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Stop Listening!

Jim Kirwan

To the Voices of Treason!

Major media in the United States is the voice we pay, to sell us their lies: Lies that have turned our world into a variation on what has happened to the people in Gaza and Eastern Ukraine.

If the public refuses to track the truth, using common sense and the internet, then the frustration shown above will be here before most people have any clue about how dangerous it is, to fail to notice the fact, that we’ve already been captured. We need to rip out the tongue of treason that comes from corrupted media.

Consequences Cannot Be Denied

Is the above image something you can live with, because it’s here now: If it’s not stopped soon it’ll be in the USA before you’ll have time to react… You have been warned over and over and over again for the last 14 years—how much longer will you choose to ignore this global reality?

An excellent example of how the realities of today continue to be contorted into lies, which is the current denial of reality, coming from the so-called government in Kiev today. The issue in Ukraine is whether or not there’s a humanitarian crisis for the people living in and under the constant bombardment of what is left of the once prosperous manufacturing and industrial zones inside Ukraine. The government in Ukraine says NO. The people of the world, the United Nations and the Red Cross say YES.

Russia signed an agreement with the Red Cross to deliver the needed aid to the victims, led by the Red Cross: Kiev says NO WAY, the two hundred and eighty semi’s must be unloaded and put on Red Cross trucks, to prevent Russia from smuggling in arms and troops to relieve the people that are being illegally besieged in their own country…

This is Kiev’s attempt to maintain their Denial of Consequences for their Warcrimes, which they are determined to complete, without any humanitarian help for the victims of their Warcrimes. The world must stand up for humanitarian-relief from the unceasing attacks upon ordinary people in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine.

This could start by kicking Ukraine out of the United Nations, along with Israel, for Warcrimes against the civilian populations in Gaza and Ukraine. Many mumble about the atrocities that are ongoing but no one has suggested real solutions. The truth is that until action is taken against the war criminal nation-states: Nothing will ever change.

Here’s the story:

Kiev intends to hold up the internationally-supervised Russian humanitarian aid convoy meant for the Ukraine's east for at least a week, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military said.

Russian humanitarian convoy departs to E. Ukraine (VIDEO)

Ukraine said the time is needed for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which is contributing to the Moscow-initiated mission, to establish where the aid should go in the Ukrainian region engulfed by civil war.

However, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Dobryshevsky, said that the destination for the Russian humanitarian aid will be determined jointly by Moscow’s representatives, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Ukrainian government.

The convoy of 280 trucks dispatched on Tuesday “did not pass the ICRC certification,” Andrey Lysenko said.

Presidential aide Valery Chaliy said Kiev wants the entire cargo to be unloaded on the border and transferred to Red Cross vehicles.

We will not allow any escort of the Russian Emergencies Ministry or Russian military,” he said. “Ukraine will take responsibility for this procedure.”

kirwan: The same ‘country’ that has lied about every aspect of what continues to happen inside Ukraine on orders from USI & Israel, who have funded and supplied the bankrupt leadership of the broken nation of Ukraine.

Lysenko claimed that the convoy consists of repainted military trucks and is accompanied by an S-300 air defense system, according to the news agency Ukraine National News.

He didn’t elaborate on why Russia would need to send a system that is meant to protect key strategic positions from enemy aircraft and missiles, but is useless in guarding a convoy of vehicles on the move.

The ICRC said it was informed by Moscow that the convoy had been dispatched, but had yet to receive detailed shipping lists and distribution plans.

The situation is changing by the hour and right now we are not in a position to provide further details now as to how this operation could take place,” ICRC spokesperson Anastasiya Isyuk told RT.

kirwan: Any problems with the arrangements could be happening because the ICRC is working with the UN and NATO to defeat any attempt to relieve the situation which has been created by Kiev’s attack upon their own people. This is the latest variation on events such as the ones used to totally destroy Libya—and this is obviously just another bite of the poisoned apple being used to erase another nation from the community of nations in the name of Full-Spectrum Dominance and global control over the planet.

Prior to the halt in the mission, Moscow said that all the details had been agreed by all parties concerned.

Russia has sent some 2,000 tons of aid to Ukraine, including food, medicine, sleeping bags and power generators.

The cargo is meant for the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which have seriously suffered in more than three months of warfare, as Ukrainian troops used heavy artillery, bomber aircraft and tanks to advance on cities controlled by the militias.

On the brink of survival: No electricity, water, communications in besieged Lugansk, E. Ukraine

Kiev earlier accused Moscow of trying to conduct a stealth invasion of Ukraine under a guise of humanitarian aid, saying that Russian troops would be posing as guards of the convoy while actually tasked with starting an offensive.

The narrative was supported by some western countries, which said that any humanitarian mission not backed by Kiev would be considered an attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Russia dismissed the accusations as nonsense.

In another media briefing on Monday evening, Lysenko stated that the humanitarian convoy to Ukraine was organized “under an agreement between [President] Petro Poroshenko and the Red Cross,” and that Russia “wants to present this mission as its own initiative” as a publicity stunt.

kirwan: Porky should know because that’s all he knows how to do! And he’s been doing “exactly that” since he appointed himself to head the fake nation of Ukraine, on orders from USI, Israel and American military advisors…

If the world is going to end any of these criminal attacks upon the unarmed populations of Gaza and Ukraine then the global public must stop being just “the audience” and start becoming activists demanding those actions which will result in real changes to these global war crimes.

The reason we are involved in Ukraine is to justify an obscene attack upon Russia, which is and was the only reason the US got involved in this fight: Because Ukraine offers the perfect launching pad for a pre-emptive first strike against Russia, which was always the real plan behind the uncounted billions which the US and the Tarnished House have poured into that place, before the global-banks collapse, so that the next thermonuclear war can begin without any further delays!


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