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Stalking The World

By Jim Kirwan


The Citadel of Broken Dreams

Kirwan © 1978


Humanity is trapped between Castles of Ownership and the Chasms of Chaos. The people of this planet are literally being turned to stone. This was the case 36 years ago and it’s only intensified with the passage of time…

We’re all part of this petrified prisoner now: Seen as a fallen and paralyzed subject that’s been hounded, hunted, tortured and stalked into oblivion by ever-growing crimes we still refuse to name. This happened because we chose to still the natural fires, in the hearts and minds of those that would have kept us free. Yet the resistance is still alive. The metaphorical-dragon whispers to us all, of that long-ago fire and of the giants we once were, when we were still alive.

If you can hear it, then get to know it now

And bring it back to life again!


Throw off the vacant Citadels-of-Ownership

And let the human-blood flow back into your veins again!’

This is where humanity is right now.

Nature’s law decrees; that nothing in life can ever remain the same. ‘Life is constantly changing’ and that’s as certain as the knowledge that death will come to every one of us. “Change & Death” are the bookends to our journey thru existence. Change and Death are the only real certainties in any life. Consequently the only question left to answer now is: Will you fight this global-tyranny or will you accept what you’ve become, in the silence of your unconditional surrender to the Darkness, that’s been ‘Stalking us to Death’, since we left the caves?

Inside the political version of this obscenity an unexpected occurrence is taking place. The forces of the mercenaries are beginning to believe their own BS. That’s the first clear sign that they’re on-the-ropes and will shortly be in need of life-support systems that are no longer there. Their total political collapse is on the horizon now and is growing with each passing hour. Everyone knows that whenever any con-game clearly believes its own PR, then the entire project is doomed to failure—and that’s another fact!

Their Ministry of Propaganda has been inundated with pornography and sexual perversions of all types in an effort to capitalize on their global-debauchery and cynicism which they’ve been throwing at the people of the world for decades. Their ‘entertainment-industry’ is becoming hard-core and unrelenting in their efforts to crush all resistance to their insanity worldwide: But that’s beginning to backfire!

Here are some of major players behind our “news & entertainment-divisions” in the world right now. Watch this 4min

The Jews Who Own the Media:

Their global-problem is that when the shadow governments were still low-key, they could avoid detection. But now, when they need the public to collapse into total-submission—the irony is that more and more of us are waking-up to the scale of their subversions, in every aspect of human existence—because their far-too-shabby cloaking of everything, has become so threadbare, that in reality they can no longer hide whatever they continue to try to do.

The problem with being continually stalked, as is happening to Americans today, is that the induced-condition of total-paranoia tends to create “reactions” against the artificial-fears which the mercenaries are trying to insure. This is leading directly to the next step, which can only take the world to a massive and very public revolt.

Conditions are overripe for this to happen thanks to the blatant depths of the same lies they’re trying to use to back their fake positions both politically and militarily around the planet:

The White House Fool has repeatedly declared erroneously and foolishly that it is “against international law” for Crimea to exercise self-determination. Self-determination, as used by Washington, is a propaganda term that serves Washington’s empire but is not permissible for real people to exercise. On March 6 Obama telephoned Putin to tell the Russian President again that only Washington has the right to interfere in Ukraine and to insist against all logic that only the “government” in Kiev installed by the Washington-organized coup is “legitimate” and “democratic.”

In other words, the elected government in Crimea pushed by the people in Crimea to give them a vote on their future is “undemocratic” and “illegitimate,” but a non-elected government in Kiev imposed by Washington is the voice of self-determination and legitimacy.

Washington is so arrogant that it never occurs to the hubris-infected fools what the world thinks of Washington’s blatant hypocrisy.

Since the Clinton regime, Washington has been in the hands of a collection of ideologues who are convinced that the US is “the exceptional indispensable country” with the right to world hegemony. Everything that Washington has done in the 21st century is in pursuit of this goal.

Washington intends to break up the Russian Federation itself. Washington funnels huge sums of money into NGOs inside Russia that serve as Washington Fifth Columns and work hand-in-hand with Washington to discredit Russian free elections, to demonize Putin and the Russian government, to spread anti-Russian propaganda and agitation. It is amazing how many Russians actually believe the Western propaganda.

Washington is also working to isolate China with the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, but at this time is primarily focused on destabilizing and isolating Russia. Washington is desperate to break up the BRICS, the emerging organization of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. With the largest countries and half of the world’s population, the BRICS organization is emerging as a political and economic power, especially with the organization’s plan to cease using the US dollar as reserve currency. Ringing Russia with US missile bases on Russia’s borders impairs Russian sovereignty and independence and, thus, weakens the BRICS as a countervailing power to Washington.”

kirwan: This is an impossible task by any standard. The idea that any cabal could ever take total control over every man, woman and child in the world is so outrageous, on its face, that it can only reflect a madness that has never been seen before in all of human history. This is the Ultimate Crime Against Humanity and must now be punished as such!

Many have been deceived by Washington’s propaganda. The world is slowly waking up, but is it in time?

The US media and much of Europe’s speak with one voice parroting Washington’s propaganda, demonizing Washington’s targets, and preparing insouciant Western populations for more war. The Western media, like Western governments, is devoid of integrity. Liars and whores rule.” (1)

Filth begets filth. Lies beget more lies: While global-WARS seek only profits”. But what they’re actually doing is ending all possibility of any real profits anywhere. Because the profits and the resources of the planet are finite and we’re coming to an end to all real-possibilities on every front, wherever the planet is under attack.

Once honor and pride in living was crushed, truth and prosperity ended for the bulk of humanity. The world really must stand up and shake off these medieval-concepts of brutal-ownership and their absolute dominion over everything in life, on planet-earth.

The money-changers and the political-traitors of the world must come to an end. Because they will never stop their Crusade against the world; or their attempt to crucify anyone that opposes them, anywhere on the planet. We must take a page from Israel and lock them up in every county, just as they imprisoned the Palestinians: Until each of them can be tried and executed for their crimes against humanity, in every country where they have prospered.

If we fail to end the nightmares in The Citadel of Broken Dreams, then this is most likely about all that will be left of all those fake-castles, anywhere upon the earth!

1) Obama Comes Out Against Self-Determination



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