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Still Time For Regime Change Of The Neocons


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


If you missed my last article on this subject, you might want to read it and this one. This is the link to the article that came out last week:

I have been asked more than 1,000 times over the almost 9 years I have lived in Europe this one question:

“How long is it going to take the American people to wake up and realize that they are being lied to 24 hours a day? What is going on in this world is not what they are showing on US TV.”

My standard answer is ‘when they learn to turn off the TV and think for themselves’ but I for one am not holding my breath that America is going to wake up any time soon. I have said on radio and have written many times that “America is 306 million opinions and not a single damned business plan in sight”.

Just as I was writing this I saw this cartoon and it sums up so very well the US population in general when it comes to the American deficit on ‘thinking on their own’.

CNN recently got called out on the mat by DC for labeling the Ukraine junta military as “Pro-US Troops”. The reason they were called out for this screw up is DC does not want the rest of the world even thinking that the troops killing now over 5,600 civilians in the Donbas region are ‘Pro-US’ but that is exactly what they are. The US spent years and $5.1 billion of your taxpayer dollars to implement an illegal regime change to install a Russia-hating Neo-Nazi Fascist Regime.

Americans are going to have to have one of those ‘come to Jesus meetings’ when it comes out that the snipers sent to kill protestors and the police were sent by factions in the USA, EU and NATO that wanted this regime change and picking a fight with Russia. That is murder in the USA and it is also murder in Kiev Ukraine.

Read on and I will explain to you why because I was in Washington DC and inside the RNC when this ‘Colossal Brain Fart’ was invented.

Americans are going to have the proverbial ‘fertilizer hits the ventilator’ right in their face when it comes out that those same factions were behind the shooting down of Malaysia Air MH-17 and neither Russia nor the Donbas people had anything to do with it.

Why would anyone shoot down a commercial airliner?

To blame it on Russia and fit neatly into the Neocon’s agenda towards Russia.

Then in December 2014, US Senator James Inhofe, a certain Neocon and war hawk mouthpiece for the Neocons and the US War Industry, goes before the US Senate and presents photos he claimed were straight from Donbas Ukraine and evidence of the typical DC and Kiev rhetoric “RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE”.

It was then and still is A DAMNED LIE PUT FORTH BY WASHINGTON DC!!!

Please, America, WAKE UP!!!

When USA­backed and NATO-backed Georgia attacked the separatists region of South Ossetia in August 2008 the US pulled out this “Russia Aggression gig” and it blew up in the face of George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice.

This was the last article I wrote on the subject of the August 2008 fiasco after EU told Bush and Rice they were not going to pick a fight with Russia on the basis if DC lies.

Consider the date of that article August 16, 2008 and what you have seen over most of the past year regarding Ukraine.

The people of South Ossetia voted in 1991 to stay aligned with Russia, not with the ‘new Georgia’ that that USA and NATO have tried to promote to NATO status on the border of Russia. They are trying to do the same maneuver on Ukraine right now.

I reported on this matter many times in August and September 2008 to the point the EU even contacted me and asked to know how I was so sure that “August 2008 Georgia-South Ossetia WAS NOT RUSSIAN AGGRESSION”.

It was a decisive counterstrike that was started by the USA, NATO and Georgia. Both Germany providing illegal arms and Ukraine providing troops and armor were in the Georgia ­ South Ossetia flare up, too. Russia flattened Georgia in mere days and there were dead US mercenaries and Ukrainian troops, too.

The Neocon mantra of ‘mightiest military in the world’ does not hold a candle to Russia since the USA could not win in Afghanistan in 13 years and 11 in Iraq.

The photo on the left below is from the Russia move to stop the senseless killing and genocide of people in South Ossetia in 2008 just because they have no desire to be aligned with either EU or USA. Exactly like the Donbas region of Ukraine, these South Ossetia people are Russian speaking and Russian passport holders, i.e. citizens of Russia.

Then, when trying to push the USA Neocon plan, Senator James Inhofe uses the same photo in December 2014 to convince the Senate and America of ‘the Russia Invasion of Ukraine’.

By the way, there are no ‘Caucasus Mountains’ in the Donbas region, is a very flat agricultural area.

Folks, either Senator Inhofe is a complete moron or this is just more DC lies and attempts to sell the idiotic US Neocon business plan. That Americans and the US media are too lazy to research and too stupid to know the difference between the truth and a lie is a major problem in America.

How in Hell did the Neocons get us into this colossal screw up on US foreign policy?

Read on and I will tell you, because I was inside of the RNC when this ‘Biblical Scale Brain Fart’ was born.

The USSR disbanded in September 1991, about the same time Bill Clinton announced he was running for President and George H W Bush had crashed the US economy with his idiotic policies.

I will deal with the GHWB matter of creating the first Gulf War later because it will have witnesses telling exactly what they were ordered to do to start that war with Saddam Hussein and Iraq in 1991.

When Clinton did get elected on the simple motto “It’s the Economy, Stupid” to frame what the GHWB problem was as brain-dead domestic policy, just like his son, the RNC decided to set up a ‘counter policy group’ and named it the National Policy Forum.

