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The Stazi In America!

By Jim Kirwan


The Bush Plan to coverup the events of 911

Came full-circle in 2003 with this advice:

Just Go Shopping!”

Devvy Kidd’s conversation yesterday with Jeff Rense laid our some frequently overlooked but critical facts which brought forward the Bush-crimes that explain in detail just how we began this brutal-descent into the current Stazi State. Please listen to this pivotal video.

In the early 1950’s in Oklahoma City in Junior High we had something called The Weekly Reader. It was a newspaper for middle-school students that attempted to cover world and national events as part of civics classes in public school.

Not only did we get that paper every Thursday, but we had to discuss the news in class, which began an understanding of the world beyond ourselves. That vital connection was cut off by the time I entered the ninth grade, along with the realities that were not being dealt with at that time. By 1954, the conversion from students seeking a real education to robots, being taught total submission, on every level all the way up into college had already begun. So by the time Vietnam came along we were already more than halfway into this prison that is closing its doors around us now throughout the world.

By 1968 under LBJ, we lost our freedom of speech at the National Democratic Convention, when the Chicago Police beat reporters publicly and ended the right of all Americans to protest during any presidential election in this place. These facts were ignored by the “media” and as we got deeper into Vietnam, the gap between Americans and their freedoms continued to expand.

LBJ then decided to strip the National Guard Units in America of their weapons and materials here at home so that he could send their gear and weaponry into Vietnam to try and hide how much that war was really costing the nation. Prior to that time there was an Air National Guard: The Texas Air National Guard was a unit of that guard that Bush went AWOL from. The planes which the guard used were the same planes used by the US Air Forces. That was then, today there’s nothing for the National Guard’s by way of weapons or standing.

There were also troops from every state in the Union and probably some navy guardsmen as well. There was also the US Coast Guard which functioned far more like a real militia guarding the entire US Coastline, but that ended completely once Bush took office the Coast Guard joined the Stazi forces and literally bristled with weapons and threats for anyone they encountered. Once Bush Junior ascended to the Oval Office the people of the United States no longer had the use of their own State National Guard units, because Bush had already nationalized them all.

Their state guard’s equipment, paid for by the states, was sent to Iraq just as LBJ had sent their heavy equipment into Vietnam: Except that after Bush issued his orders, there was no longer any State National Guard: That’s why people have no one to turn to, except for the State Militia Units that are all that’s left between the savagery of Stazi State and the lives of the people here who are still trying to survive in a world that’s bereft of physical help, except for the State Militias, which is the one force that could aid those in need, when life and death are on the line!

This is from 2013, but it’s about “What’s Next” and it’s still true.

It isn’t that we can’t feed and sustain 10 billion people

It’s because if we did that it would cut into

The obscene profits of the filthy rich!

The Feds are now shutting down the US Food Supply

In 2011 at the same time they are threatening to turn Texas into a no-fly zone; they were saying in their own internal documents that there was no threat to airplanes or air ports—the whole thing is a lie it’s a fraud. Why are we letting them do this to our children…” (At 2min26sec in the 11min video)

There was never any need for Homeland Security, because that “job” was supposed to have gone to the National Guard units from the 50 states. However, absent that, then the State Militia units could and should have been invited in to fill any void after 911. Of course they were not asked, because the whole plan included the creation of the totally fictitious Department of Homeland Security, that’s turned out to be nothing but a collection of pedophiles, thugs, and outlaw-mercenaries that are being used to terrorize the public: Not to protect us from anything!

This is one of those areas that the Militia of the 50 states could have easily have been used in; if there had really been a threat, in the outright absence of the National Guard, because the states allowed Bush to steal their State Guards and use them for cannon fodder in Iraq. We need to get back to making connections between the public and the militia’s of the 50 states because if ever we needed real backup, in dealing with this criminal government, it’s definitely now!

