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General Strike And Mass Protest In Catalonia

By Stephen Lendman

On Tuesday, strike action along with hundreds of thousands of Catalans taking to the streets in Barcelona, protesting against police state viciousness last Sunday made headlines.

Normal activity in the city ground to a halt, people chanting “Independence!” and “The streets will be ours!” Thousands gathered outside PM Mariano Rajoy’s People’s Party Barcelona office.

Supportive firemen played bagpipes, crowds cheering them on. A huge banner was displayed saying “Catalonia is NOT Spain” in English.

Dozens of roads were blocked, local transportation affected including ports. Many businesses closed for the day. So were schools and tourist areas. Medical centers operated at minimal levels.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont said “I am convinced this strike will be widely followed.” Rajoy greatly misjudged the spirit of Catalan residents.

State-sponsored violence inspired greater numbers to support independence, a prize they intend to get, supported by Puigdemont saying Catalans “won the right to be an independent state,” enough Catalan legislators likely supporting it.

Independence will likely be declared later this week, possibly Friday, or early next week. Puigdemont warned Madrid not to interfere.

So far, no negotiations with Rajoy’s regime have been held. He wants Catalans subservient to his will, their self-determination rights denied.

Late Monday, Catalan hotels evicted around 500 national police officers and civil guards. Demonstrators outside the facilities shouted “Out with the occupying forces!”

The civil guard’s union (AUGC) confirmed the eviction of 250 of its officers from a hotel near Barcelona. Local newspapers said evicted national police and civil guards were forced to find new accommodations.

Independent Catalonia may be established in days, what happens next a big unknown.

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