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Stop Everything Now!

By Jim Kirwan


We are being held hostage by HAARP, the government and by Agenda 21. The mechanisms being used against all of us are coming directly from USI and the totally-criminal members of the entire congress in tandem with the Emperor in the Tarnished House.

The vehicle they have been using since Vietnam is the totally corrupted Main-Stream-Media that must have their licenses to broadcast taken for all the lies and protracted deceit they have been supporting now, for over 35 years. Enough is enough!

Politics is a dead-issue. There is no longer anyone in public office that can be worth listening to, as they’ve all sold out to the criminal-cabals that are running the world right now. There was a threshold that must not ever be crossed and they have passed it, several times over. The US will very soon no longer be able to feed itself and that did not happen in a vacuum: It was caused by criminal-policies that everyone involved in this knew were criminal, from the start.

If you own a tube, throw it away. If you have the internet get on it and make your demands known! Stop addressing any official as if they are human beings—these creatures come from the primordial ooze and they want to take us back to that or just kill as many of us as possible, before we die off from thirst, starvation or a government paid-for clip of bullets.

Here’s the latest; directly traceable to HAARP and Agenda 21

PZ NOTE I got this from a PZ Insider. He is one of my sources when it comes to retail industry and economics.

Here is an email he shared with me from his brother whose wife is the Chief Produce Buyer for all "########" stores west of the Mississippi. His brother lives in the San Joaquin Valley. Simply stated, there's no water.

To date we have received 0.73 inches of rain since 1 Jul 13. That is 4 inches shy of normal and the long range forecasts do not call for any rain until after 1 Feb if at all. Snowpack in the Sierra's is 15% of normal.

Harris farms has released a statement saying they will leave about 40,000 acres fallow this year because the FEDS have decided to only deliver 10% of the water allocation for 2014. Lettuce is predicted to reach around $5.00 a head (if you can find it). Understand the farmers in the Salinas valley are considering the same action. So much for salad this summer unless you grow it yourself.

##### has told me that we lost 40% of the citrus crop due to the freeze in December. Driving into Fresno you can see much of the orange crop still on the trees rotting, without the income from the crop the farmers can't pay the workers to pick it. Several cities around here are considering water rationing as the lakes and reservoirs are around 20% of capacity and the water table is dropping rapidly.

Highs for this week are predicted to be in the low 70's and approaching records for January. Going to get ugly around here. Churches have begun special services simply praying for rain.

Food prices will shoot up at least 25% by March. Start looking at your food as an investment. What you buy today, will cost you more in the weeks ahead.

This is not "survival" talk, this is plain common sense. If you have the extra funds, put that into food that you can store.

Here is the first article I got this morning regarding the "organic" food industry. Already they are seeing major shortages. This is an "indicator" market. It is natural that these sort of markets feel the pain first. But what this signals is that the food industry is and has been feeling the strain and they are now losing the battle.

Organic Food Shortage Hits US

Organic and cage free eggs are becoming popular to the point that that some major grocery chains are reporting shortages.

A New Jersey ShopRite recently posted a sign saying the short supply was industry-wide and was due to increased demand and limited availability.

A Colorado blogger also snapped a picture in a Safeway store referencing a nationwide shortage of specialty and organic eggs.

And it seems supplies certain kinds of organic produce may also be temporarily limited.

Jon Steffy, of says demand during diet season, which he calls "resolution season", is amplified.

"So I think we notice it more as demand continues to grow for wholesome organic food," he said.

He also said organic cucumbers are one of a number of items that are harder to find right now.

Since Christmas, cucumbers supplies from Florida have almost ground to a halt and the Mexican supply is coming but it's just not ready yet.

And as the basic theory of economics goes, less supply drives up prices.

Take organic berries for example:

There was a strawberry shortage a couple weeks back and prices spiked

Experts say the primary reasons for the shortages are weather and demand. …

Back in the late fall 2013 there was a freak snowstorm that killed close to 300,000+ cattle. This is a major hit to the cattle market.

I know in Texas where they still have a 5 year drought they are dealing with, they are having to ship grass bails in from Colorado, Utah and other parts of the country just to feed the cattle. Ranchers are sending their female cattle to the slaughter houses because they can not afford to feed them anymore. It is the females that help re-stock the herd. SO if you are slaughtering your females, your herd does not grow. It is expected that the US will not see cattle herd growth returning until 2017, maybe even later.

This equates to major beef shortages which leads to even higher prices than we have already.

I got this news piece this morning as well...

Shivering Cattle Signal Higher McDonald’s Beef Cost: Commodities

Commercial beef output in the U.S., the biggest producer, may drop 5.4 percent this... Read More

As temperatures dipped to a record minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 32 Celsius), the crew at Dean Wang’s ranch in Baker, Montana, increased alfalfa-hay rations to give his cattle more energy during the arctic blast.

Cattle are requiring more feed in order to just maintain their body temperature, instead of putting that extra energy into gaining weight,” said Wang, 46, who has about 850 cows that will calve this spring and 550 young cattle. “This year, everyone started feeding a little earlier than what they would have liked, because of the heavy snow and the cold.”

The deep freeze that swept across the U.S. last week, disrupting travel and boosting fuel use, is compounding stress on a shrinking domestic beef industry already struggling with high costs and weather shocks. While crops from oranges to winter wheat avoided major damage, the cold slowed the growth of livestock and extended a rally in Chicago cattle futures to a record, signaling higher beef costs for restaurants including McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) and Texas Roadhouse Inc.

The U.S. cattle herd contracted for six straight years to the smallest since 1952, government data show. A record drought in 2011 destroyed pastures in Texas, the top producing state, followed the next year by a surge in feed-grain prices during the worst Midwest dry spell since the 1930s. Fewer cattle will mean production in the $85 billion beef industry drops to a 20-year low in 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.

Herd Size

You sell your cattle because you can’t afford to feed” them, said Paul Looney, a Mineral, Texas-based rancher who serves as the first vice-president for the state’s Independent Cattlemen’s Association. “We were hit across the board in Texas. Everyone had to reduce herd size, so that impacts the whole beef business, from the ranch to the plate.”

Commercial beef output in the U.S., the biggest producer, may drop 5.4 percent this year to 24.32 billion pounds (11.03 million metric tons), the lowest since 1994, the USDA said Jan. 10. The herd reached a 61-year low of 89.3 million head as of Jan. 1, 2013. The agency will update its estimate on Jan. 31.

And there’s a lot more at the link. (1)

We’ve all seen this coming, but no one to date has been willing or able to “DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.” Now we’re out of time—totally.

Down through history politicians have been lynched for lesser crimes than this. But here and now we must make certain that the creatures that are doing this to us pay for what they’ve done, as well as what they’re planning to do now. These outlaws are trying to murder an entire nation by starving us to death; compounded by pricing whoever remains out of any place in which to survive.

If ever you get the chance to speak to any of them: Remember who they are and impress upon them just exactly how you feel: Having to watch yourself or your loved ones die so that they can continue to make untold-billions from the death of millions of people!

If anyone mentions any politician to you ever again, punch them out, on the spot! We don't need any of these politicians

for anything - we need to RICO the whole lot of them and distribute their ill-gotten-wealth towards the total destruction of HAARP and the permanent end of the United Nations - for everyone that can get through the up-coming period of starvation and homelessness.

PS: This is NOT OPTIONAL - whether or not you survive depends upon your willingness to take these criminal-organizations out at the source!


All political parties need to be dissolved because they’re traitors and it is they who are the real Enemies of this State!

1) PZ SPECIAL REPORT - Major Food Shortages Begins - 01-21-14



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