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Solutions To Force Countries
Take Their Criminals Back

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  - Trump now has an excuse to not deport the 'two or three million' criminal illegals who have committed violent crimes in the US.   His excuse?  30 countries say they won't take their illegals back.  Oh well, they won't take them?  We'll just have to keep them here.  So, Trump doesn't have to keep THAT promise, either. Right?  Wrong!

All Trump has to do is to stop all visas and student visas from those countries to the US.  Simple as that.  Also, I am sure they get foreign aid as many are probably African, Middle Eastern and Central and South American.  So, no more aid, no more visas...and Trump can implement that immediately.  

Meanwhile, those criminals need to be incarcerated.  Guantanamo has to be used to incarcerate them until we simply dump them off.   BTW those illegals should not be eligible for ANY welfare or government aid or driver's licenses, etc, etc.

They can go home voluntarily or be incarcerated for life at Guantanamo.   Meanwhile, we stop all visas and student visas.   Where is Trump on this?   So far, I see no strength, no leadership.

I hope the Second Amendment people will take action, within the law, if any of these thugs step onto their property and threaten the owners.   Property owners should take every legal step to protect their lives and those of their families.

Again, here's where we are…  No Guts Trump hears that the countries won't take their criminals back...and immediately gives up.  This is sickening to see.

Meanwhile, he still gives these countries our tax dollars, and visas for their people to come here,  or to come here for free university educations.  Trump hasn't the guts to put a stop to this.  Trump should put these thugs on planes and drop them off deep into their home countries.   Giuliani wouldn't fold and allow these criminals to stay.   Rudy would pack them up and send them back…one way or another.   We got the wrong President.  Trump has no guts.    NO GUTS TRUMP.

Candidate Trump = all talk and promises Trump
President Trump = no guts Trump

It is a damn disgrace that a once mighty country like America could allow 30 Third World cesspool countries to push us around...and no one says a damn thing about it.   Trump is turning into a gigantic disappointment.  He has broken more promises than I can count.