through the Iran Contra Scandal, Arms for Hostages, and the CIA’s drug distribution cartel that came out of the sale of arms for the Contras. Barry was not yet part of that period of American treachery, murder, global-slaughter and hemisphere wide drug-dealing—yet.

The arms-race was a vigorous part of the cold-war, and we were outspending the Russians hand over fist, while the Soviet empire was collapsing from within: In much the same ways as Obama’s USSA is now totally collapsing today. During the same period Putin was surviving and planning his future as the leader of a renewed and completely restructured Russia, by way of his answer to the failures of that part of our collective past.

Simultaneously Obama by that time had succeeded only in moving up from a faceless drug dealer in Hawaii calling himself “lips”, just hanging-out with the rich-kids as a drug dealer without a future. His personal history has never been revealed, but his sex life was as mysterious as everything else about this unknown quantity with very strange political backing. He was rumored then to have been bi-sexual at a minimum and since he refuses to allow his personal records to be revealed—even today, the public still has no real information on which to judge the creature who sits in the oval office on the very few occasions when he remains in Washington.

We know that the taxpayers have paid over 200 million dollars for him to play golf and that his “wife” is probably a man who enjoys dressing up as a woman while screwing the public out of more billions for her unwarranted vacations, on the public’s dime. In this LBGT dominated world that’s not a crime, but lying to the public about his entire existence is certainly serious: Given that Obama seems determined to drag this nation into global-thermonuclear war, over any number of things, all of which are inspired by Israeli pipe-dreams of Zionist-Global-Annihilation (or Israel’s public suicide) but which still seems to change weekly.

Obama has absolutely no knowledge or experience when it comes to anything to do with the military, finance or even ordinary society. Militarily his general staff has undergone massive political pruning’s that were designed around only one question, on his own litmus test for their qualifications: In order to remain on his US general staff. Here is how the Obama has treated the military. It’s a 52 min VIDEO

Will you shoot Americans ­ if I give you that order?”

Consequently hundreds were forced out of the military. We have no patriots at the top in the military. We now have only politically-twisted cowards: Those whose only loyalty is to the paycheck, and that’s not sufficient to fulfill the duties of their military offices to which each of them took an oath “to protect and defend the Constitution and the people of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Obama is being led around by the nose by Netanyahu who is determined to destroy the entire planet. Meanwhile Obama has become deaf to the fact the American public wants no more wars ­ anywhere, yet his policies beg for war, war and lots more war!

This is why his current threats against Russia are so lame as to be laughable. He’s promising to send 150 troops to this country or 250 troops to that country along with a few more jet fighters; if Russia doesn’t do exactly what he tells Putin to do. He has no idea of the military or financial power that Russia currently has, just as he remains totally deaf dumb and blind to what we have become, militarily, politically or morally, as a nation in the community of nations.

Obama’s just an addict. He lives for his many illicit habits that have nothing to do with being either a man or a president: The only thing that all these flaws have in common is that they, like everything else in his star-crossed existence, have always been based on lies. That’s why he holds 27 social security cards, which he still refuses to even acknowledge, must less explain to the public he supposedly represents: He should be in federal-isolation cell waiting for the firing squad, and not continuing to mislead this broken nation into the open gates of hell that he has brought the nation to, at the present time.

That’s how we have come to be “Stuck” in this political and military time warp that is about to spell the real Endtimes for humanity, because the so-called people of this place still refuse to face any of the facts of life that now make up the Twenty-First Century which is sadistically called “the New Millennium!


The courageous among us die only once,

But cowards die a million deaths

Before they finally leave this ruined place.

Pick up a pitchfork, an ax handle or whichever your favorite weapon is for self-defense and seek out the traitors that are killing us every day in every way. Let’s bring an end to tyranny beginning now, so that life can again be worth living… The time for each of us to do what we can do is rapidly coming to an end.


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