In area after area this nation has been stripped of any and all protection from the federal attempt to strip us of all ten of the amendments to the Constitution and to every other U.S. agency that had originally been created to protect us. This points out the fact that we never needed “Child Protective Services”, a totally Stazi Agency, that sells many of those children entrusted to them, on the blackmarket and mistreats most of the rest of those that are routinely forced into their care.

If the parents had the protection of an naturally armed force, which they could appeal to: To accompany them when these thefts of our children take place, the situation would have been much different—but that’s part of why the Department of Homeland Security was created in the first place—to block any real protections for the families of the citizens, at every turn. The same is true of the massive violations of the rights of children, and parents, in the public schools.

There is no one with any real authority or a physical presence that can be called upon to defend the rights of the parents to keep their families together ­ This must be physically changed!

In the news since the assault upon the Bundy Ranch, there have been many stories, most of which have completely missed the point that this is a matter of State Law and State Courts which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Federal Courts. The BLM has given unto itself the power to steal legally constituted land-rights, under state law, which the Feds are clearly violating all over the West. This nation was founded upon States Rights, not the Federation of those States that was formed to smooth the interactions between the states and NOT to make the Federal Government into the tyrannically criminal powerhouse that has no limit, as it has become today.

Once the nation fell into the quicksand created by the false-flag events of 911, the nation became a chopping bloc to be divided up according to areas, permitted-zones, races, religions, sexual-preferences and political dead-ends, which is where we are today.

The Feds are pitting the rural parts of the nation against the cities, the moral nation against the evil corporate forces that have no limits. On the social side there is no way that any nation can ever survive the continuing reversal of everything the nation once stood for, into the debauchery and primitive savagery of the LBGT world of fake-government that is courting an immigration tidal wave that is guaranteed to destroy everything that’s capable of reversing the problems, which are multiplying our nightmares, as if global-destruction on every front is the only thing this war-riven country can now still actively pursue.

The only thing left of our natural-resources that can still be found is in the individuals and the human-spirit of those who are part of the State Militias. Those are the people that still seek a well-regulated state militia and yet we have not been quick to ask for their help—maybe it’s time that this country began to do just that!

There are 50 states in the union, and every state initially had their own national guard. Why shouldn’t the states today, each have again their own State Militia’s to protect their citizens who have no protection at all from the Feral Government. That, afterall, was the original purpose for maintaining a State National Guard, which was to protect the people of each state from the corruptions that the founders thought the people might have to face from a rotten federal system?

FEMA was created to replace the National Guard and turn the whole affair into a Stazi Agency that would guarantee the failure of the government during any emergency: Whereas when we had the services of the state national guards: They actually arrived and assisted the public during every real emergency…

FEMA was created to replace the Guard under Reagan in his “Armageddon Plan” for the nation.

In Texas the BLM and the BATF are trying to steal another 90,000 acres of land they have absolutely no right to, if the original laws concerning that land are observed.

The BLM stole 140 acres of the Tommy Henderson ranch thirty years ago. They took his land and paid him absolutely nothing. He sued and lost. Now the BLM is using that court case as precedent to do it again. The problem is, the land they want to seize is property that ranchers have a deed for and have paid taxes on for over a hundred years.

The BLM claims that about 90,000 acres (116 miles along the Red River) have never belonged to Texas in the first place. They will seize the land and it will seriously change the boundaries between the two states.”

Red River Rumble:

The State Militias of both Texas and Oklahoma should be a major part of any talks about this subject, before the feds go nuts again.


This is the public’s last stand in this century. If we fail to fight the outlaws they will definitely overrun the entire nation and end any possibility for what most of us started out in our lives to attain.

But it’s always been just the very few that have ever made any real difference, anywhere that liberty or freedom is continually threatened.

Each of us needs to choose whatever we can do, to cripple this governmental Juggernaught that must be overthrown; if there is to be any way to continue to live in these beginning years of the so-called New Millennium… Once the choice has been made there will be no going back, no “do-overs” and there will definitely be no second chances! Join the rebellion now if you want to have a tomorrow!


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