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Statin Drugs - Disabling, Progressive & Permanent
And Vitamin D3 And Vitamin K2 Taken Together Daily

By Dr. Betty Martini D.Hum

I'm adding this to my lists because I'm so impressed with the correct understanding  of the seriousness of statins.  Also notice about the important information about Vitamin K2.  

Some years ago when I had pneumonia and immune to the antibiotics the doctor was going to send me home because he  said the hospital couldn't help me.  Dr. Russell Blaylock told me to tell the physician to give me 10,000 units of Vitamin D.  It saved my life and the physician was shocked at my recovery. Dr. Blaylock has the Blaylock Wellness Report which I highly recommend.     Later a friend and physician, told me to always take K2  with Vitamin D, that its essential.  

Since that time I've been taking Vitamin D, 10,000 daily with Vitamin K.  Recently my personal physician and the hospital physician told me it was  the first time they had ever seen a patient with a high Vitamin D.  I was getting bronchitis and walking pneumonia commonly.  Since taking the Vitamin D with K2 in all these years I've never had the flu or bronchitis or pneumonia.  It was happening frequently because of a huge sliding hiatal hernia sliding food into my lung.  A lot of people don't know anything about Vitamin K and I'm so glad I took my friend's recommendation.

I might also add I had respiratory problems at the time I had pneumonia  and started using Allicin C which I got from and it stopped immediately. Also, on that web site do a search on aspartame and you'll see the last few articles . Jeff Rense keeps the world up-to-date on aspartame  so it has all the recent articles except for this one on the singer  Selma Gomez who is a well known singer.

 Because Selena advertises Diet Coke and has lupus I wrote about it so the information would get to her. Many any of those who advertise aspartame get these neurodegenerative diseases.    I pasted in the email I sent to the CDC because has been hacked.  This is the strongest letter I have ever written with info against aspartame and goes into exactly how aspartame can precipitate lupus.   I was answering an email from the CDC on panic and told them panic was better than death when it comes to aspartame.  

Interesting thing happened when this email on Gomez with the CDC info got back to industry..  I tried to send it from my web site, and it had already been hacked.  Then I went to another sitetthat had posted  it and when you clicked  you were sent back to the front page instead of opening the email.   Industry must stay up at night thinking of ways they can deceive the public.  Someone called yesterday about scientific peer reviewed research and when he clicked on a damaging study it had been replaced with an article about Romania.  My webmaster has already corrected this but it tells you its a daily chore as they continue to try to coverup the facts on aspartame.  I would suggest anyone who has a site post it as they can't hack them all.   There is new information on Gomez, something to do with birth control  pills, hormones and pregnancy.  When I get all the facts I'll post them.  Aspartame interacts with hormones.  i

Below is the information on statins, COQ10 and K2.  Be sure to listen to the  upcoming  program on this issue with Paul Scavone on Wednesday and pass on this life-saving information.

All my best,

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl,( (upcoming),

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“Pharmacological evidence and clinical trial results support the interpretation that statins stimulate atherogenesis (the process of forming plaques in the inner lining of arteries) by suppressing vitamin K2 synthesis and thereby enhancing artery calcification. Statins cause heart failure by depleting the myocardium of CoQ10, ‘heme A’ and selenoproteins, thereby impairing mitochondrial ATP production. In summary, statins are not only ineffective in preventing CHD events but instead are capable of increasing CHD and heart failure.”

Harumi Okuyama, Peter H. Langsjoen, et al., Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology - Volume 8, 2015 - Issue 2