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Stopping The Clocks On Empire

By Jim Kirwan

Empires of all types have haunted the world for centuries.

Their backward-looking clocks are being stopped

By the reality that can never be contained.

Neither bullets, bombs nor edicts can ever be used to kill an idea whose time has clearly come. That idea is “FREEDOM” from the ancient chains that have imprisoned humanity; almost from the beginning of the world we live in today.

Neither the White House, Tel Aviv nor the Vatican can even slow the current drive toward the changes that are inherent in the war-torn world of today. For centuries the elites have tried to totally control the entire global-population within their corrupted overreach.

Despite their continued thundering’s about the powers they no longer wield, the world is changing and there is nothing they can do to stop the global determination to be free of these self-appointed slave-masters. Cities all over the planet are lying in ruins, whole nations are being torn apart by unending wars, yet still the white-hot fires of freedom have not died. In fact the harder the warmongers push, the stronger people everywhere are becoming in their determination to free themselves from global tyranny everywhere; regardless of whatever form the Empire tries to take to finish what they started centuries ago.

Whether the form is religious, political or military the truth of their pathetic “endgames” can no longer hide from those they seek to murder. That was the impetus behind the whole image here in 1994.

City of Angels

Look closely and you will see that LA is not built upon the earth but rather it’s floating in an imaginary valley before a formidable mountain that does not exist, except in the twisted imaginations of those who would own every part of this earth, regardless of the costs involved.

Century City, the supposed city of the future in LA, is cut off from sprawling mass, directly opposite the prehistoric keeper of the clock that’s running backwards and below, on the far right.

USI, on instructions from Israel have attacked Iraq four times by four different presidents but always with the same result: They have lost each and every time and yet now they’re going to do it all over again?

The clear definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same things over and over and over again, which always produce the same result. This proves beyond any shadow of any doubt that the United States is a military failure unequaled in the history of military affairs: Except perhaps for the fraught Crusades which the West launched five different times to end the Arab world for Christianity, which also failed.

The aging ancient creatures that are pushing these blindingly stupid attacks upon the Middle East, recently expanded to include Europe via Ukraine, are being run by dead-men with more than one foot in the grave. Yet they will not stop because they are still chasing the same delusions that have always been their star-crossed dream—in which they are determined to drag the whole world into extinction, along with them, before their miserable existences are finally ended…

No mortal human can ever control “time-itself”, especially not when it comes to the direction or the “ownership” of the entire world. Any sane person can easily understand that folly without a great deal of effort. Yet despite the total collapse of the dollar, the total and continued failure of the military waste that is the Western arm of supposed “enforcement” of their twisted will: They are determined to kill 95% of the human race while they continue to try to take control over the planet.

But the one thing that no one can ever totally control are all the clocks that mark the passage of real time in all our lives.

Empires have been knawing on this concept of theirs for far longer than anyone could have ever imagined—and yes they are still “at it.”


Nature” will never take a number and simply wait until such obscene fantasies can be fulfilled. That’s what brings us all to this dark crossroads where there will finally be an end to this extortionate demand for our unconditional surrender to “Full Spectrum Dominance” that is too vast a concept to have ever succeeded—anywhere: Much less so, throughout the entire world.

Time continues to move just as the planet continues on its way through the universe.

There have always been those who have tried to corner every power-point in this life, just as the Robber-Barons of today’s catastrophe’s have tired to corner global-oil, and global-money to insure their illegal-rein will last forever, when they succeed in chaining the global population to their nineteenth century world—which they want to enshrine forever. Because, in their view, “they already control it all”: But that is the quintessential lie at the core of this shell-game.

The world has moved on from the nineteenth century, and we can never go back to those primitive and outmoded models of what is needed now in the twenty-first century. To try and stop the passage of time is the ultimate dream of every criminal-ruler that ever lived: And this bunch of fascist-thugs are no different!

It’s time we ended this nightmare where they began it so many centuries ago, in the Middle East? To do that we must stop playing their games! The people of the world must walk-away from Empires, wherever they exist.

Yesterday we learned that the voting totals in Scotland came to 110% - that must be overturned and a re-vote must be ordered because the referendum was stolen and clearly fraudulent. The current “establishment will never tolerate any separation from the current “powers that be”. But at the same time ­ TIME is moving on and those who are so desperate to keep their tiny little corner on the advance of this civilization are doomed to failure.

We need that global-reset now; along with life imprisonment for all the bankers and the traitors in so many countries. Once we end the 220 TRILLION in illegal DEBT, then the bulk of the planet can get on with living and growing again in the Twenty-First Century. But we must first cut the purse-strings for the global war-machine in every area they now control.

Such an action will of course end the centuries of criminality designed and built by Zionists worldwide. That would bring an end to the careers of all those traitors that are currently running everything in the USA, from the Federal Reserve all the way down throughout the whole government to the local politicians in every community.

The Obama Deception

The video omits mention of Israel or the Jews

Once that gargantuan House of Cards is “hit” the entire edifice will implode immediately and the human race can begin again to live by their clocks; instead of trying to live in the farce of the Old World Order time. That “time” that has been WRONG since the day their nightmare-dreams were born.

Think about it and you might be surprised at the decisions you end up coming to…


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