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To Speak & Listen

By Jim Kirwan


There’s a basic-requirement among all of us to do both.

The fact that we no longer do this

Is killing us!

At the moment the classic case for this need, revolves around events in the Middle East. The world has become a global-audience and what we’re hearing from the region every day is clearly obscene.

Netanyahu is the governor of a backwater pig-sty that continues to thunder for its’ exclusive-demands upon the rest of the planet. This charade has been going on for the last 65 years in a world that has tolerated Israel’s bad-manners, their completely skewed views of global-history and Israel’s recently formulated demands for their right to govern the planet ­ solely - according to whatever Netanyahu perceives as Israel’s right to exist. That “demand” flies-daily into the face of every other right of every other race on the planet. (1)

This cancerous-infection, created by Israel and backed 120% by the U.S. is being held-out as the only course of action allowed for the world to follow in the next two months.

No other considerations will be allowed to be held. If Netanyahu succeeds in his unalterable-positions fed by his savage-diatribes then global-sanity will be the first casualty but definitely not the last.

Having watched Netanyahu’s shabbily performed Burlesque’s that’ve been public for years: The world is left to wonder: How did we get immersed in this maniacal-sickness and what happened to statesmanship, leadership or real national-policies?

Part of the answer lies in the fact that Israel has always been led by Terrorists who have tried to disguise their ruling-elite as leaders of a legitimate cause—when in fact these current occupier’s are just descendents of the same terrorists that blew up the King-David Hotel, in order to steal Palestine from the Palestinian’s and the British that were charged with “occupying Palestine after WWII ended.

They wear suits and ties, but in reality these creatures are nothing but bomb-making, baby-killing terrorists hell-bent on blackmailing the world into letting Israel run the planet. (2)

The world today owes Bibi Netanyahu a vote of thanks, for showing himself so clearly, as the hated and totally ineffectual-monster that he’s always been. Israeli’s themselves will have to publicly execute Netanyahu, with bullets, on their piece of the global-stage if they want to save anything of their already shredded future—because Netanyahu has become the personification of Israel’s global-problem.

If Israeli’s themselves don’t act then Israel will suffer the wrath of the world, because Netanyahu’s insanity has left the world no choice.

Watching the charade’s being played out now surrounding global-polices on Iran, has become nothing but a total farce. Kerry, the Skull & Bones Secretary of this failed State is an international joke. He is played with in public by Netanyahu, as the buffoon he is, that no-one can take seriously about anything he says or does. He is cheered on or shouted down by McCain, Cheney and a chorus of hyphenated Amerikan-traitors while Netanyahu screams into the whirlwinds that surround every issue with only his paranoia to guide him.

There are no real leaders anymore ­ anywhere!

In this dump there is no longer any government. There are no real laws. Our Israeli-trained cops have murdered over 5,000 Americans a year, just for target practice with no end in sight. There are no political-parties, there are just competing thieves who scramble to write new laws every day and night that are all designed to end America once and for all. And since we have allowed the congress to be fed by 400 lobbyists for every member of congress- this place can no longer be even considered to be a nation—this is just a huge open-air lottery—where the spoils go always to the highest bidder. Nothing else matters and hasn’t, at least since the New Millennium began.

So while the see-saw continues over what will happen to the Middle-East the world is left to wonder when, if ever, will reality intervene to slam on the global-brakes and end this nightmare ­ now and for the future! We must Break this Token that binds us to Israel ­ now!

Today was supposedly to be the beginning of the official shutdown of the Electrical-Grid throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico. An Exercise that is to be tactically-accompanied by real-time drills that will feature murders by the boys-in-black with ski-masks - which will tell us all who is behind this next criminal-act. So where is it?

If this fails to happen then we need to force the arrest of Janet Napolitano, the former head of DHS and Obama who have both promised that this will happen. Until now these “calls” have always been ignored.

But if Israel doesn’t do something deadly about Netanyahu—publically—to end his life, then the world will very soon begin to place the blame for all of this squarely where it belongs on the criminals that call themselves Israeli’s; when in fact they are nothing but the continuation of those who brought the world “The Promise” that’s an obscenity in the face of civilization around the world…

1) After 65 years of War

2) “The Promise” ­The Four-Part Video that tells the whole story…



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