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Snatching Strength


By Jim Kirwan


From the Jaws of Treason

Now all the layers of 'potential threats' are all being turned against 'American citizens'. Everything this supposed nation has done since 2000 has all been built on lies, financed and paid for by the Fear & Terror that you and I paid for hundreds of times over. The result was a series of global-lies that have been perpetrated against the entire planet, including every American, while the fake-government proceeds to rape, pillage and plunder us along with the rest of the planet.

Meanwhile the enemy operatives living in Jewmerica have always put whatever 'faith' they ever had in M.O.N.E.Y. That would be the money which they are determined to obtain by any and all means and “to Hell with any of the laws that might ever cost them even one contaminated cent.

Meanwhile in Russia where words are matched with actual results and both can survive any thoroughly critical analysis: Russia, it turns out is a place where their words are matched by military and political actions; something which the USSA hasn't done for decades.

Since the end of WWII most military goals worldwide have supported the long-range empowerment of global outlaws, just below the radar. Now real powers, not directly connected with the failing Western Empire, are emerging, as the world begins to see and understand the war-crimes which the war-crimes are intended to protect; at least over the last fifteen years.

What needs to happen is a spontaneous global-meltdown of the failure reflected by the global-media and their own pathetic efforts to lie their way out from under the thunderbolts of reality that Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq and Iran are beginning to rain down upon the train-wreck, that Syria has been, for the last four plus years throughout the wider world.

The US narratives since 911, coming from Israel and the West have all been strategically built on global-lies. If Washington does not back down and embrace some actual reality, then Russia's direct-actions coupled with controlled-resistance will indirectly force the collapse that will ultimately lead directly to prosecution of the war-criminals on the global stage.

This is what's waiting in the wings for Tel-Aviv, Washington, London and the Vatican—if these war-mongers don't correct their savagely flawed thinking.

Meanwhile with every bomb that falls and every bullet fired

in the Syrian War

The price for continued delay increases the chances

for military prosecutions of the USSA and Israel for causing this.

If the failed nations that still think of themselves as 'powerful' continue to ignore reality, then the terrorists wearing USSA and Israeli boots will soon know just how badly the world has taken their determination to continue to try to deceive the rest of the planet.. The reign of fake Terror & Fear is coming to an abrupt end, and that is tied directly to how the war turns out in Syria against the Western cultists that remained set on 'Regime Change' when the only answer possible is a clearly direct settlement between all the parties in this part of our continuing global-wars.

Russia and her allies have begun to open doorways to possible solutions; yet the artificial-world remains stone deaf to any and all suggestions of any possible compromise. Their 'position' seems to largely consist of trying to protect the Outlaws, on every issue, from the EU and the refugees, through the Middle East and Ukraine to the latest moves against Central Asia that just coming on line.

At the End of Every Day, the Question always lingers

Who can really be believed?”

It's been going on since 2002.

The only way to answer legitimate questions

Is to look long and hard at all the supposed facts,

to see which stories are supported by substantiated facts.

Which is something that the WEST has always been sadly lacking in.

Russia's Turn

The Nine Traitors on the LGBTQ, U.S. Supreme Court

Are responsible for everything illegal from T-TIP to Social Engineering

and election manipulations and everything that comes directly

from criminally flawed high-court decisions ­ that must now be answered

in public demonstrations followed by public arrests

and prosecution for treason.

The unsaid in the following article, fails to mention the fact that all the candidates are nothing but transparent shells and that no matter who anyone 'votes for' there is absolutely no difference between any of these candidates: Just like the facses on the walls of congress, they are identical symbols for a totally flawed two party system.

All of the monetary slights of hand behind the current selections process have been clearly flawed by the corporate powers that were awarded without question, by the Supreme's, to private corporations-- which like the outrageous terms of the T-TIP, were quietly ruled on without allowing the public any voice in what the court finally decided. This after earlier court decisions made corporations immortal, because they can now legally live forever, followed by the corporate right that make corporations into 'people' and finally corporations will have “earned the right “to become nation-states: If and only if, the T-TIP outrage is passed into law ­ all of this comes back to the Supreme Court, just as does the creation of the FED, over and above the Republic & the Constitution...

If Americans have only one chance to derail the takeover of this nation, then they should arrest and try the entire Supreme Court, all nine of them, Immediately: If we are to have even a small chance at changing anything major that's been put-into play against the people of this once proud place...


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