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Stigmatizing Putin

By Jim Kirwan


Is That All the Policy on Ukraine Is?

I did a brief interview with Morris last night on this topic.

I would like to expand upon the comments made during the interview

Morris: “Is this a misjudgment and is America going to end up in a war? Are we going to back down because Ukraine is the focus at this time?”

kirwan: ‘War’, global-war, was and still is the point of this entire escapade surrounding the Ukraine. That was the point when the current dictator overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine and it was and still is the point after Crimea spontaneously chose to remove themselves from the criminally created Ukraine ­ by holding a peaceful and orderly referendum in which Crimea chose to associate itself with Russia over the outlaw regime that is still in-charge in Ukraine.

War was and is only part of the point. Full Spectrum Dominance over the planet is what’s behind everything taking place in Ukraine, and throughout the region and the world.

MORRIS: “Presumably is the president of Kiev a puppet of American or Israeli polices?”

kirwan: I’d like to add to my answer in the video. Israeli policies have always been very much the point beneath the charades being carried out throughout the entire region. No doubt Israel was the primary force behind the original overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian government.

While literal proofs are still lacking it can be easily assumed that the Right-Sector, the latest form of the old Nazi Party, was used to create the violent overthrow of Ukraine and the bloodshed that followed. None of the forces currently in play throughout Ukraine have the blessing of the Ukrainian people. All of this was created out of whole-cloth by Israel, USI, NATO, the UN and the global-banking cartel which still owns the Federal Reserve. This is the group that created the false-flag takeover of a struggling nation that just happens to be located on the Russian border—which the US desperately wants to dominate forever.

End the Treason Now


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