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Still Asking
The Wrong Questions?

  By Jim Kirwan



If each of these victims, depicted by Francisco Goya,

Represented a solitary nation-state

Which the Jewnited States has targeted, how would the world react?

It’s not fantasy; the US has troops in over 100 countries.

This is a potential fact: If the world allows Israel to continue to exist.

Because this is what the results of unlimited terror comes down to.

With this in-mind why not take another look at Palestine and how the Palestinians have continued to survive despite over six decades of terror, torture, starvation and thirst: On top of one-sided attacks by Israel and the US in the face of the totally illegal slaughter of a state that lost a war to Israel, over 65 years ago. The image above is from one of many wars between Spain & France that came out of the obscenity of The Spanish Inquisition. That crime against humanity was nothing compared to what the US & Israel have been doing to the planet for the last 65 years of continuous terror, torture and one-sided warfare because the Jews want all the land of Palestine…

Once congress caved-in to Bush-the-lesser and gave Bush this License to Kill, anyone - anywhere in the world of 2002: The “roadmap” had been drawn for the current events of today. From the blatant excesses of the Patriot Act and the Bush Doctrine of 2002, to the global-spying of the NSA and the passage of NDAA which ended all rights for any American, anywhere in the world today. The world is definitely about to repeat what Goya’s saw so graphically above.

That was hundreds of years ago, but today we’ll be looking at what will be whole nation-states, not just a few prisoners of War.

Are you ready for this ­ because we’re just months away from the beginning of it - all over again! All because Israel is still blackmailing the planet with their illegal nuclear arsenal of weapons that you and I paid for in the tens of trillions of dollars going all the way back to the beginning of the 65 year old war that has still not been ended.

Hell, even the initial flashpoint has remained the same. It’s still Palestine, and it’s still the greed and arrogance of the US & Israel that are calling all the shots inside the ruins of the first country to stand up militarily against the Jews in the twentieth century.

But the questions that Amerikans are asking have nothing to do with the past or the crimes committed throughout the last 65 years: Hell no! The only questions that the Amerikans are asking has to do with money, real-estate, and the on-going land-grabs by Israel ­ as if this is all some minor misunderstanding that can be solved by a bunch of words from lying-politicians, criminal-leaders all round and traitors that will say or do anything just to keep their phony games going, no matter how close the world is to a total implosion across the board.

And where exactly is the American-public in this macabre-charade? For the most part the ignorant Amerikans still can’t even find Palestine or Israel on a map. Millions world-wide “get-it”! But Amerikans won’t blink until the same thing that’s happening to the Palestinians happens here—by which time it will be far too late!

Many on this side of the water believe this is about all the traditional fake-shit that the world has been using as the excuse to slaughter people since the end of WWII. That would be the so-called global-economy which is nothing more than the latest plan to steal all the money from every country where Rothschild’s banks are predominant. There are also all the ‘great-but-invisible investments’, from the same criminal Jewish-bankers that have created Quadrillions out of thin air and then presented the bill for their thefts, to working men and women, that can’t pay for both food and rent.

Obama has created his Unaffordable Deathcare Tax that will triple the cost of healthcare, but will not actually provide health-care: That’s why it’s being called the Deathcare Plan. Its sole purpose is to end health-care as Americans have known it, and to collect huge amounts of private information that can be used to kill the public faster than ever. Add in Obama’s Pathway to Citizenship that will kill all remaining American jobs, and you have the beginning of the end.

Beyond that: November will begin the Obama attacks on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and possibly on Veteran’s benefits—to clear away the last vestiges of any real support for the existing public—while licensing the government to steal everything that remains, of anything that might have once have been provided for the actual survival of most Americans…

It is against this background that Americans are being told that they have no choice about anything with regard to their own survival.

However on top of that Israel is demanding that the planet grant them a “License to Slaughter” anyone that disagrees with their Jews”, identical to the one that congress gave to Bush.

How can Americans not have any real opinions at all—on any of the above events that will terminate the lives of most Americans outright!

