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The Stench That Never Dies

Jim Kirwan


I did a series on The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime as a public service in 1978, that brought me into direct contact with cops, Prosecutors, DA's, Judges and politicians across the spectrum in California and the nation. After it was nationally published I heard from DA's asking for permission to use the work to improve their public efforts to curb some of these crimes.

But since that time everything regarding 'Forgotten Victims' has been going backwards instead of improving the lot of the actual victims, in both the individual states as well as nationwide ­ in keeping with the privatization-programs that came in, with the reversal of our fortunes and our constitutional rights, in the new-order that Reagan rammed home in the 1980's.

Consequently, what we have seen grow to now unimaginable numbers, has become an integrated, in-house series of crimes. Crimes that were never possible to have ever been imagined ­ before we arrived in the New Millennium...

'TERRORISM' was done for the government in 1974, 27 years before 911


Around the beginning of November, when the Elections were becoming heavily-important to the nation ­ when the global story's began to surface about horrible-crimes against children and women worldwide - when the internet became flooded with reports about the upper echelon of both political parties that had been exposed by articles emanating from Wikileaks, to their global audience.

650,000 Emails Added To The Treason

These news releases, consisting of hundreds of thousands of e-mails and directly, including but not limited to most of the most-powerful political creatures in the United States and Great Britain going way back over the entire time that The Clinton Foundation got its' totally illegal start. Some of the creatures implicated directly named Bill & Hillary Clinton, their campaign managers and assorted functionaries, like Huma Abadin, and the Podesta Brothers along with major players in both political parties as well as others ­ yet to this day no arrests of any of those implicated, in any of these obscene crimes,, have been made or even announced ­ anywhere inside the United States.

For the record Obama and his male “wife” have been implicated along with Hillary & Bill Clinton, and others in the political campaigns that were directly affected, or should have been, by this staggering news of pedophilia, child rapes, torture, and sexual slavery along with numerous and continual routine flights to foreign places, as well as monthly trips to LA, for the purpose of Hillary engaging in Demonic sex cults with children and captive individuals that were involved in performing ritual acts of unspeakable crimes ­ some of which resulted in death. Yet despite the nearly month long barrage of information about these crimes ­ no one has been officially questioned, or charged with anything to do with these illegal death cults.

Why haven't we heard from Judge Jeanine, or from the ex-prosecutor from New York - Giuliani, both of whom have been very outspoken about the need to PROSECUTE all the criminals, in previous crimes against the people of the USA? Apparently those in the spotlight seem to think that if they ignore this, while they continue to say that it's all lies, then everything will just continue to proceed as if this never happened?

This is the latest outrage that just broke on the net.

Will this story along with all the others still not produce any real response?

PizzaGate Tunnels: Dupont Underground


Please note the tiles behind the images seen herein are eerily similar

in this video

to what is shown in the previously released images

of so many children in their underwear.


'Why has no police department or law-enforcement agency bothered to read or watch anything that's been written about, or talked about on the web, for the last three weeks? More to the point why are the three to four Pizza-related shops (and this is just one story in D.C.) - not been shut down and the prominent public figures associated with these places arrested and denied bail: Because they will flee ­ so they must be held while the case against all of them goes forward

Where are all these brave but useless former judges, prosecutors Congressmen & women, or just activists - now that the nation needs to begin to prosecute some of the tens-of-thousands of pedophiles along with the sexually twisted demonic creatures that are actually torturing, raping and then eating kidnapped children?

Do we have to threaten the entire D.C. police department, just to get them to take the actions that it is their JOB to actually do, whenever any act is this blatantly reported to the wider world? OR ARE THESE SO-CALLED OFFICERS COMPLICIT TO THE POINT THAT THE PUBLIC MUST SEE TO IT, THAT THEY TOO ARE ARRESTED?

What happened to the outrage attested to by the NYPD over the Wikileaks releases of Hillary Clinton's involvement in the crimes those 'leaks' revealed? They 'promised' to go public if the FBI and or the Department of Just-Us failed to act - yet not one word have we heard since those revelations began to reach the public...

Are Americans going to allow this story to remain un-investigated


Or will the people demand that the authorities do what they are paid to do?



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