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Stealth Warfare In
Urban America

By Jim Kirwan

There are many ways to destabilize any nation.

Some of the most effective methods don’t even involve firearms.

This is part of the unwritten Art of War. It also plays a huge part in Asymmetrical warfare at its most basic level.

Here’s part of the legacy of just one city at the end of Empire

Any ‘people’ can be destroyed from the inside-out by the use of nearly silent societal-influences that can be used to remove the will to fight, by other means. As it happens this ‘weapon’ can be seen in the recent history of the City of San Francisco.

I came to this city because of its people and of the ideas that were being generated from here by tens of thousands of individuals of many different persuasions, which is what made San Francisco an international destination city—before it began to change—not spontaneously yet because these changes were planned for and carried out in a stealth-war upon this city by the some of the same traitors that are still leading the disarming of the USSA today.

Diane Feinstein was among the most prominent activists who brought about these changes in this city and by extension in the entire country.

On November 27, 1978 Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were both murdered in City Hall by Dan White an ex-police officer. Feinstein was president of the Board of Supervisors at the time, who then became the acting Mayor in the aftermath of the murders.

May 21, 1979 was the date of the White Night Riots that took place over the sentencing of Dan White that was not nearly sufficient for the Gay Community in the city. The result of the riots that saw a dozen police cars left burning around city-hall: Which also led directly to Feinstein’s full-term as Mayor of the City (1978-1988) and a major supporter of the Gay Community: Which she has tried but failed to maintain to this day.

In early 1981 the Polk Street Gay Merchants Association was planning to ban all merchants on Polk Street who were not members in good standing of the Gay Community from owning or running a business of any kind on Polk Street in the City. At the time there was an unofficial competition between the Castro, the primary gay section of the city and Polk Street that was pushing to upgrade.

Since 1978, the gay community had been becoming evermore politically-powerful in city government. In the arts the Gay Community controlled roughly 80% of the “talent” in most fields of endeavor. In the city proper the ‘Gay’ population was treated largely as just one of the very different kinds of people, beliefs and political persuasions who inhabited the city. Most of the straight’s tended to accept the gay movement as just one of the real differences in the city which made San Francisco interesting.


On June 5, 1981 HIV-AIDS was announced to the nation as a major national health risk.

The announcement shook the city like a major earthquake!

People began leaving in droves and hundreds died many by committing suicide. I lost over 70 friends during a period of about three months. The mobilization against AIDS soaked up every dime of ‘excess-money’ anywhere and everywhere throughout the city. AIDS walks, telethons, benefits were everywhere, artists contributed their work to the various drives to help raise money either to help find a cure, or to provide shelter to the victims. Night-Flight shown here was a donation to this cause. This ended the careers of many artists who were not members of the gay community. That happened because all excess money went to AIDS and nothing was left over to buy the work of the few who weren’t gay.

In the mid-1990s, California became the first state to ban smoking tobacco in bars, clubs and restaurants. This went hand-in-glove with an ever more strident political stance that sought to enforce Zero Tolerance at every level of society from the workplace to entertainment and throughout every aspect of life in the city, as well as to a lesser degree in the state.

And by the time when Willie Brown “assumed the position”, he’d already spent 28 years in Sacramento, in State Government, preparing for his pivotal role in the near total destruction of what remained of the commercial and social viability of the city. Willie Brown’s contribution, as Mayor, to changing the infrastructure of the city was to oversee the destruction and wholesale dumping of over half the collections in the City’s Library while giving control over its operations to Pacific Bell & now AT&T. Billions were stolen.

In 2004 Gavin Newsom took over from Willie as Mayor. On January 20, 2004, freshly “elected” Gavin Newsom, the mayor who suffered from a type of Aphasia (the inability to read) announced that he was going to make Gay Marriage legal in San Francisco: That was a first for a major city or a state in the nation. The first weekend after the announcement saw 2,000 couples’ lined up outside city hall to get their marriage licenses. As time passed this radical political change, in San Francisco, began to infect the nation to varying degrees across the country.

City government was altered and changes began to make themselves felt throughout the city. Newsome also left the city open to all kinds of other changes as well—such as the takeover of City Hall and Civic Center by a private corporation that now owns San Francisco City Government. (1)

After that blockbuster sellout of the city, Newsom resigned his Mayorship to run for and win the post of Lt. Governor of California. Newsom was succeeded by the current failure Ed Lee.

City government has now picked up where Willie and Gavin left off. Turning Zero-Tolerance into a mindset for the entire city, to comfort the latest crowd of tech-obsessed worker-bees who will soon be unemployed as well: Just like the Dot-Com Boom & Bust which preceded them.

