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Site Smears Hoffman For 'White Slaves' Research

By Michael Hoffman

Reporter for smears Michael Hoffman’s research demonstrating that whites were the first slaves in America is a popular Left-wing website with many tens of thousands of readers. In a laughable “exposé” of the increasing awareness of the suppressed history of white slaves (this is not a reference to prostituted women) in early America, Left wing ideologues are endeavoring to use ad hominem attacks to discredit the revisionist history of our nation.

The latest flap has to do with a growing movement on Facebook documenting white Irish slavery and claiming that the Irish were the first slaves in America, which is not strictly accurate. The English government’s Privy Council began sweeping the streets of London “clean” once the colony of Virginia was established. Penurious English Protestants, particularly the young, were kidnapped off the streets of London and port cities by the thousands, and used for lifetime chattel enslavement in the West Indies and British America. This was not indentured servitude. These whites undertook the harshest labor of new settlements: land clearing, after which they toiled on sugar and tobacco plantations (before “King Cotton” was established).

Irish slaves began to be shipped to the West Indies in large numbers toward the middle of the 17th century, under Oliver Cromwell. After Cromwell’s death and the restoration of the Stuart monarchy, the slave traffic in English-Protestants resumed under King Charles II.

Details like these are lost on the “Raw Story” reporter who merely wishes to sneer at anyone who would dare to dissent from the conformist history of slavery in America. The familiar pejoratives are applied in lieu of documentary refutation. This writer is accused of being a poor historian because it is claimed that I am a “Holocaust denier,” despite the fact that unlike most Liberals and Conservatives I have never denied the Allied holocaust in Dresden, Germany in February 1945, or the Israeli holocaust in Beirut, Lebanon in August 1982.

The point of the “Raw Story” article online, titled "Irish slaves: Historian destroys racist myth conservatives love to share on Facebook,” is to intimidate people from giving serious consideration of the fact that whites were slaves in America before the African slave trade was established on a massive scale. It would not be pc for readers to take up my book They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America  It was published in the 1990s and has sold many thousands of copies, so the horse is out of the barn, and the attempt to suppress the truth about this subject by weasel words and smear tactics will fail miserably. Until the U.S. becomes completely Soviet, the indelible facts cannot be blotted out.

The article in question can be read online here:

It is accompanied by an authentic, period photo of ragged white child laborers picking cotton in the early 20th century. I’m not sure why the photograph was included since it helps to prove my point that "white skin privilege" was non-existent for “white trash.” Their plight escaped the liberal purview of what Charles Dickens termed, "telescopic philanthropy," i.e. the failure to see the misery amid the white population in one’s own backyard while focused on the condition of people from distant lands. When we lived among the Amish of Holmes County, Ohio they would bring black children from the inner city to their farms for a few weeks in summer, which was a laudable endeavor. But they did this while ignoring the poor white kids sweltering in trailers up the road. There was no prestige in being seen with white ragamuffins in a horse-drawn buggy. Hosting a black child however, brought instant recognition of one’s "Christian humanity.” What transpired among the Amish transpires on a far larger scale in the corporate and academic world in these United States.


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