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Why Is George Soros Agenda
Trumping The President?

By Patrick J. McShay

"I would prefer not to be involved in party politics" - George Soros- Who much prefers spending billions of dollars controlling crooked politicians from both parties.

Watching the mainstream news coverage of the Charlottesville rally and subsequent attacks by Antifa and Black Lives Matter you would have thought that violent Trump supporting, white supremacists stormed through the streets beating, and pepper spraying innocent bystanders and reporters then running down people in the street. The biggest story on Fox News coverage for dummy's was that Donald Trump hadn't called out specific groups when he condemned the violence on Saturday. How in the hell does anyone take these morons seriously?. The truth is these white nationalist groups had gotten permits, lined up speakers and by most account, things were moving along peacefully until the George Soros paid Antifa and Black lives Matter mob showed up and the violence began. I'm no racist and don't support either group. And I certainly don't  support violence in these situations, which is why we need to find out why once again, the Cops on the scene stood down and allowed violent attacks with fists, clubs, and pepper spray to take place right in front of them without intervening.

This appears to be a classic false flag operation meant to cause racial strife and bring about martial law. So called White supremacist leader of the "Unite The Right", Jason Kessler, was a longtime Barack Obama supporter and a supporter of  "Occupy Wall Street". Kessler apparently didn't start his life of white supremacy until around November of 2016. Right after Donald Trump was elected President. Sheep dipped into the movement 9 months ago. I guess they just figured no one would notice. This fact alone should make anyone question just what in the hell is going on. Are they are part of this false narrative?"

It appears Mr Kessler was a CNN on site correspondent during the Occupy Wall Street protests, which are being archived as CNN appears to be scrubbing their affiliation with Mr. Kessler out of existence. Then there is the effeminate Richard Spencer from a rich blue blood liberal Boston family whose mother, the former Sherry Dickenhorst is the heiress to a wealthy Cotton Farm in Louisiana. Richard got his degree in Music and English Literature at the University of Virginia. Sounds like Richie has daddy issues and is just playing a white supremacist for a while to punish him.      

Another character on the scene that day was the man behind the camera who captured the Charlottesville Zapruder like footage of the car moving slowly down the street and into the crowd that was in the middle of that street.He also did an interview with CNN shortly after the crash with some canned responses that reminded me of the "Harley Davidson" guy the morning of 911. He just had all the answers way to early.  

His name is Brennan Gilmore, a former Deputy Chief of Missions in Hillary Clinton's State Department under Barack Obama. Mr. Gilmore was assigned to posts in Africa and as State foreign services officer. As DCM in Bangui, he supervised military affairs, which included US Special Forces. He was part of the Joseph Kony psyop using Kony as the boogieman to justify allowing Barack Obama to send special forces troops to roam around the region quashing any local resistance to Mr Obama's imperialist agenda in the region. Sounds like a many CIA operations and tactics the US has used around the globe for years. You know, like ISIS in the middle east, which the US and her allies created to rid a swath of that region of any Arabs that planned resistance to US imperial plans there.  

Mr. Gilmore also served as Campaign Manager to Tom Perriello in his recent run for Governor of Virginia.Perriello also has ties to the new African imperialism campaign that was waged under Mr Obama's direction. Perriello lost the primary 2 months ago in spite of the fact that every Democrat leader around made a visit and offered their support. Gilmore and his pal Perriello are both committed globalist and Perriello was selected by John Kerry to lead the International Center For Transitional Justice in Kosovo, Darfur, and Afghanistan. He is also linked to the US Agency For International Development, which is a CIA front organization. These two men have worked to mop up resistance in places like Kosovo, Darfur, Afghanistan and several countries in Africa with links to special forces and the CIA. Sounds about right to me. How about you? Mr. Gilmore has also tweeted since the tragedy that it was definitely Terrorism and of course blames it on the Alt -right which he connects to Nazism.    

This psy-op was about demonizing the Patriot movement and Fox News is in on it for all of you Fox fans who are still watching those liars. Yesterday it was the Confederate flag, Today they are tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee. Tomorrow it will be George Washington and soon it will be the American flag. The globalists control the mainstream media and they control the politicians. People need to find good news sites online and turn off Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and ABC for good.  These police forces are being ordered to stand down in every city that this type of violence is occurring. It's been confirmed that the Mayor of Charlottesville ordered his police force to stand down. No doubt the biggest reason the violence got out of control.

These groups are funded by Jewish Billionaire George Soros. Antifa is running ads on craigslist offering $25 per hour for protesters. Jewish groups are getting books banned on Amazon and the Jewish Anti Defamation League is advising the Jewish owned Youtube on what videos are inappropriate and are to be banned on that site. They are banning video's that expose this vile agenda that the traitors in Washington have been paid handsomely to carry out. CIA controlled  and Jewish owned Google is intentionally steering traffic away from sites they don't want you to see. Meanwhile, the NSA is illegally spying on every move we make.

  Is every patriotic white American who denounces George Soros and his hate filled groups like  Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or any of the other 200 plus organizations he funds,  going to be labeled a white supremacist? We are in dangerous territory here folks.  University of North Carolina Law Professor Erika Wilson and University of Detroit Mercy's Khaled A. Beydoun claim that the white nationalists on display in Virginia yesterday represent "the conspicuous face of a broader and stratified movement, one which includes statesmen, CEO's and other prominent faces hidden from our gaze but well positioned in mainstream society."

They don't stop there. They go on to say that white people who are against illegal immigration, affirmative action and policies like voter ID laws are considered white supremacists as well. Professor Gerald Horne from the University of Houston says the Constitution is designed to entrench slavery and white supremacy and white Americans show their prejudice by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the National Anthem A course has been slated to start this fall that looks at the perils and possibilities of different political practices, including "abolishing whiteness or coming to terms with white identity." No, I'm not kidding.

The oligarchs that control us will never allow a real patriot movement to take off in this country. These false flag attacks will no doubt continue. The agenda to confiscate our guns and create racial division is part of our cultural decline due to the Communist Jewish blueprint laid out in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." the agenda of George Soros and the international Jewish agenda also includes the war on Christmas, open borders, the Homosexual and Transgender agenda, feminism and the Porn industry. Emptying churches, dumbing down the schools and encouraging the breakdown of the family is also covered in the Protocols. The Deep State is desperate to keep us dumbed down and  servile and will do what they have to to keep us in line.

That goes for Trump as well. Their New World Order can't move forward with a nationalist like Trump in charge which is why the attacks on him will continue unabated.

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