Since I am from Little Rock, Arkansas, turned down two blank-check offers to run against Clinton for Governor, but did figure out how to beat him with the Truth, I was asked to be a key part of the National Policy Forum, known as ‘NPF’. We moved from Little Rock to Reston Virginia, and my office was in DC for seven years.

The first director of NPF was Michael Baroody, a nice enough guy but too aloof from the rank and file to have been a long-term player. His exit from NPF was back into the lobbying business.

He resigned because then RNC Chairman Haley Barbour, infamous lobbyist in DC lining the just right pockets, was funding NPF with foreign money to keep it quiet. RNC was flush with cash so none of us could understand why he was so intent on foreign money for what was a US domestic policy matter to counter Clinton policies.

If RNC and the State of Mississippi ever had a Fat Boy Boss Hog, former Governor Haley Barbour is that Fat Boy Boss Hog Lobbyist.

Well, as it turned out the NPF was not about countering Clinton policies at all. That was a ‘front’ for what the real agenda was.

The DNC filed a lawsuit with the Federal Elections Commission (‘FEC’) and prevailed in court. However, while that lawsuit was stuck in the typical US District Court snail process, Baroody left and Barbour replaced him with this well-known Neocon Idiot, John Bolton.

Please pay close attention because your future and the future of America is riding on what you are about to read and what you do about it.

What the NPF was doing was trying to devise a strategy to replace the ‘USSR boogeyman’ with the ‘Islamic terrorist boogeyman’. After the fall of the USSR in September 1991 the US Defense Department and the military-industrial complex could no longer justify their huge budgets without an enemy.

The USSR was gone so they thought they needed to come up with another enemy to justify that ‘largest in the world US defense budget’.

If you did not grasp the preceding two paragraphs read them again appreciating that the time frame was from 1993 to 1996 when I walked out on June 6, 1996 on the RNC in complete disgust.

With USSR gone they decided to go after Islam, terrorism, Global War against 1 billion people, most of which presented no threat to the USA whatsoever.

They held land that had lots of oil and natural gas, and even arch War Criminal Neocon Dick Cheney even remarked once that the US had no control over the fact that ‘God seems to have put most of the oil and natural gas in Islamic nations’. You can look that up, he said it in a speech.

Of course, prior to Bush-Cheney 2000, Richard Cheney was part of PNAC, too.

Think about that because America has gone from about $1 trillion in debt to over $18 trillion in debt due to this idiotic, moronic change in US policy merely to justify war spending.

I am a conservative and have no problems with legitimate defense spending to defend America, but what evolved was offensive firepower and pursuit of global hegemony and empire at the expense of the American people.

After NPF had to be disbanded because DNC / FEC prevailed in court, Bolton went underground and then resurfaces as part of PNAC, Project for a New American Century. In hand was their delusional manifesto about US military supremacy worldwide as ‘the world’s only Superpower’.

The PNAC bunch started off at NPF but had to be disbanded due to the lawsuit DNC filed and FEC pursued.

Then after their ‘Islamic terrorist boogeyman’ gig blew up in their face with two lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, trillions of US dollars blown on nothing but death, mayhem and an idiotic and delusional plan, Libya now a failed state, Syria not backing up one inch, and they have failed in Ukraine, too, these Neocons went out and tried to re-brand themselves as the FPI, or Foreign Policy Initiative.

Of course, Bush had to reward Bolton for his fine work in setting the stage to destroy America so he appointed him as US ambassador to the UN during most of the Bush 2 administration.

Some of the PNAC people gravitated over the FPI and are now board members and still stirring the pot for more US interventions and more war.

On the board is Robert Kagan, always a proponent for whatever is best for Israel and that has to be best for America.

His wife is Victoria Nuland of the US State Department and one of the architects of the illegal regime change in Kiev that has now led to the total fiasco in Ukraine.

Then we have William Kristol, arch Neocon and mouthpiece for the American Empire. However, his ideas have now bankrupted America and ruined the image and public relations of America almost globally.

Also on the board is Dan Senor, one of the behind the scenes players but nonetheless idiotic in his pursuit of the Global American Empire that is killing America. Here we have a journalist that was the chief spokesperson for the Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority that turned out to be a complete joke and a total disaster.

Also on the board of four people is former US Defense Department person Eric Edelman. He also loves to push the NATO agenda and moving east towards Russia.

These people are always out pushing their global hegemony, global Empire America, global interventionism without regard to the cost to the American taxpayers and the American people called upon to go fight their war proposals. Even when their brain farts turn into disasters as they have in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, they are still working on Ukraine and dreaming up ways to lie about the ‘failures’ being ‘US successes’.

If I were President of the United States I would have them all declared ‘a clear and present danger to America’ and force them to go serve in the wars they propose. As for clear thinkers and war planners they suck.

America needs to force them out and keep right on down the list until every Neocon is purged from US politics, media and discussion of what is best for America.


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