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Standing Rock ­ What The Hell Just Happened

By Jim Kirwan


The Sioux Chairman Just cut a Deal with Obama

Obama is a notorious homosexual treasonous liar who is responsible for the deaths of millions of people ­ he cannot be trusted and his word is less than worthless, yet this tribal chairman just threw away the support of thousands of native peoples and thousands of Americans that dropped what they were doing and committed themselves to come to the aid of all the people that went to Standing Rock to insure that this time the Native's legitimate demands would not be interfered with.

Just yesterday several thousand Vets from all over the nation arrived to protect the Water-protectors from the outrageous and criminal actions of the police and mercenaries, that were sent in to stop the Native-Americans

from blocking their path to illegally finish the pipeline under the sacred waters of the lake.

Then out of the blue the Chairman suddenly announced that they, the people at Standing Rock, “had won”- and everyone who is not a Sioux nation member should just go home. Apparently the Chairman is unaware of the millions of times that Obama has lied to everyone about almost every single thing that he's ever said to any other person in the living world.

Obama's word is as WORTHLESS, as his marriage to a man, yet the leader of the Sioux Tribe appears to have taken Obama at his word and has already dismissed all the people that came to Standing Rock to help the defenseless tribes.

That will prove to be a huge mistake for all the tribes and all the people that gave so generously of their time and their belief in all the tribes that had finally come together to fight these massively illegal actions that signify the 500 years of broken promises ­ which Obama is celebrating by probably laughing his ass off with Michael, over drinks tonight.

And when Trump does what he will do, there will be no one to come to the aid of the same tribes that are celebrating tonight, and all because one man took the word of one of the world's greatest criminals ­ and in so doing he just gave away 500 years of history, and clean water for over 18 million people not to mention the survivors of the police attacks against innocent native peoples in North Dakota.

What the hell ­ he couldn't have waited fifteen minutes - maybe called for a council meeting, had a discussion or even asked the several thousand vets that wanted to put themselves between the tribes and the cops ­ about the wisdom of taking the word of the resident-criminal in the Oval Office?

What is the saying - “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

What do some people say, the people are being played? The DAPL energy transfer partners, will drill just as soon as the people leave. They backed down when the veterans came and not one second before.”

I'm just one of the people that really believed that this time we would finally see an end to the slavery of the Native Population,

Damn but this is hard to swallow - k

MARTIN: What are you telling the protesters who are gathered there now? Are you suggesting that they go home or that they do something else? What are you saying?

ARCHAMBAULT: Well, you know, there's - what the protesters did was they helped build awareness. And this awareness has become world-wide. And now their purpose has been served, and it is time now for them to enjoy this winter with their families. The purpose is to serve, and they can go home. And we have to continue to take the lessons that we've learned from this experience and apply those lessons at home so we can all live a healthier and happier lives with our families.”

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault II - They can go home

US President-elect Donald Trump will review a decision to halt work on an oil pipeline when he takes office in January, according to his aides. Mr Trump supports the Dakota Access Pipeline, said spokesman Jason Miller, but has not decided on its completion. His comments come after the US Army said it would not authorize the final section of the pipeline to allow alternative routes to be considered. Thousands of protesters in North Dakota have celebrated the ruling as a win. the multi-billion, 1,200-mile (1,900 km) pipeline, crossing four states, is intended to slash the costs of transferring crude...”

...The two firms involved, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Sunoco Logistics, criticised the move as a "purely political action".

Noting that the project already has court approval, the companies accused the White House of abandoning the rule of law "in favor of currying favor with a narrow and extreme political constituency".

Both companies added they "fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe".

Republican North Dakotan politicians too have piled in, with Governor Jack Dalrymple calling the decision a "serious mistake"

Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault II said in a statement on Sunday that he hoped ETP, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple and Mr Trump would co-operate.

"When it comes to infrastructure development in Indian Country and with respect to treaty lands, we must strive to work together to reach decisions that reflect the multifaceted considerations of tribes," he said...”

Standing Rock Protest: Trump to review Dakota pipeline ruling



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