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Stark Evidence Of Massive Bird And Bug
Extinction Just East Of Portland, OR

By Tod Hunter Foulk
Exclusive To

Hi Jeff, I live east of Portland, OR about 15 miles at the mouth of the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge. I have lived in the same house for 45 yrs now and when I was young, I saw huge flocks of starlings, black birds and robins in the thousands. Their wing beats from 1/2 mile away were audible and, as I have been a fisheries biologist responsible for counting tens of thousand of salmon smolts at a time, my figuring is pretty good. So, if memory serves me correctly, there may have been up to 10,000 birds in these flocks. They would fly through our area from late September through mid-October and you sure didn't want a flock that size to fly right OVER you...

The biggest groups (NOT flocks by any stretch of the imagination) which I NOW see in our area are of groups of maybe 30 or so robins. No more black birds and even the invasive starlings are few and far between. When there are flocks…er, groups…of them, the numbers are maybe 50-75 individual birds.

Did I mention I live right in…and this is all being observed right of the formerly myriad song bird migration routes?

Don't even get me started on the dearth of insects. We used to get everything from green lacewings to huge crane flies and maybe a dozen moth species around the back porch light on any given summer day. We NEVER left the door open. Now we get a few house flies and maybe 3 or 4 moth species.

And bees? Nada. Used to have the big orange carpenter bees, honey bees, little black guys who stung really good, mud dauber and the big blue wasps and the neat bald faced hornets. All are GONE now. Butterflies, too. Painted ladies and swallowtails which used to abound and also GONE.

Reptiles? Garter snakes, Pacific tree frogs…and the formerly ubiquitous sparrow hawks are all GONE, too. Salmon? Forget about them…almost completely GONE.

We DO see chemtrails by the dozen…especially right after a Pacific high pressure ridge breaks down. And then there is human litter by the ton, which even in PDX (Portland to the locals, not the airport official designation) was non-existent from the late '60's til about 2010. Rats? YES, we now have rats everywhere. WTH ???!!!

Weird thing, we never had coyotes, raccoons, fox squirrels or red tailed hawks in my little neighborhood but they all reside here in large numbers now. I have seen 4 cougars, two huge toms and probably the same year old or so small female (the cops killed one days later) and 3 bears with two running as a pair. All three were massive 200-300 pounders and I saw them all from under 30 yards. I thought the pair were werewolves lol I hadn't seen a wild bear up until that time and they were running right to me on a wooded jogging path. (cops killed one less than an hour later too, dang it!)

And bald eagles! They were nowhere to be seen and my count on those is 14 since 2009! (I am an avid bird watcher if you couldn't tell)

The Canada geese still fly all over, though there are no more ducks on our pool in the spring time since 2007. We'd have a pair or two we'd need to chase off ever year since 1978 when we put the pool in.

My grand dad used to tell me stories of seeing passenger pigeons as a kid. I never thought I'd be telling my daughter and grand daughter about flocks of now gone starlings, etc. Though I just did this week.

We do have a ton of homeless humans now! They even camp on the sidewalk behind our city's grandest hotel! So sad to write this and look back on 55 years of my life and now 7 generations of my family living in Oregon.

Thanks, Jeff, for letting me rant.