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Simone Can Teach The World A Serious Lesson

By Ted Twietmeyer

Simone (pronounced like "Sih-mahn") is a 83 year old lady in Belgium living in a nursing home. She was born in Belgium. Her daily regimen consists of pedaling on an exercise bike every day for about 4Km. She gets up at 5AM and is served breakfast at 8AM. She has one estranged sister. A few years ago Simone decided she did not want to live any longer. No physical problems or terminal  illness, no mental illness. Her biggest problem is grief - she never got over the loss of her daughter.

Simone spoke to her doctor and to three other doctors about how she felt. She wrote letters to everyone she wanted to be aware that she will be ending her life. She stated her son was not one of those people and he was quite upset. On the scheduled day, her physician came into her room after breakfast. She was sitting on the edge of her bed. He poured a thick, yellowish liquid into a small glass from a little brown glass bottle. He sat on the edge of the bed beside Simone and placed it her hands. She drank it slowly per his instructions, soon became drowsy and laid down. In less than five minutes she was gone. Her doctor coldly commented to Simone's friend who was present, "She is at peace now." Three injections can be used to terminate life in Belgium instead of swallowing the lethal drink. Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium since 2002.

In Belgium, a euthanasia request requires a review by three doctors. First the primary care doctor and then two other doctors. There is no review board BEFORE euthanasia takes place; a 16 member reviews Belgium euthanasia cases only AFTER euthanasia was carried out. In 2014, about 2,000 people ended their lives this way in Belgium. There are about 5 people euthanized each day in Belgium over the past 12 years. To date, not one case reviewed by the 16 member overseeing group has been sent to a case to court for legal challenge. With thousands of cases, this review panel looks more like a rubber stamp operation. Mistakes must have been made; it is inevitable.

Certainly some type of help mechanism should be ready to help people deal with their problems, instead of taking the easy way out. Life is hard and always will be. If everyone in society took the final exit when problems in life occur, there would be no running water, no electricity or technical advancements.

Any society that believes in killing healthy people instead of helping them with their issues, is clearly a DEAD society.

About that 16 person review board - Legal challenge for what? No one can be brought back from the dead if euthanasia was the wrong action to help someone. Belgium is known to have the most liberal euthanasia laws in the world. That is, if you call it euthanasia law. It should be renamed the assisted-die-for-any-reason law. Even CHILDREN can be euthanized under Belgium law. Two twin children were euthanized only because they were slowly losing their vision. We will never know that contributions they could have made to our world, if they were helped and lived.

As for Simone's doctor? He freely outright admitted on camera he is not a psychiatrist. Yet he was allowed to diagnose Simone with a depressive condition she could not get over? He was the first of the three physicians to approve her euthanasia. In America, even if euthanasia is legal his actions could be called malpractice; he is not a board certified psychiatrist.

Assisted euthanasia laws are more than 15 years old in Belgium. Euthanasia is taught in Belgium's public grade schools as a normal part of life. It's very simple - in Belgium if you don't want to deal with ordinary issues in life, the state will help you die. No problem.

Here is the key issue: The most important factor clearly missing in this tragedy in Belgium is LOVE for one's family and loved ones. Love is probably missing in thousands of other euthanasia cases, too.

Perhaps if Simone had involved herself in helping others with all the dozens of free hours she had each week, she might have found purpose in living. Without a doubt, suicide IS the ultimate selfish act.

Why is all this important to Americans and other countries? A final exit intended only for the terminally ill, could become widespread and easy to do. Euthanasia is now slated to become law in Washington, DC.

United Nations wrote in a statement, "The family is an enemy to society" (this was also frequently quoted by the late Dr. Stan Monteith, MD.) We have seen social engineering pave the way for euthanasia in America which will further help to destroy the fabric of the family. Brain-washing that teaches globalism in schools and world wars many of us have learned lessons from, are no longer taught in schools. Even the lessons of the Vietnam War are now swept under the carpet.

Clearly the agenda does  NOT teach children the result of useless wars, promotion of trashy clothing styles, encouraging children to deeply believe they don't have to obey parents, smart phone games that brainwash, social websites that brainwash, increasing unemployment by sending jobs overseas and other acts of social engineering have all contributed to tearing America's family fabric apart.

Right has become wrong, and wrong has become right.

Negative social and globalist engineering has succeeded in tearing apart the very fabric of America. Like bacteria thriving in a sugar-water petri dish, euthanasia will THRIVE in today's me-me-me and "I don't want to deal with life" environment. It will become rampant in Washington and eventually spread all across America like a plague. Anyone with a physical or mental problem who doesn't love their spouse, children or relatives enough to have a strong desire to live, will be helped to die. Euthanasia will become popular with those who believe they are not loved by their spouses and families can also be helped to die. Early death for those who cannot work for society is perfect for the globalists mindset..

Simone's death is a serious lesson indeed - she has shown us the future of America and any other country practicing euthanasia. Like it or not, it will grow out of control. It would not be surprising to see illegal drugs sold on the street to anyone who wants to swiftly terminate life with a pill. Or euthanasia drugs used like a gun; give me your money or I'll force this down your throat.

The late Dr. Kevorkian was often considered the father of euthanasia. He assisted more than 130 people to die. His popularity helped lay the groundwork for the coming popularity of euthanasia in America. He planted images of assisted death into the minds of millions of people. Kevorkian and state executioners use lethal injections of three drugs. But clever doctors and chemists in Belgium have reduced suicide down to a small, lethal ingested cocktail.

All Americans need to keep in mind that anything the government engages, promotes or makes legal to do will always be done to excess. There are no exceptions.  No real checks and balances exist for government supported, authorized or sponsored acts no matter how horrific government acts may be. There is no accountability.

Government does whatever it wants, however and whenever it wants simply because there is nothing to stop it.

Ted Twietmeyer

Source of Simone's death and Belgium law: PBS Front Line documentary


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