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Standing In The Ruins

By Jim Kirwan


If you had a wrist-watch and you were to glance down at the face of it, you would see the hands spinning backwards in a virtual blur. Long ago we crossed over into the Twilight Zone, and we’ve never once looked back.

This is a Tale of Three Cities, which replaced the classic that only needed ‘Two Cities’ to make its points. What we live in now is a totally artificial construction wherein any and all ‘points’ have been dissolved into a morass of existence that can no longer support real-life.

Compassion: ‘The ability to put yourself into the shoes of any other being’, is dead. It has been permanently replaced by greed, arrogance and a hunger for temporal-power that can never be fulfilled. This results in a zero-sum game that has run out of viable targets to steal, plunder torture or kill—which is forcing the world to stare blindly into the face of global-suicide. Welcome to the New/Old World Order.

The world-cities we lost were built upon specific needs and human understandings. This made that world a wonderfully intricate and intoxicating place. With variety on every hand and possibilities in every potential motion. That is being replaced at breakneck speed with something called “Sustainability for the Nation”.

The new document, titled “Sustainability for the Nation, Resource Connections and Government Linkages,” appeared almost two years after it was commissioned by a consortium of federal organizations with environmental portfolios at a cost of about $1 million.


The sponsoring agencies include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Department of Energy and Agriculture, and a handful of private donors, including BP, Lockheed Martin, and the David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

The aim of the proposed radical overhaul: to overcome “impediments or barriers” that “frustrate federal government efforts to create linkages” between agencies and other non-federal partners to address important “sustainability issues” that affect the country and the planet.

One of the important unanswered questions, the former official said, is “who gets to decide what sustainability is? Or what its outcome means?”

One of the major impediments, the study says, is created by America’s “basic framework of government, established by law,” which is “one of separated and dispersed authority,” in which “government agencies at all levels -- federal, state, local, tribal and even international -- can only do what they have been authorized to do by their governing authorities -- namely, Congress, state legislatures, etc.” -- not to mention the U.S. Constitution.”

k) The ‘barriers’ are the laws of the land and the rights of individuals, along with the U.S. Constitution.

The new system of government organization, the study says, would bring federal, state and local branches of government together with “stakeholders,” activists and other interested parties in ways that would not depend on the old legal restrictions and facilitate new methods of dealing with the problems of creating a “sustainable society”…

What is sustainability in the first place? The specific definition seems to elude this study and previous ones, except for an insistence on its interlocking social-economic-environmental nature. The latest NRC document blandly notes that a “sustainable society” is “one that can persist over generations; one that is far-seeing enough, flexible enough, and wise enough not to undermine either its physical or its social system of support.”

The study sources that definition to the authors of the 1972 anti-growth Club of Rome volume, “Limits to Growth,” and it could fit all manner of societies -- though clearly not, in the new study’s view, the current American one.

The NRC project is a major event in the marriage of “sustainability science” with government policy that has become a common theme under the Obama administration -- although in ways that have often led to complaints at high-handedness by agencies like the EPA in encroaching on state regulatory regimes and overriding the concerns of industry and even private sector organized .

When it comes to the EPA, for example, says Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, himself a former state environmental regulator, “the agency has always been difficult from the point of view of the states, but this particular White House has unleashed zealous regulators to create the worst of all worlds.” (1)

Among the things that will need to end will be privately-owned copyrights that will no doubt have to be ‘given’ to the government, (free of charge) so as not to get in the way of the fascism that will replace private ownership of everything. Under this creation—to be run by the “president” of this place—national-security needs will replace everything that this country used to value as part of the Republic with a constitution, which this piece of international treason will replace.

The United States will soon become a fourth world no-man’s-land that will supply only slaves and all our natural-resources to whatever replaces this countries government. And of course since Amerikans only photograph those who come to kill them, but will never make demands: It is doubtful that this population will object, in any meaningful way, to this potpourri of faceless and nameless decisions made without public opinion ever being asked for.

The Other Side of Darkness

Over the last few decades the internet has brought meaningful realities into these attempted takeovers that continue to steal the fate of most people, the world over. However, for the Internet to have any real-effect it must be free to discuss and investigate the world as it is, not just for the criminal organizations and the puppet governments, but for the people that have no other voice in everything that continues to drown us all in the catastrophic surge of criminality which is drowning human-ideas which could alter or reverse these global-crimes.

