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The Star Of Evil

By Jim Kirwan


Israel has changed her Star

The world has yet to notice.

The symbol is very, very old. But in reality it’s been not-so-quietly replacing the original Star of David that was used to prevent the planet from understanding exactly what this unceasing-political-volcano has always been.

Israel has claimed an existence that goes back into deep antiquity. The problem with that claim is that the original people that existed then were attacked and scattered to the four winds. It was called a Diaspora. It was meant to end the problems which the Jews had presented to the rest of the peoples of that time.

The original Hebrews who were dispersed then migrated into a great number of places seeking new beginnings, mostly without formally doing so as Jews. The Roman Catholic Church with its outright ban on usury gave the Jews of History a way to continue to exist: By allowing them to practice the usury which the Roman-church had banned. Business in those ancient times, needed to be able to obtain money which could be loaned-at-interest in order to meet the needs of that time. The church knew exactly what was happening with the money-junkies of that time, as did the businesses that used their services. Jews were allowed to survive as long as they were clearly labeled and generally kept apart from the rest of the population. Shakespeare wrote about the practice in his play “The Merchant of Venice.” There is an excellent film of the same title that tells and shows the Shakespeare play vividly.

There was a new “coming back from obscurity” for Jews. But the new dark-passions within those that had been branded as “Jews”, but who were definitely not religious, found themselves essentially ‘without a country’.

This outcast-and global-sect continued to use the Hebrew affiliation to mask what had become their monetary-obsession not just with money and power: They were obsessed with societal privilege. Zionism was born to create monetary-advantages and to celebrate the “specialness” that attended “The Chosen People” from biblical days. Yet throughout this process, the disconnected races that formed Zionism had nothing to do with religion, because ‘their-existence’ was all about the dark powers contained in the Star of Evil.

The journey from stateless money-lenders to both hated and feared bankers and special-interest manipulators; before the First World War continued toward becoming real. Prior to WWII most don’t know that ‘the Jews’ declared war on Germany, which probably helped Hitler and his brown-shirts toward making Kristallnacht the turning point it was. At that time, and since, there is almost never a difference pointed out between being Jews and one who is a blatant-Zionist, hell bent upon the destruction of the civilized world by slaughtering four fifths of the entire planet. There is a real difference between the religious Jews and the Zionists that have taken over America since AIPAC and dozens of other ILLEGAL and traitorous agencies have spread their unregistered poisons and bribery over the entire country.

There is a great deal that has come down through various histories of this turbulent birthing process which has ended up being called today’s Israel. The Zionists have succeeded in managing to hide the many filthy traditions which the Zionista’s created in order to give “the Jews” religious-credibility without acknowledging the fact that they also created the first formal “state-terrorism” as their own political tool in tandem with mercenary fire-bombs that transformed their plight from common-outlaws to Zionist-Freedom-Fighters for a state that did not then exist.

While that supposed birth of Israel was going on the Zionists hid behind calling themselves ‘the Jews’. That was clearly shown to the world by the fact that a full third of the Nazi SS were Jews (Zionistas) who were the most ardent killers of the religious Jews in Germany at the time. This gave rise to the global-myth of “the six-million” that was coined by Goebbels as part of Nazi propaganda. By doing this the Third Reich enabled the Fourth Reich to continue after the NAZI forces in WWII were destroyed. The “Holocaust” was born. Its authenticity was not allowed to be challenged, by various imposed laws around the planet. That gave rise to the get-out-of-jail-free card which allowed current day “Israel” to claim international Victim-Hood, which they still cling to today—despite the historical and proven facts behind the reality that underpins the actual birth of the political-Holocaust.

There is a beautifully revealing interview that airs some of the disconnects between what “Israel” still demands that the world recognize, versus what the Zionist-State has actually done to the world, in this link. It’s an interview between George Galloway & a retired Israeli General who advised Ariel Sharon, the original Butcher of Palestine. (1)

For those who are not politically moved on this issue, all you need do is just look at today’s Israel as a state an see what it has done for anyone else in the world of today. Here’s the list of Israel’s wars, according to Israel ­ via their own search engine: Wikipedia.

The truth involves many, many more wars (than mentioned above). All of the wars not mentioned were lost, because of those that created the site.

If the Wikipedia lies above were true then Israel would not need to keep on fighting the same wars over and over again:

That list of all those wars and the slaughter of millions was listed but has been removed by everyone including Wikipedia.

If Israel had ever won against anyone by themselves then we wouldn’t be having this problem. Without US support Israel is absolutely NOTHING but a pack of rabid-dogs that need to be violently put-down. By their own admission they love to rape pillage torture and plunder—all the rest of the world! That’s why the filth in the unannounced merger between Israel & Nero must be totally rejected at the UN and in the wider world.

What does Israel export on their own? How much of Palestine has Israel literally desecrated? Israel exports weapons, war and global-hatred. How many Palestinians has Israel deported and refused to allow them to ever return to the lands they lived on for thousands of years?

How many walls and CHECKPOINTS has Israel built throughout the land, after the Berlin wall came down? Any free people are a strong people and they do not spend their time focused on SUSPICIONS of every type.

Israel is an Apartheid state that has kicked out the Christians, Muslim and the Jews so that Zionists are the only official “people” allowed to live in the new Israel:

The Israel of

The Star of Evil

Israel is the world’s leader in the sale of illicit body-parts, the global-sex-trade, the opium trade and the global drug-trade, pornography and the advertised destruction of the social and political structure of the Western world. Israel has already desecrated the arts worldwide and they’ve only just begun—wait till you see what’s next if Nero gets his way in the UN ­ THIS WEEK!

Israel is blatantly working to supplant Christianity in America with Jewish symbols and an idolatry of Satan that has been unrivaled in any other country in history—thus far.

Israel wants to ban crosses on every grave that marks an American death, so as NOT to show any religious preference even in death. This Zionist-FIAT includes all the dead from all previous wars, in which Israel is insisting must have their headstones removed so as not to be prejudicial against the number of Jews, who are also buried with all others.

Israel has inserted herself into American Education, the US Supreme Court and the LGBT community is one of theirs, as well. The ACLU and the problems of Black-Americans were also originally represented by them. All those really fun people in the Nanny-State also owe their influence to the Zionistas as part of the required SILENCING of all Americans who need to be monitored in thought & deed, through every circumstance in everyday life, because no one must ever be “uncomfortable” with anyone else—ever!

The Communism that Nero practices is Zionist in nature, and Homeland Security is nothing but today’s version of the Stasi in combination with an updated form of the old Nazi SS. All these gifts have been brought to America and Americans by Israel, with threats and Criminal-associations behind every word!

Since these in-human creatures have taken over this place, you might want to begin to dig into who they really are and what’s in store for you and your loved ones—unless you stop what you’re doing and target everything Israeli that has been instrumental in stealing your life and your dreams for eternity.

They have not won yet

But they will if you fail to stop them—before Netanyahu & Nero Finish killing us all!

1) George Galloway Vs Israeli General





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