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Solitude & Disquiet

By Jim Kirwan


Solitude is no longer a quiet-search for the honest-way among us. We no longer use a lamp to guide our actions. We no longer look to the red-lines of the six-directions: Instead we cower in the face-plate of the stopwatch: Because we’re afraid of the time we know, that’s running out.

When the world understood the value of solitude, there was a vast sea of opportunities to be explored, by people the world over. Today “solitude” is too often only thought of as solitary-confinement. That’s just the preface for government torture, political-suicide or death. But none of that is true, unless you let it in. Why not do this instead?

We are not measured by the problems that we have,

but by the way we respond to them’

This planet has finally begun to end the warmongers:

In that process

Israel has marked herself for destruction.

The world has had enough of the blatant WARS for Israel!


Here’s the map: Just look at how many whole nations and parts of other nations, which Israel is still demanding:

That are to be unconditionally-surrendered to Israel!

Or they will be obliterated!


When the states above are listed, people can easily know that those are the states that have been set aflame time and time again by Israel, for Israel: At the expense of the wider-world.

From left to right: A fourth of Egypt, All of Palestine, including Gaza & the West Bank, all of Jordon, part of Saudi-Arabia, Half of the Red-sea, all of Lebanon. Over half of Syria, a tiny piece of Turkey, more than half of Iraq, half of Kuwait & a tiny part of Iran. What other nation has ever made such unholy demands upon so many in the rest of the world—ever!

If this Map were to take up the entire front page of the New York Times on a Sunday ­ all of this shit would be over in a flash! But of course no media coverage ever touches this: Just like our land grabs in Mexico or the Philippines’ never made the global-news then either! If the media doesn’t pick up on the facts of what’s going on in Israel’s name ­ then there’s room in this rebellion for over 80% of the criminal-mainstream-media as well.

Even the media needs to be on-board this time, or they will soon join Israel in an early grave… (2)

In the last few months, because of the ongoing-outrage that Israel will not stop screaming about: The rest of the planet is finally waking up and even Israel knows that she cannot come back from global condemnation. Israel has done to herself what no other nation could have done to her and USI together.

There is no other nation so-responsible, in this. Because Apartheid-Israel has drowned out every other voice that tried to appeal to reason. Consequently Israel will be ostracized unless she opens her nuclear-arsenals and her broken-country to the world—like other nations are supposed to do.

This came about because people around the world now simply “no longer buy this” from Israel on all fronts. The US congress no longer represents the public in the U.S. which is why this conflict is being pushed toward more war by Israel & AIPAC. The U.S. public is with the rest of the planet that wants a total end to everything to do with Israel. (1)

Israel must now face the consequences of her repeated wars over the last 65 years. The map above makes clear what Israel continues to demand! But borders have not changed, which means that Israel has FAILED. FAILED & FAILED again, for the

last 65 years—that is not a war-record that’s the Israeli-record of a total failure. Because of this Israel has no place in the Community of Nations, as that community is not amenable to outlaw-states that were built on blackmail, terrorism and anarchy the world over…

The more that is revealed by the nuclear inspections, the more certain is her political and military-death. When Israel is judged by the same “rules” they sought to enforce upon so many other nations: Then Israel is finished as a global-player. This can’t come soon enough for this exhausted-globe that has finally had enough of “WAR” and especially of the arrogant-insolence of Israel.

It was this attitude of the creatures who occupy Palestine today that is what created ‘Diaspora’ from so many countries in the world, going all the way back to ancient-Carthage. Israel is playing the same game of “deceive & conquer” that these same barbarians played for thousands of years. But instead of targeting only a few countries, or a King or two: This time they have clearly stated they will not stop until they own the whole damned-world, or whatever’s left of it!

This is not about religion; this is about global-criminality hiding behind many religions and half-baked policies to accomplish what they have always sought: Total-Dominance is the only goal they recognize and everyone else including the suckers in the USA that still-support-them, who will all be massacred, just as soon as they are no longer needed!

1) Israeli nuke stockpile must be disarmed

2) Peace, Love & Pepperspray


The Chosen Ones”



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