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Silence Hides The Lies


By Jim Kirwan


Military build-ups inside the U.S. for JADE-HELM are being reported in the North and East as well as the Northwest ­ that are officially “outside” the declared 10 states of the Southern Border States: Yet no one mentions this rather glaring fact. Here’s 1min 19 seconds:

Contrast this one with previous revelations:

Jade Helm: Marines train for internment of citizens under martial law


The dead-hand’s inside the gloves that were created for the 2016 “candidates’ should all be arrested.


Both Clinton’s and the entire Bush Family along with the extended Obamanation administration In the Tarnished House:

Should have been tried and convicted long ago

For high treason and executed.


No ‘president’ should have been allowed into that office when that traitor is a member of any “secret-society” such as the entire Bush Clan: After Prescott Bush, who was convicted of collaborating with the Nazi’s ­ he too was ‘Skull & Bones’, along with John Kerry, who now heads the State Department.

The Clintons’ brought us the fast-tracked “FREE TRADE DEALS” that have murdered this nation’s ability to survive. Bill also brought the world the slaughter in the Rwandan genocide and the end of Yugoslavia (in tandem with GWH Bush). Hillary also brought us the flame-throwing tank attacks on Waco, Texas along with her oversight of the murder of the American Ambassador in Bengasi. There are hundreds of her various crimes against the public ­ together the Clintons have yielded trillions, to themselves, in greed, treachery and murder, from the moment that Bill (and Hillary) entered politics.

Duplicity, lies and murder most foul: That’s the trademark of the lawless Clinton outlaws ­ yet the public still refuses to spit upon any of the filthy-rich criminals including the Bush-Clinton Outlaws that are still running everything in the long dead U.S.A.

Can America not find anyone who is not a war-criminal to “represent” this broken nation? Clearly the answer speaks much louder than any words could ever dare encompass… The number of lobbyists for every member of Congress has risen again, which makes it clear just who and what is writing all our blatantly criminal laws ­ it’s the Plutocracy and the Oligarch’s of the bankrupt bankers worldwide. They all need to go!

The list of “candidates” for 2016 makes it clear that we can’t “restore” the shattered political system ­ we must start over completely. The filth that has been cascading down over everything for the last fifty years has obliterated any real chance to overthrow the global war-crimes that are filled with treason against the global social contract.

This was the case upon the arrival of the Tri-Lateral Commission in 1973 ­ and everything has gone downhill from that point until today…

The proof of the irrevocable crimes committed by the creation of the impending TTP, actually heralds the global-death-knell for the ordinary people of the world and all of that is now crystal-clear.

The institution of the International security-state has clearly morphed into the global-police-state; whose job is to maintain “unending global-war” no matter the costs to societies everywhere. This global charade must be stopped and its leaders killed ­ because no society can survive with the kinds of global-parasites that are currently running this insane asylum.

The privatized corporate interests must have their corporate charters utterly destroyed and their officers held as the global-criminals they have always been: Until we begin arresting these barbarians, nothing will change ­ certainly not before the final curtain is brought down on the global monetary collapse which JADE-HELM 15, could very soon initiate.

The clock is ticking America,

And there is no longer anywhere left to hide…



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