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Smashing the First Amendment

By Jim Kirwan



The privatized-corporations' War on U.S. Copyrights began in 2000, with the Time-Warner Assault on Copyrights nationwide. It was totally illegal and blatantly removed the private-rights of individuals in favor of the corporations, in direct contradiction to the point of having any copyrights at all. The siege was directed toward images, film, music and content of any documents that had already been copy-written (protected) by individuals from the corporate misuse of the creator's private-property.

The flagrant theft of copyrights by the Time-Warner merger was not punished in the courts: Thereby nullifying the “protections” which the copyright was created to guarantee. Instead, the illegal-merger failed in the end, because of their overreach and their lack of the innate knowledge to create what they had “stolen” from artists and writers that actually created what the private individuals had copy-written to protect their ideas and their inventions from corporate or government theft.

Yesterday marked the Opening of Round Two by the government to

do what the global-corporations could not accomplish.


What must be remembered is that 'copyrights' were intended to only apply to anything that has been created anew ­ something that is not natural in nature but has been created or has been added to, in a unique way, which has not been seen before.

Think about Tesla and his Inventions that were all stolen.

As such, the government and the Supreme Court colluded to smash the copyright laws when they prefaced their attack upon artists and writers by granting CORPORATIONS the right to PATENT anything and everything in nature: As if they had somehow been responsible for creating the plants, trees, animals simply because they were “the first ones to think of patenting everything on the planet”: Including everything in the Human-Genome Project, which is now owned outright by various corporations.

This is a continuing global-crime against Humanity

California routinely sets the standard for progressive legislation, adopting law after law that the rest of the country isn’t even considering. For example, California lawmakers adopted mandatory promotions of homosexuality in schools years before President Obama thought of it.

Now the state is at it again, proposing a bill that would let the state government and its branches copyright “all government works.”

As in everything. Even video images of public meetings.

The warning is coming from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. EFF legislative counsel Ernesto Falcon explained that the California Assembly Committee on Judiciary has approved AB 2880 “to grant local and state governments’ copyright authority along with other intellectual property rights.”

k - The criminal audacity of 'the California Assembly Committee on Judiciary' is an OUTRAGE against the entire human race, specifically it takes the now total farce of Copyright Laws to a whole new level of global corruption.

The state’s current model is similar to the federal government’s: With a few exceptions the audio, visual and written work of government employees is available to the public to use.

The Death of Free Speech: How Our Broken National Dialogue Has Killed the Truth and Divided America” examines how the news media has created arbitrary, biased and illogical rules for determining what can and cannot be said in the public arena.

Ernesto said that at its core, the bill “grants state and local government the authority to create, hold, and exert copyrights, including materials created by the government.”

The organization said it strongly opposes the plan.”

k ­ Neither the local State or Federal Governments have ever created anything original in their entirely illegal lives. Yet even if they had, since all of their money has been stolen from the private public, they have no legal claim to anything which they continue to steal from U.S. citizens. Since government is incapable of creating anything ­ they are automatically disqualified from ever profiting from ideas, images, words or concepts which the government had nothing to do with “CREATING”: As for qualifying for the right to copyright anything on their own initiative ­ that's an oxy-moron of the first order, in addition to a crime against nature and society, worldwide.

Such a broad grant of copyright authority to state and local governments will chill speech, stifle open government, and harm the public domain,” he said.

EFF said the bill would “clarify” that works created by public entities are eligible for intellectual property restrictions.

This includes trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights. As things stand today, works created by California state and local governments (like reports, video, maps, and so on) aren’t subject to copyright except in a few special cases. That ensures that Californians who funded the creation of those works through their tax dollars can use those works freely.

But EFF said the bill “would change California from having one of the best policies on copyright of any U.S. state to among the worst.”

It authorizes public entities to register copyrights in their work. That means that state and local governments will have the power to seek statutory damages that can reach as high as $30,000 per infringement and potentially as life altering as $150,000 for willful conduct against people who use state-created materials,” Ernesto said.

Therefore, if a citizen infringed on a state owned copyright by making a copy of a government publication, or reading that publication out loud in a public setting, or uploading it to the Internet, they could be liable for statutory damages. The harms felt by this bill’s approach are wide ranging because it would take very little to claim that a work is protected by copyright law.”

Imagine local officials having the power to issue a … takedown notice of YouTube videos of city council meetings simply because they did not like them.”

The problem is that in California copyright claims have been used to “censor speech,” EFF said.

California local and state governments are not exempt from the temptation of suppressing disfavored speech under a copyright claim as evidenced by the Teixeira case. In 2015, the city council of Inglewood had filed a lawsuit against a citizen (Teixeira) for uploading video clips of city council meetings to YouTube with his criticisms of the mayor. The lawsuit was dismissed by the court outright because California cities don’t have the power to claim copyright. The court went even further to explain how Mr. Teixeira’s use of the videos to criticize the mayor was a fair use. So while the litigation ended on the correct note (though it cost Inglewood taxpayers $110,000 in legal fees), it demonstrated how copyright law can be abused in the hands of government,” EFF said.

The Death of Free Speech: How Our Broken National Dialogue Has Killed the Truth and Divided America” examines how the news media has created arbitrary, biased and illogical rules for determining what can and cannot be said in the public arena.

k ­ Authorizing 'Public Entities' to claim copyrights is clearly, a new intrusion into established Copyright protections that were originally designed, not to just to protect and profit those who create what has been legally copy-written, but this sloppy and illegal intrusion into the private world of those who create new things, in a way that destroys communication and public comment, over whatever the government may say or do about anything that happens in the world: Not just in politics or in matters of government overreach—including all the government's lies which the outlaws seek to keep hidden from the general public.

If this CRIMINAL ATTACK UPON US ALL is not smashed and those who offered it are also made to pay for this shabby-attempt to circumvent the First Amendment ­ then we shall deserve whatever the results of this massively criminal attack upon the public ­ which will not just impinge upon 'FREE-SPEECH' but will end dialogue with a vengeance that will result in the absolute death the REPUBLIC and the Constitution.

California Wants To Own Copyrights on Everything

A footnote to all of this is the fact that the entire “legal-profession” is guilty of criminal malfeasance, by the absence of the lawyers needed to take on monsters like Google, Facebook or Twitter. These “entities” routinely steal copyrights now, by creating “corporate-privacy-policies” which they have used to blatantly circumvent U.S. Copyright Laws, LAWS that were created to prevent exactly what these Zionist bastards are doing each and every day to artists and writers with their private and corporate rules. RULES which are treated as “permanently privileged” because of the size and influence of these illegally invasive private corporations, that in practice today have 'trumped” the constitution and all existing copyright laws...


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