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Silence Is Deafening


By Jim Kirwan


The ‘justice system’ itself was put in place by the constitution to defend the public by vigorously prosecuting all the blatantly criminal acts, both inside and outside the government in the USA. The continuing failure of this government to act, on behalf of the public, is what has allowed

The currently massive political and criminal conspiracies that have been in place against this public for the last fifty-two years.

The total perversion of the so-called ‘Justice System’ in America is at the core of the depth of the global-criminality that we’re still living in, worldwide. If anything is to change in this place, then we must arrest and prosecute every U.S. Attorney General that has ‘served’ since LBJ took over after the murder of JFK.

I was involved with the governors and Attorney Generals of Oklahoma and California beginning when I was 28 years old. In Oklahoma I was a paid volunteer. In California I worked for the Department of Justice as an unpaid volunteer for the Governor and for the California and the National District Attorneys Associations which ended in 1980 ­ because by that time it was clear that the crimes being committed throughout the ‘just-us system’ was nationwide and was totally contrary to the laws of the United States.

The circumstances that face the nation and the world now involve a collection of national and international assassination squads, organized and built upon the model created by President Reagan which he called ‘Freedom Fighters’. In reality these outlaws were created as Death Squads for Central and South American use, which have been expanded today to include the reconstituted form of the same Death Squads that now wear US uniforms: As either police-state cops or international thugs masquerading as US troops. In reality today they are Amerika’s Assassination Squads and we use them worldwide to enforce USI polices.

Soon after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was created, the government actually figured out that it was serving itself inside the drug world: Hence they tried to disband that criminal organization—only to discover that these agents knew too much and were too well armed to actually remove them from the government.

A similar agency was created that we call ICE, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, which has now gone the same way as DEA did before them. The very long list of fake-government agencies is huge and most of them are privately interested outlaw-oriented-organizations that are basically out of control. It seems that any agency that is positioned in semi-opposition to the CIA’s private fiefdom of illegal guns and drugs, which feeds the Black-Ops budget, meets with similar problems: Now that USI itself has gone globally rogue.

Consequently the bogus WAR-on-DRUGS and the WAR-on-CRIME have done nothing except expand the use and abuse of Drugs, Crime, and the international weapons trade - worldwide.


Americans keep asking: “Who is responsible for all of this?”

The answer to that question can be found in the mirrors that all of us need to look at closely: Because it’s all of us who have tolerated the blatant criminality that has existed over the entire 52 years that these massive crimes have been going on.

But there are other root causes for our global-problems as well.

The world is currently practicing ‘Suicide by Sanctions’, now that sanity itself has been officially outlawed. It is now illegal to think, comment or act in your own best interest: Even self-defense has become a crime in the U.S.

Internationally USI has become the global-pariah that most threatens the survival of the human-race, with Israel running a close second.

International Policies are administered by political children born from political concepts put forth in ‘The Lord of the Flies’. USI does not have any competent people serving in any capacity anywhere within this government; hence US policy has become an obscenity that cannot survive anywhere in the world today. But the political suicides don’t stop there…

We have government agency directors that have no experience with any of the so-called services which they are charged with directing. The Department of War is run by a bean-counter that never spent one second in the military: That is the same military that Obamanation has spent the last six years slashing to the bone and beyond.

The US Military is Falling Apart and Washington is to Blame

In Ukraine USI is working to create a failed state that they are working very hard to destroy so they can take over and install another beachhead from which to attack Russia, regardless of what is already happening, by design, to everyone inside Ukraine.

Watching Media: Crosstalk ­ RT

But our problems don’t end with the corruptions that we can see everywhere else, because we have no competent people in any government position, anywhere in the world today.

For those interested ­ why not start with the congress that just ‘works’ somewhere from 37 to 73 days of the entire year ­ at their so-called jobs: The rest of the 365 days they concentrate on getting richer.

They refuse to talk to their constituents, unless they happen to be billionaires and they actually do not represent Americans at all ­ their constituency consists mostly of pleasing Israel and only Israel.

Not only do they have access to taking home a king’s ransom, by way of compensation, they actually are working directly against all Americans, 24-7 and 365 days of the year. They can do this because they know that you will never stop them from what they’re doing and have done now for over 52 years. Is it beginning to dawn on you yet - that you’ve all been had ­ by the media, the government and especially the fake political parties that continue to try and sell you their separate ‘cons’ when everybody knows that there is only one party, the party of the traitors that are only ‘in public-service’ to serve themselves and to hell with everybody else!

What we have everywhere now are creatures that are not human. Almost to a person the government employs those who have no experience in life or in any profession ­ most of whom have never worked a day in their entire lives. Consequently, having no real experience to fall back on, these slot-holders that hold leadership positions, have no problem lying about everything they continue to do regardless of how those lies will inflate the problems that are tearing the world apart; during every second that they are allowed to continue.

In the military, not only have we lost the experienced officers at the General Staff level, we’ve lost the necessary people that have actually been trained between the colonel’s and the captains; which has now moved all the way down to the dissatisfied sergeants in the non-com ranks as well.

But this too goes further: When Obamanation who also has zero military experience began the reshaping of his brand new and traitorous army, to attack Americans: He concentrated on arming these idiots to the teeth. What apparently has been overlooked is that weapons alone do an army make: The new, “bigger than the actual US Military force”, now has the same weapons as the regular US military, yet they have no training in how to use the weapons or what to do with all those billions of rounds of ammunition, most of which will be captured from them by the resident citizens who are trained and armed with weapons they already know how to use very effectively. This too is something that gets no coverage by the media, at this time when the Jade-Helm Silence has become deafening as well.

The ‘other’ problem that has gone totally unnoticed is Chaos Theory, which has been tossed about without realizing that

Believe it or not:

There actually are rules within Chaos itself,

Rules that of course the idiots in office continue to try to shatter.

‘Chaos theory’ in essence has formerly offered new ways to study complex compartmentalizations. But since the military and the amateur politicians have learned to love compartmentalization of everything they do, they have missed a truth that makes them more than just vulnerable to new ideas: Because ‘Chaos Theory’ is the still emerging wave of the only successful path to the future of life on the planet. But since everything that’s happening now is about the eradication of the human race ­ it stands to reason that no one on the dark side would ever dare explore the truth behind the “chaos-theory” they want to use, to terrify the planet into helping them to finish destroying the earth.

A pity that so much information about our past present and future seems to be coming now; when we’ve all been forced to the literal edge of the end of our way of life ­ but then, given the shocks that Chaos could yet bring into this death sentence for humanity - we may yet be surprised by whatever is to come…


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