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SoCal Fire Released Deadly Radiation And Toxins
From Burned-Over Rocketdyne And Spread By Smoke - Vid

By Jeff Rense
Exclusive To

The Big Secret - SoCal Woolsey Fire Burned Over Rocketdyne
...Site Of Worst US Nuclear Disaster - Radioactive Nuclides & Toxins
Went Up With The Smoke And Flames All The Way To Malibu

Apparently, more that ONE nuclear reactor melted down in 1959 and
thereafter resulting in the whole facility and surrounding area being
covered with deadly radioactive isotopes of many, many kinds.
There are reports of there having been 9 total nuclear installations
at Rocketdyne...four of which melted down or had 'accidents'.

Map - Woolsey Fire Path From Rocketdyne To Malibu

CA Woolsey Fire Burned Over Radioactive Rocketdyne
The Site Of The Worst US Nuke Meltdown In 1959 - Vid
(Start Viewing At 10:00 In)

The Severely Radioactive And Toxic Rocketdyne Facility

Here Is Rocketdyne In Flames...Spewing Major Amounts Of Radionuclides And Toxins Into The Smoke

Woolsey Fire Radioactive, Toxic Smoke Spread Ahead
Of The Flames And Fire All The Way To Malibu...

More Photos Of The Rusting Radioactive, Toxic Disaster Known
As Rocketdyne Before Being Burned Over By The Woolsey Fire

LA Times - Rocketdyne Radioactive Disaster 'Is A Mess'

50 Years (now 60) After US Worst Nuclear Meltdown

Standard Official Policy Of Lying And Denial...

State Claims No Radioactive Isotope Or Other Toxic Risk From
Woolsey Fire That Burned Through Rocketdyne Nuclear Test Site