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'Solutions' Are Not The Problem

By Jim Kirwan


Our real problem is our unwillingness to block the enemy

At every turn where they have surfaced.

Our QUEST just needs to block their CONQUEST

At every point where they have surfaced!

One obvious solution is clearly indicated in this from Brother Nathaniel: 5min 10 sec video.

A stunning chain of events, today Michael Kearny the two star general responsible for the nation’s three intercontinental missile wings, fired from his command. The reason, personal behavior on a military business trip. This comes just 48 hours after president Obama himself relieved the number two in command over the nations nuclear arsenal over his suspected use of ‘counterfeit poker-chips’. These follow an alarming string of general officers losing their jobs this year: For inappropriate behavior, conduct, or lack of leadership.”

With Obamanation having taken over the legislative powers of the congress and freely changing laws, routinely, almost on a daily basis to suite himself: There is no longer any dependability in anything the government does, in any area of the society because there is no system of checks and balances in the Fascist Police State. All functions of this government are now being run strictly on whatever whim just happens to flow through the dictator, at any given moment. This makes any action by the public impossible to protect or to ever guarantee.

Not only are there no longer any laws, there is no way that anyone can predict how to respond, for those trying to stay within any edict: As everything changes virtually every week that passes into history.

Two Marine Corp Generals fired less than two weeks ago for not providing proper force protection in Afghanistan. An Army Brigadier General relieved of command for Adultery. An Army two star general for groping a civilian. And in March a Navy one-star removed for racially insensitive comments and abusive leadership.”

All of this from a totally unqualified creature that knows absolutely nothing about either government or the military: And even less about what it means to protect this nation, the people or the Constitution from unregistered foreign agents. (3)

Just yesterday declassified Benghazi documents revealed that ‘military advisors briefed Obama within fifteen minutes of the assault. What was General Ham, a victim of Obama’s purge that “a terrorist attack took place” and NOT a spontaneous protest over “the Muslim-video”.

This goes to the heart of the Benghazi matter: A newly declassified document now shows that president Obama’s closet military advisor’s knew within fifteen minutes it was Terrorism on September eleventh [2013]. Yet Obama lied in the Rose Garden and later in the UN [he tried} to pin the blame on the video…”

“… Why the lies, what’s Obama afraid of? He fears any opposition to his illegitimate power. Patriots in the military are his biggest threat. Former General Paul Valery of ‘Stand Up America’ is demanding that Obama resign. And retired Colonel Harry Riley of Operation American Spring is organizing a march on D.C.

From the trenches a New Napoleon could arise with a wide range of support from the military. Here’s how it could happen.

First the White House induced a False-Flag followed by Martial Law, with an impetus to act in defense of the Constitution and its restoration. The Army seizes the Jewish propaganda machine and a charismatic lieutenant speaks on TV. “An elite minority has ruined our country” that bright lieutenant says: “We’re here to fix it!”

He’ll start by ending the Jewish-owned FED and creating a national bank: Issuing Debt-Free Money!

Second: He’ll slap a tariff on products once made in America and restore our manufacturing base.

Three: He’ll register all Jewish-lobbies as agents of a foreign-country and shut down their PACS.

Last: He’ll make homosexuality a crime and reinstate sodomy laws.

Perhaps a military-coup sounds unconstitutional? But the claim that the military is “under civilian control”: just doesn’t fly anymore! America is under Jewish control and the entire world knows it! A “fix” is sorely needed and everyone knows that too. A “New Napoleon” may be waiting in the wings ~ just itching to clean house!” (1)

America is under attack, of that there is no longer any doubt. That does not mean that this attack can ever succeed, if “we decide” to stand up and fight for what was ours by birth. What belongs to us is made of flesh & blood. The paper laws and fake-demands can’t hold a candle to the truth which is under siege 24-7 and has been since before the New Millennium even dawned.

We’ve lost perhaps more than can ever be tallied—but we must stop quaking beneath our feather beds of folly and take these creatures on wherever they can be found! That will cost us lives and treasure, no doubt, but it’s the only way to take back the freedoms that no one could ever bequeath to anyone else:

Freedom and the rights that go with it, along with all the RESPONSIBILITIES that accompany every “right” must be earned anew by every generation!

Americans need to stop looking for others to clean up the mess we made ourselves, by failing to stop any of what is continuing to happen each and every day. If you’d like to see exactly what you slept through, here’s the entire charade, laid out very neatly so that even idiots can follow every shift and twist in this “illuminated” masquerade. (2)

Brother Nathaniel is right-on ­ all that’s missing is the belief of those Americans that can still think and demand for themselves what has been stolen from us all, inside this FREE-FIRE-ZONE, that was once a Republic with real flesh and blood people in it, because there was then a future worth living in, and people worth knowing, to insure the survival of that dream that has been too long deferred…

1) Will a New Napoleon Arise

2) Illuminati Training Video 15min VIDEO

3) D-Day 2014


Send Out the Clowns



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