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...And Nobody Stood Up

By Jim Kirwan

Bombing the world one nation at a time

Israel began their quest for world domination on 911. That crime was termed ‘a war’ yet it remains uninvestigated to this day.

USI lashed out against Afghanistan that had nothing whatsoever to do with the 19 Saudi’s who supposedly did the crime. The target was protecting the Unocal pipeline that had been planned for in the previous two years and getting the Opium: Which was done and then they stopped.

They came again to Iraq for regime change, for the oil and the gold a second time and nobody stood up.

They came for Egypt to move further into Palestine and nobody stood up.

They came for Beirut and Lebanon three times and even the UN failed to stand up.

They re-attacked Palestine in Gaza which is still a prison camp after 66 years of Israeli war-crimes and still no one stands up.

They came for Fukushima using Stuxnet: That death of the Pacific Ocean moved on to and over the North American continent into the Atlantic and beyond. The nuclear contamination of Fukushima is now global; still the world refuses to stand up.

They came for Libya, for the oil and gold and they destroyed the man-made underground river that would have turned North Africa into a Garden of Eden: And nobody stood up.

Emboldened by that global-crime they moved on into Syria. But Syria stood up and the world just watched for three years while they failed and failed and failed to get what they came for: Which was the regime change that did not happen: Because Syria stood up for herself.

They came for Greece, Spain and Cyprus and nobody stood up.

Then they came for Ukraine but Crimea immediately stood up.

Now parts of the still contested Ukraine want to follow where Crimea led. But USI is determined to complete “regime change” to create the coming global war for world domination.

Russia has stood firmly in place, regarding Ukraine, demanding peace talks despite the sanctions and the threats.

The attack by the West for regime change in Ukraine was used to keep the EU hostage to Israel and USI. Today Porky declared the end of his latest cease fire and all out war against the breakaway republics began in Ukraine.

The Oligarch’s have refused all overtures toward peace and are now demanding genocide for all those Ukrainians that want a voice in their country: And who are fighting now to keep their right to live with self-determination. Yet the people of the world are still not standing up.

Next they’ll come for the US citizens that have still not chosen to stand. The blood that will flow in that soon to be enacted war upon “The Enemies of this State” will alter the world. Those who stand up here will be those with a rifle behind every blade of grass.

The question is: “Will the World Burn” because no one cared enough to save it?


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