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Spikes Of The Trident

 By Jim Kirwan


The planet has been ruled by this Trident for centuries. Each “city” is represented by a three-star flag that have been scrubbed from Google. They are collectively led and totally-owned by The City of the Vatican. ‘The Vatican’ owns all the land and all the people in the world, in case you might not have been aware of that fact.

The City of London, known as ‘The Crown’ below, is the global-home of global-finance and global-banking. These two ownership-centers are served by their own outside military enforcer: The international War machine, more commonly known as USI which is the global-enforcement-arm for the other two. However the Vatican has a number of seriously-dangerous forces that remain outside normal channels: The Knights-Templar are among those forces.

The more traditional criminal-operation operates from the City of Columbia, Inside D.C., as outlined in the rectangle above. Israel is a wild-card that functions as their out-of-control whirling-dervish; a totally insane banshee to keep the heat off the three real-centers of global-power.

Most of this has worked extremely well for a very long time now. Or it did until Kurt Kallenback broke the US part of the story in

The Season of Treason”


Kurt’s four-year effort deals mostly with the major-crimes inside the U.S., that had been well hidden until his work forced much of the criminal-extremities to be revealed.

Today a similar breakthrough, but in the physical-world, happened in Mexico that throws light on the Knights-Templar and the Vatican: In open-veins’ that for far too long have remained secret, at least for most Amerikans.

Hundreds of armed vigilantes stormed a Mexican town and arrested federal police in the latest bloody battle between residents, criminal gangs, and the police locals say are in league with the gang members.

Around 600 members of local 'autodefensas', or self-defence groups, stormed Paracuaro in the troubled Michoacan state yesterday in an attempt to seize control of the town back from the feared Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) drug cartel.

The battle was the latest in a long-running war between the drugs gang in Mexico's south-west and local residents who say state and federal police are not protecting them.” (2)

Yesterday a number of articles surfaced that cast real light on what is really behind the entire court system in the west. Most people thought that the “justice-system” was something created for Americans, by the laws and the constitution of this country. None of that was ever true. “The Court System finally exposed” in this fifteen minute audio link, rips away the criminally created series of lies that has kept us all in slavery, since long before anyone alive today was even born. (3)

This all goes back to Maritime-Law from the City of London and that slight-of-hand connects directly to the origin of everything which the Vatican is claiming that it has always “OWNED”! That would be all the land in the world and all of the people on the planet. They got away with this by using what Kallenback clearly exposes in “The Season of Treason”, below.

Once the world begins to challenge these “Spikes of the Trident” throughout the current-global-systems and put them to the tests they cannot withstand: Then the members of this criminal-Trident-cabal will begin to dissolve from all three points simultaneously.

This Trident and its three ‘independent city-states’ have always been artificial-constructs that will soon lose their current illegal-control over the entire planet.

This is the battle between the artificial-paper-world and the world of flesh & blood reality inhabited by real people on real land which was stolen from the world, during the early papal years, that has never before been clearly understood. These discoveries together with the continued outing of them is a truly GREAT thing and long, long overdue!

1) The Season of Treason

1b) The House of Just-US

2) Mexican vigilante gunmen disarm local POLICE so they can rid town of feared Knights Templar drug cartel ­ with Video

3) Court System Finally Exposed: Amazing Courtroom Audio-15 minute audio-tape



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