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Stop Armageddon!

By Jiim Kirwan


The number of purported mini-nuke strikes has reached four

In Syria.

The actual number of the dead is unclear:

But the fact that mini-nukes were used

by Israel - continues to grow.,or.&fp=8da61a7126ff4455&q=number+of+mini-nukes+in+Syria


Beginning at 20 minutes, 11 seconds into the video:


“…Who is in control of the media. The fact that Israel comes out with these predictions about Iran developing a nuclear weapon that then never materializes; that this has taken place. The fact that Israel is acting as gatekeeper for this information means she’s not going to explore why their leaders have been proven wrong time and again. So, the more important thing that I think we need to keep in mind throughout this entire discussion, particularly involving Israel acquiring yet another modern submarine that is capable of launching nuclear weapons is that Israel is the only country in the world that has a part of its ‘nuclear deterrent doctrine’ ­ if you want to even call it that ­ the very public threat that she would be willing to use nuclear weapons against the entire world, in the event that she felt substantially threatened: To where she felt the Jewish state might not exist anymore.

There is no other country in existence today that has basically told the entire world that: “If we are going to go down we are going to take the rest of the entire world down with us.”

This was once spoken of by one of Israel’s most prominent and well-respected military professors ~ who was quoted on a BBC piece saying “Our armed forces are not just the 13th___ in the world but neither the second or the third. This is several hundred atomic war-heads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions and perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our Air Force. We have the capability of taking the world down with us and I can assure you that this will happen.” (1)

Today it was announced the head of USI’s Air Force just returned from a SECRET week long meeting with his counterpart in Israel. What do you think they talked about and why is the US general so excited about the success of his visit? (2)

Numerous violations of the United Nations Nuclear non- proliferation agreements, regarding the use of nuclear weapons, continue to occur against Syria, with Israel as the aggressor, supposedly in self-defense of Israel’s “right to exist”. Israel’s policies from day one of their existence, courtesy of the UN, have always included the obscenity of the Sampson-Principle of bring the whole world down on all our heads if Israel does not get everything she demands from the world.

The sole reason for the existence of the United Nations was supposedly to avoid the very circumstances that Israel is forcing the world to face today. See UN Resolution 1701,

Everything Israel has done since 2006 between Israel and Lebanon have been nothing but ACTS of WAR. Israel’s actions are always committed not just in front of the world but with the support of the United Nations, which calls into question the validity of not just Israel and USI but of the right to exist of the UN as well! (3)

Israel is clearly in violation of UN and IAEA resolutions, in each and every case. The UN should evict Israel from the United Nations. The world should sanction Israel (and USI) for their global-crimes. Israel must be cut-off from any part in the community of nations, unless Israel immediately invites the IAEA and the United Nations to inspect Israel’s nuclear weapons programs publicly.

Of course this seems impossible to actually do. But if the world continues to lack the testosterone to do what must be done then we’ll need to prepare to be attacked by Israel, with nuclear weapons. This non-choice should be the only global topic under discussion: Because each deadly act is now directly traceable back to Israel and to our enthusiastic-support for that rabid-outlaw-state—which includes the destruction of whatever is left of the U.S. as well.

The world must spit in the face of Benjamin Netanyahu and Barrack Obama—if any of us is to have a world any longer in which most of the people can still survive and Stop Armageddon!

1) Press TV: ‘Israel Threatened to take down the world in nuclear Armageddon’

2) US Air Force chief completes secretive week-long visit to Israel

3) Who Will Stop the Countdown



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