Then there is also this from yesterday:

The CIA hired Blackwater to aid in a secret assassination program which was hidden from Congress for seven years.[9] These operations would be overseen by the CIA or Special Forces personnel.[10] Blackwater has also been contracted to arm drones at secret bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Obama’s assassination program, overseen by the CIA.[11] The lines dividing the military, the CIA and Blackwater had become “blurred,” as one former CIA official commented, “It became a very brotherly relationship… There was a feeling that Blackwater eventually become an extension of the agency.”[12]

The “secret war” in Pakistan may have begun under Bush, but it had rapidly expanded in the following years of the Obama administration. Wikileaks cables confirmed the operation of JSOC forces inside of Pakistan, with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani telling the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson (who would later be appointed as ambassador to Egypt), that, “I don’t care if they do it as long as they get the right people. We’ll protest in the National Assembly and then ignore it.”[13]

Within the first five months of Obama’s presidency in 2009, he authorized “a massive expansion of clandestine military and intelligence operations worldwide,” granting the Pentagon’s regional combatant commanders “significant new authority” over such covert operations.[14] The directive came from General Petraeus, commander of CENTCOM, authorizing Special Forces soldiers to be sent into “both friendly and hostile nations in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa.”

The deployment of highly trained killers into dozens of countries was to become “systemic and long term,” designed to “penetrate, disrupt, defeat or destroy” enemies of the State, beyond the rule of law, no trial or pretenses of accountability. They also “prepare the environment” for larger attacks that the U.S. or NATO countries may have planned. Unlike with the CIA, these operations do not report to Congress, or even need “the President’s approval.” But for the big operations, they get the approval of the National Security Council (NSC), which includes the president, as well as most other major cabinet heads, of the Pentagon, CIA, State Department, etc. [15]

The new orders gave regional commanders ­ such as Petraeus who headed CENTCOM, or General Ward of the newly-created Africa Command (AFRICOM) ­ authority over special operations forces in the area of their command, institutionalizing the authority to send trained killers into dozens of countries around the world to conduct secret operations with no oversight whatsoever; and this new ‘authority’ is given to multiple top military officials, who have risen to the top of an institution with absolutely no ‘democratic’ pretenses. Regardless of who is president, this “authority” remains institutionalized in the “combatant commands.”[16]

The combatant commands include: AFRICOM over Africa (est. 2007), CENTCOM over the Middle East and Central Asia (est. 1983), EUCOM over Europe (est. 1947), NORTHCOM over North America (est. 2002), PACOM over the Pacific rim and Asia (est. 1947), SOUTHCOM over Central and South America and the Caribbean (est. 1963), SOCOM as Special Operations Command (est. 1987), STRATCOM as Strategic Command over military operations to do with outer space, intelligence, and weapons (est. 1992), and TRANSCOM handling all transportation for the Department of Defense. The State Department was given “oversight” to clear the operations from each embassy,[17] just to make sure everyone was ‘in the loop,’ unlike during the Bush years when it was run out of Cheney’s office without telling anyone else.”

k - Can you spell The Shadow Government is alive & well?

In 2010, it was reported by the Washington Post that the U.S. has expanded the operations of its Special Forces around the world, from being deployed in roughly 60 countries under Bush to about 75 countries in 2010 under Obama, operating in notable spots such as the Philippines and Colombia, as well as Yemen, across the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. The global deployment of Special Forces ­ alongside the CIA’s global drone warfare program ­ were two facets of Obama’s “national security doctrine of global engagement and domestic values,” in the words of the Washington Post, though the article was unclear on which aspect of waging “secret wars” in 75 countries constituted Obama’s “values.” Commanders for Special Operations forces have become “a far more regular presence at the White House” under Obama than George Bush, with one such commander commenting, “We have a lot more access… They are talking publicly much less but they are acting more. They are willing to get aggressive much more quickly.” Such Special Operations forces deployments “go beyond unilateral strikes and include the training of local counterterrorism forces and joint operations with them.”[18]…” (1)

Cross-compare Israel’s demands with US capabilities given the scope of the Shadow Government that has exploded since Cheney & Rummy created it. Then listen to the insanities coming from the foul-mouth of Netanyahu and you can easily see the ugliest possible future imaginable for the world: Not just for the almost dead Americans who still refuse to believe they have been “targeted”! (2)

That’s why as Americans we must decapitate the “Six-Generations of Vipers” that are living out their sub-human existence by stealing, torturing and murdering the rest of the global-population while they continue to live in luxury from inside their stolen-lands in Palestine!

1) Empire Under Obama, Part 3: America’s “Secret Wars” in Over 100 Countries Around the World

2) After 65 Years of War




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