San Francisco’s real problem now, in addition to having become Tel-Aviv West, is that the city has evicted or priced-out most of the people who once made this place interesting in so many ways. The arts here have been murdered. The open and naturally rebellious natures of the few of us remaining are being tracked by the many that are so anxious to please their keepers in either the Police-State or the tyrannical workplaces where many of them can still find a slot—at least for awhile longer. Meanwhile this place shuts down by nine in the evening and the frivolous always ask permissions now for everything they supposedly still do.

The people who live here now are strangers to each other, as well as to the problems that used to be the daily topic of everyday conversations, back when we were still alive. The ‘stealth’ side of what’s happened here is still not registering among the many, possibly because most of these carpet-baggers just don’t give damn, about anything but themselves and their addictions.

So What Did We Lose!


Before this Stealth Attack upon the city and its people, we were one of the most alive and active cities in America. Now we are nothing but a bunch of cowards who embrace even the smallest of the details that being demanded of us all in this new POLICE-STATE-USSA.

Before; where the real differences between individuals were honored and celebrated, we’ve become just a different kind of herd that does everything we’re told to do, and most of what is only strongly suggested, every day.

Before the angry and self-obsessed LBGT community took over the city, we were the people who could enjoy life, everyday, even with very little money. But now with Big Sis moving to the city, after her stint at Homeland Security, our lives are becoming more closely watched than ever before.

Before the politically-radical gay community tried to take over the Polk Street merchants association, people here cared not-a-lot about whatever anyone else might choose to embrace. We were all different; each in our own ways and no one particularly gave a damn who slept with who or whatever personal alliances might make anyone’s life better, whether straight or gay. But after “We’re Queer and We’re Here, Get Used to it!” took over, this city began to lose it’s openness in far too many ways. And now that this same chip-on both shoulders is taking over the nation, with the coming advocacy of outlawing Heterosexuality on the national horizon—all bets are off about any actual peace between the growing societal-divisions.

Some of us lost San Francisco but a lot more Americans

Lost much more than just their cities and towns…

Thanks to the no-smoking laws, we’ve lost those public places where we could legally meet and talk about the real things in our lives every day. We’ve lost the kind of acceptance that does not measure everyone by which habits were theirs and which were ours. But most of all the ordinary everyday basic-trust between strangers that was a hallmark of San Francisco has vanished. This might seem trivial, but if you’ve ever known much about these losses, you have to know that these things were a major part of what helped to make Americans who and what we once were…

When the city was under siege by the politically correct extreme right, a number of us (straights & gays) went out to meet them and we told them in no uncertain terms that they were not wanted here: “Get your asses back on those buses and go back to wherever the hell you came from, or face the consequences!” That’s what we said to those sold-out misbegotten fools that thought they had a mission from god to change this city forever.

I stood shoulder to shoulder with my gay friends. There were Hells Angels and a number of gay professional boxers and football players as well. The crowd we confronted was stunned as they were expecting nothing but a bunch of drag-queens to meet them. People have always come in all sizes shapes and colors here and some have always been gay. But until “being other than straight” became a badge of excessive pride, few noticed or cared what anyone else was.

But all that changed for me when I was suddenly told that my neighborhood would be forcefully taken over by the gay community (Even before there was anything called LBGT) ­ that changed everything for me in an instant. Here’s a response I gave about it just this week:

I know it's not all one sided. When the gay-business owners in SF decided to throw out every straight business owner on Polk Street just before AIDS hit town; some of us were ready to go to war against them - but then the news about AIDS hit and I lost a lot of good friends in the first few months - while the great migration out of town came down.

Almost immediately everyone forgot what they had been oh so ready to do, until they switched to begging for mercy from the straight community - having just totally overlooked what they had planned to do to us, because we were and are still straight. I haven't forgotten, which is why ~ I try to look at each person for who they are as a person and not whatever their state of sexuality might be.

Yet this new wave of LGBT goes way beyond just demanding compliance with sexual preferences and the perversity of their corrupted moral agendas. Now they demand total compliance on every aspect of life here: That's not happening for me or for many of the remaining people who refuse to do what they are now demanding we must do - or be ostracized: They really don't stand a chance against real people, because we know what life is about and they still haven't got a clue...”

San Franciscans went from being proud of our differences to being slammed for believing anything not handed down from some “higher authority” inherited from the Political-Correctness that has quite literally disarmed so many at the core of their lives. It took eight decades for the people of this city to become part of the USSA and that fascist-barbarian world-view that has given San Franciscans’ this new-old view from Bolshevik Russia. (2)

As a result San Franciscans have been quite literally disarmed by some unrecognized political-weapons which have left this city without a purpose, or a population, that anyone would want to be part of ever again.

So when those who want to take away your guns begin to make their spiel: Don’t forget there are more ways to disarm you then by just taking your guns, because to fight this war, your conscience and your will have got to be your own: To fight this fight as it must be resisted!

1) The Stealth Takeover of San Francisco

2) The History of Political Correctness - 22min Video


Zeroing Out Zero Tolerance



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