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Trump's 'Travel Ban' Smokescreen

By Patricia Doyle

His picking out the Muslim travel ban is a smoke screen.  He is obeying Princess Ivanka and flooding Muslims into America.  The 'travel ban' would only be temporary and would not stop terrorists as they are a substantial part of the muslims that Trump is letting in.

Jeff, Trump knows he will never get the 'travel ban' on the 7 'terror-linked' countries, so he trots it out, shines it up and talks about it.  And then there is nothing...until the next muslim terror event occurs.   Then he predictably shines the ban up again and parades it in front of the media again…and, as usual, nothing happens.    It's all smoke and mirrors.

Meanwhile, the terrorists are coming into the US via NGOs and are called United Nations 'refugees.  No wonder ISIS numbers are way down in Syria…because they are all coming to America.  Drag out the old Neil Diamond song again.  Coming to America to kill and wipe out white Christians and white anything.

The Jews are busy in Israel building 'settlements' galore and working on Greater Israel which intends to gobble up half of Syria, too.  Sure, Israel is where the European, North American and Australian Jews will go just before the trouble starts and the murder of whites begins.   A real global holocaust for white people.

We must bring as many white S Africans here as possible.  So far, no response from Trump to my numerous tweets on the nightmare facing the whites in SA.    

I am surprised I do not have the Feds questioning me for my words and the tone of the tweets.  I asked Trump, "What are you gong to do about the REAL holocaust...the planned and pending genocide of white South Africans?

No response. Guess he does not know what to say as the Jews Ivanka and Jerry would not want white refugees coming here and upsetting their muslim plans.  Refugees have to be black as the ace of spades.  It is an unwritten law I guess. It won't be long and NY will be Paris and Los Angeles will be London.

I am worried about the premier of wonder woman Friday night in Brooklyn, NY.  A lot of teen girls will be lining up to view the new movie.  Some will be accompanied by parents. Personally, they should get as much security as possible for the opening.  This has bothered me for a couple of days.

Once the muslims do their prayer in the street routine, the terror comes next.   Then any President worth a grain of salt should deport ALL MUSLIM AND AFRICAN 'REFUGEES.'  We are going to replace them with white South Africans who face massive genocide in a black on white holocaust.  

Is anyone listening?

Don't worry, be happy….