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Solutions To Stop Killing Our Kids Across America - Pt 2

By Frosty Wooldridge
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How to solve all our social problems, killings, drugs, murders, mass shootings, mental illness, et al.

In part 1, we discussed all the ills of poor parenting, disrespectful kids, epidemic cell phone addictions, drug addictions, wars, video violence, TV violence, movie violence—and mounting ills besetting America.

How do you solve all those mega problems affecting kids and parents in our big cities? Answer: you don’t. Those problems and more will simply play out in all the negatives ways humans express themselves.

First of all, you must remember that we’ve turned our once essentially homogenous society at 90 percent European-Americans in 1965 into everybody else’s country with an added 100 million immigrants and their children since 1965. We have another 20 million illegal aliens operating underground in America and millions of the anchor babies. We lost our culture, language and ethos. We multiculturalized and diversified ourselves into a pluralistic quagmire. No chance to undo it or alter it or change it for the better.

Today, we see a majority of inner city kids flunking out of high school by age 16 and sooner. We see illiteracy rates exploding off the charts to as high as 78 percent in Detroit, Michigan. Much the same for Chicago and Los Angeles. Those illiterate kids move into drug gangs, shoplifting gangs and gun battles.

As the violence in the cities accelerates, more and more Americans flee to smaller cities, quieter states and racial enclaves. Detroit, Michigan showed us what happens when minorities take over and take a city down.

As high schools become more racially conflicted and/or religiously conflicted as in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Dearborn, Michigan with Moslem numbers exploding—watch for Sharia Law mandating in those Allah enclaves. It’s as natural as rain for ethnic groups to find power in numbers and power in their religious sects. If you remember, Pakistan once belonged to India, but the Moslems broke away to form their own enclave. Look at Lebanon’s disintegration over a 30 years period of Moslem immigration. Look at Europe’s countries falling one by one to Islamic violence.

This kind of fracturing advances on America as surely as the coming of the dawn. Every sociologist on the planet tells us that multiculturalism and diversity do not work, cannot work and will not work anywhere at any time. It’s going to play out in conflict. Read Thomas Chittum’s book: Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America.

As to drunk drivers, kids overdosing and the opioid addiction epidemic. No way to stop it because Big Pharma makes too much money to buy off Congress. Alcohol companies make too much money to allow stronger laws to stop drunks from driving. Follow the money. We shall see tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of deaths from those big three addictions. It will play out for those hooked on those drugs.

You can bet the U.S. Government and all of Congress continue these wars and plan for new wars. We got duped into Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Desert Storm. We’re duped into continuing in Afghanistan. The American people don’t care, don’t vote and remain too lazy to raise their voices against endless wars—that they fund. An all-volunteer Army makes it easy to continue those wars.

Can we stop all the TV, movie and video violence? Can we demand decency and ethics on TV? Nope! Too few care and most don’t give a tinker’s dam. That’s why it will continue.

How about school shootings? We will see more school shootings and mass killings because a percentage of parents fail to actually parent their children into becoming responsible, accountable and reasonable adults? Again, average American male watches 4.1 hours of TV, seven days a week. His kids? They thrive on their video, violent games or texting on their smart phones.

The drunken driving and texting deaths will continue because most people won’t lift a finger and Congress proves itself as corrupt as most state legislatures.

Will someone step in to help African-Americans with redundant jobs to fit educational levels with livable wages? Will someone work to distribute and teach birth control to all those illiterate inner-city blacks, poor whites and Hispanics. Not a chance! U.S. taxpayers will continue to foot the bill not only for those illegitimate babies, but 350,000 anchor babies annually birthed by 350,000 illegal pregnant women who violate our borders annually. Why? Nobody gives a hoot.

How about death of our big cities? That will continue. One look at Chicago, Las Angeles and Miami shows that law-abiding, peaceful Americans flee those multicultural nightmares where everyone speaks a different language, professes different-incompatible cultures and no one thinks like an American.

Where will those fleeing Americans go? They will continue to enclave away from the big cities in small towns, mostly in northern areas like Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and eastern Washington State.

How about proper nutrition and eating correctly? We’re so fat and obese across America today that we set in place a new junk-food paradigm that will continue until everybody grows too sick to function. We’ll be piling up on the hospitals beyond comprehension. Coke: Open a Bottle of Happiness. Big Mac, Coke and fries—our new basic food group. Don’t forget pizza!

As the cities become unsafe, they face degradation toward third world conditions. As I’ve said before, corruption is a mechanism by which third world countries operate. They eventually fail. Thus, look for more American cities to be overtaken by crime, failing schools and social chaos.

You’ll see more and violent demonstrations by Black Lives Matter, Moslem Brotherhood, La Raza and Antifa along with dozens of other unhappy ethnic groups. Watch the Moslems push for Sharia Law across every city they dominate. It’s already taken over London, England with a Moslem Mayor and over 150 Sharia Courts and 50 Sharia councils.

What can you do? Prepare to move your family to smaller towns in rural America away from big cities without welfare departments. Prepare for jobs to maintain your community. Give your kids the best chance of succeeding outside of big cities. At this point, I don’t think enough Americans understand what’s coming in the next 10 to 20 years, and most don’t engage a plan for surviving the kind of chaos imploding those big cities.

Remember, within 10 years, we remain on course to import another 35 million foreigners into America from all over the world. Within 20, it will be 70 million, and by 2050, a total of 138 million more people will be added to America at the current immigration, birthrates and refugee’s incoming.

America will never again be like those epic Norman Rockwell paintings. It will never again enjoy a single ethos. It will never again enjoy Americans pulling in the same direction to make our country flourish. You’re going to watch all the big cities flounder in sociological, linguistic, religious and ethnic conflict. It’s coming just like the Titanic headed for New York Harbor.


This is what we face looks like graphically:

In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation. Take five minutes to see for yourself:

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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-- Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
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