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So Far, Trump Has Neither Said Nor Done
ANYTHING About The Muslim Invasion Or
The Other 45 Million Illegals Here

By Patricia Doyle

I am very upset Jeff.  Why am I not hearing Trump closing down the money-grubbing leech organizations that are bringing in muslim fighting age men and terrorists and making BIG money over the dying corpse of America?  Why hasn't he, in a one-page Executive Order, cut off ALL Federal aid to these parasites?  Is he just a liar like all the rest?  Has the Establishment taken total control of him and is instructing him as to what he can and cannot do?  Have we been lied to and conned yet again? If so, America is finished.  

Trump made PROMISES to the American people that the 'refugees' and illegals will be ejected from America and NO ONE will get in except through the 'FRONT DOOR', legally and properly.  If he cuts off their ability to feed and lounge around on OUR MONEY, they will begin to SELF-DEPORT.  Come on, President Trump, you made promises and commitments to the American people.  There is no wiggle room. Zero. Your immigration promises were the number one reason you were elected President.  Period.

If ANY of these muslim 'refugees' who are brought into the US by these religious and other groups, and America-hating companies, who cause deaths or loss of property, the American victims of these savages should have a right to sue the organizations who brought the savages into the country.   And the Federal Government.   Trump should also sign an Executive Order that would make that possible.  IF these Christian and Jew groups, and various 'resettlement' companies get sued and are held responsible for for damages and acts of terror by the refugees they bring in, they may think twice about doing it again.

Oh, yes…and where is the Oath To America agreeing to honor our societal values and way of life that ALL new citizens and 'refugees' must sign?   

I still see the CDC planes shuffling illegals back and forth.  N71PG just picked up some in Puerto Rico and dropped them off in Chicago before heading back to Cartersville, GA.  I'll bet the farm that they picked up Somalis or other black Africans and brought them to Chicago.  As if Chicago doesn't have enough gun violence.  Now they can add Somali and Eritrean savages to the carnage.  And let's not forget how easy it will be for ignorant young African Americans to be converted to that fake religion call Islam.  Yes, homegrown 'muslim' terrorists will be a dime a dozen for ISIS here.

Two of those CDC planes have been flying nearly non-stop, mainly taking these illegals to military bases where they are processed and then injected into the life's blood of small towns across America.  Trump needs to shut these operations DOWN.  As far as I can see, these illegal muslims are still coming into the US by droves under the Trump administration.  Meanwhile, these despicable 'refugee' organizations and 'resettlement' companies keep right on ringing the cash register and feeding on our money.  




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