Where the net used to offer a wide variety of voices, on the web, this is apparently beginning to lean toward a brown-shirt-mentality among many of the self-styled rebels who are convinced they have the answers to everything. This ‘trend’ is damaging to what’s left of life on the planet. This approach takes no prisoners with its mandatory-requirements of

You’re either with us or you’re against us!”

The end result will leave the USA without any of the real weapons we’ve always had, among the people who continue to think and live. The few continue to fill every minute with the freedoms they grew up with despite terrorist threats, both real and fake from every quarter.

When every quarter of the national-international dialogue is more concerned with labels and justifications than with actual human lives being lived, we strangle ourselves in the oblivion that has always followed these privatized-segregations down through history.

When I was a boy on Saturday afternoons we went to the movies, for entertainment. This was a national pastime that began with cheap movies for the entertainment of the hungry, brought to us by Hollywood whose message then had not yet been detected.

The Westerns were based on lies, which most of us only discovered later on. Yesterday I watched one of those films to check that theory.

It was a Burt Lancaster Film, called “Ulzana’s Raid”. The story was about an Apache warrior and a small band of his which left the reservation to begin killing white settler’s, in Arizona. Lancaster was a white contract-scout who lived with an Indian woman, and worked for the military. The Apache’s began killing settlers as they moved through the country. The cavalry troops began to chase the renegades and deal with the human-carnage they left behind. The dialogue was identical to the conversations that were held millions of times, by US GI’s, as we began our international-killing sprees from Vietnam to everything we do today. “Killing Savages” along with destroying the world, became our stock in trade.

At several points in the film, the young blond-haired and blue-eyed lieutenant kept asking a native scout and various other members of his ‘troop’ just “WHY” these natives were so savage in their slaughter of the white settlers. These killings were in his mind “uncivilized’. As the film moved on it was clear to anyone who knew anything about the native culture in this star-crossed land that the dialogue and the justifications of soldiers has not changed from the days when we slaughtered native people to “Win the West” for “Manifest Destiny”. The Zionists invented their own title of “the Chosen Ones” to excuse their slaughter of everyone who is not part of their illegal-reach for “the Greater State of Israel”.

The answer to the questions of the young lieutenant could have easily been satisfied if he had known that what the natives were doing to the whites was no more than what the US military and the settlers of this land had done a thousand times over to the native people, in their own lands. But we did not teach Americans the true history of this nation, so people have gone most of their lives without knowing that we created the behavior of the privileged that founded the slaughter of over 50 million people that had been living here for over 5,000 years before the white man ever arrived.

What this means to the rest of us now, is that because we have lied to our own people, the Bush’s of this world were able to say: “They hate us for our freedoms”. So when people fight us from inside their own countries we call them “insurgents”. When we slaughter them, arrest them, torture them and then kill them, we say that we are justified because they are “insurgents”: Conveniently never knowing that it is those we are murdering who have the right to fight to protect themselves and their own nations, and it is we who attack them that are the aggressors that have come to destroy, to maim, to torture and murder them.

This is what we indirectly taught to American boys and girls in Saturday afternoon matinees in the late forties and fifties, while we spread our right to have and hold the empty title of “Manifest Destiny” which we created!

I learned the difference early on because some of my friends included a full-blooded Apache, a half-Cherokee-half-Irish rebel and other mixed races in an Oklahoma that was awash with natives who were at the very bottom of the race-wars in America. Oklahoma was referred to as Outlaw-Country. In the fifties there were many who considered themselves rebels for a vast number of reasons.

If American-rebels today are to succeed, they need to know more than just the labels of those that have done this. Perhaps now more than ever, rebels of all kinds need to know just where their roots are and who and what this country has actually become, given our history that too many still know nothing about.

Americans need each other, because we have been labeled Enemies of this State. Ironically it is the State that needs to be arrested and prosecuted for the thousands of crimes against the state and the people: Not the people who these criminals still depend upon to fund everything that has happened here. (2)

Most Amerikans have sadly chosen not to defend themselves against the High Treason that surrounds this place like a massive wall which has yet to be seriously challenged. This war on us has only just begun: If we are to begin to change anything at all here - then the Global-Barbarians must be hassled and be arrested!

1) Restructure US government to make “Huge” green changes In America, study proposes

2) It May be that this is not a case of War Profiteering? A New Military Base in Afghanistan For Nobody to Use





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