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'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

By Jim Kirwan


This complete BETRAYAL of our TRUST

is clearly coming to the fore, right before our eyes.

This has been building from 12-12-2000

when the U.S. Supreme Court

Declared Bush 'the Official Resident of the Oval Office'.

And its all been downhill from there.

There have been many layers to this sellout of the people this nation

And the world.

The events of this morning saw three-thousand people marching from Philadelphia to Washington D.C., to demonstrate in front of Congress, the People's House demanding free and fair elections. “One Person One Vote”: And they were arrested for their efforts. They have promised to continue doing this day after day, all this week, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

This was the largest March on Washington, that has been seen in modern times, yet this government's response had never been envisioned before.

This week will be a benchmark in global history as well - because of what will be coming, throughout this 'Wicked Week'.

RUMORS swirling say "Martial Law discussions over a banking system failure" are the reasons President Obama and Vice President Biden are to meet with Fed. Chair Janet Yellen today after the Federal Reserve's Emergency Meeting this morning. In the history of the United States, it has never before taken place that both the President AND Vice President meet "unexpectedly" with the Federal Reserve. Speculation is already flowing all over Washington, DC that it may have something to do with "the survival of the government."

Members of the House and Senate are said to have been "up all night" in discussions and meetings; with floods of phone calls back and forth.

More: Tuesday and Wednesday the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meet in DC and on Thursday the IMF and World Bank meet in DC as well.

All the leading bankers in the world will be in DC this week. Something wicked this way comes and it is coming very, very soon; within days we suspect.

Next Tuesday: The Chinese are scheduled to announce their switch from dollar to yuan on Tuesday, April 19th; which will send about two TRILLION in cash back to the US and send inflation skyrocketing overnight....”

It appears an actual worldwide banking crisis is literally within view on the horizon and this week seems to be when all of it may come to a head. Perhaps that's why the Finance Ministers of the G-20 nations will meet in Washington Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on Thursday, the World Bank and IMF will meet in Washington.

With every major banker in the world meeting in Washington this week, something is surely "up," and many people are starting to think the general public is about to get "hosed." .

... UPDATE 1:35 PM EDT APRIL 11, 2016

While today's Expedited meeting of the federal reserve was called last Thursday, over the weekend astonishing banking developments took place in Europe.

Austria became the first European nation to utilize the new "Bail-in" regulations, seizing 54% of Senior Bondholders stock value to pay the bad debts ~ While senior bond holders were considered "preferred" creditors and got 46% of their investment covered, Depositors were considered "subordinated" creditors and got: NOTHING! Citizens were left broke. Story HERE.

Five hours later, the Finance Minister of Italy called an Emergency Meeting of Italian Bankers in Rome to engage what he called a "last resort" to deal with 360 Billion in bad loans against banks with only 50 Billion in Capital. That story is Here...

After Emergency Federal Reserve Meeting TODAY, Obama and Biden to Meet with Yellen! Rumor: Martial Law Discussions for Banking Failure

But this was not the only 'Wickedness' in the works at the moment

Here are two more stories:

300+ Arrested at Democracy Spring Sit-in at U.S. Capital


400+ arrested as Democracy Spring calls for fairer elections, no more money in politics

Ask yourselves why the mainstream-media in this country is not covering any of this? Why was the only live-coverage coming from Russia Today, Ruptly, & RAW STORY News? Especially given the importance, all this week, of the global monetary collapse ­ you would think that the march of 3,000 Americans on the Congress, might NEED to be covered?

America has reached its breaking point

Given that we have a total show-trial in Oregon that will begin on September 6, 2016: This nation is about to indulge itself in the USSR version of SHOW-TRIALS that have no validity whatsoever, as far as 'the law goes' but these compounded crimes against the people of the United States are intended to cover-up massive treason's against the people of this nation that peacefully stood up against this tyrannical state ­ only to be arrested not for any crimes they committed, but for THOUGHT CRIMES, which the police-state is alleging they have committed by even getting together to resist the takeover of the lands that belong to the people and not to this fake government.

But at this point it appears to be doubtful that the nation will stay in-tact long-enough to even get to September sixth, because of their criminality's across the board, militarily, economically and socially that appear to be about to bring down this House of Cards that cannot withstand the intense INTERNATIONAL-PRESSURES' any longer...


In closing you might want to remember this quote about patriotism.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Mark Twain

"Something Wicked This Way Comes"
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