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“Silencing Truth With Defamation”

By Jim Kirwan

Washington long ago learned the dark art of silencing truth with defamation. Washington used defamation to overthrow Iran’s elected leader, Mossadegh in 1953, to overthrow Congo’s prime minister Patrice Lumumba in 1960, to overthrow Guatemala’s President Arbenz in 1954, to overthrow Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez in 2002, a coup that was cancelled by the Venezuelan people and military who threw out Washington’s stooge replacement and reinstalled Chavez, to overthrow Ukraine’s elected President Yanukovych in 2013, to overthrow Honduras President Manuel Zelaya in 2009, to overthrow in 2013 Mohamed Morsi, president of the first democratically elected government in Egypt’s history, to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, in ongoing efforts to overthrow Assad in Syria and the government of Iran, and in failed attempts to overthrow Indonesia’s Sukarno, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and Castro in Cuba.

Today Washington’s target is Vladimir Putin. This is the height of folly and hubris. Putin’s public support far exceeds that of any American president in history. Currently, the level of public support for the Obama regime and the US Congress is far too low to be compatible with a functioning democracy. If the US is actually a democracy, it is the most dysfunctional democracy in world history. Practically no one, except the powerful private interest groups who own Washington, supports the US government. Everyone else despises Washington.

As the result of 13 years of murderous destruction of life and property in the Middle East and Africa, a dysfunctional and collapsing US economy, and a display of unrivaled arrogance, Washington has destroyed America’s soft power. Abroad only the deluded few and those paid by US-financed NGOs still have a good opinion of the United States.

In all world polls, the US ranks as the greatest threat to world peace. Washington has made our country a despised nation, and we the people have done nothing about it.

You would never know this from the US print or TV media or even from most of the UK and Western European media. As I reported on October 16, Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of one of Germany’s most important newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has written a best-selling book in which he reports that the CIA owns everyone of significance in the major European media. In his own words Udo Ulfkotte says that he was “taught to lie to, betray and not to tell the truth to the public.”

Trust Demands Consequences

From George Galloway, comes a different version of ‘Sputnik’ that compares the legacy of Guy Fawkes from 1605 with the reasons for the continuing legend that has survived for over 400 years: “Remember, remember the Fifth of November”, because it was a failed revolution that almost changed the world forever in 1605. One cannot help but wonder what would happen if such an event were to be launched anywhere, to rid the world of the current curse that still lives in Washington, London and the Vatican? That’s the first 12 min.


The rest of the program gives us a real life example of a real leader who took his nation out of the IMF and has never looked back.

The Morals of Eva Morales

President Eva Morales is one of the best things ever to happen to Latin America. The revolution that Che Guevara gave his life for has come to pass: And it looks like Eva Morales. He has set the indigenous people free, grappled with the corporations extracting Bolivia’s mineral wealth, joined the sub-continental fight for freedom and independence. And he’s paid the price for being a freedom fighter president.”

k: Morales is also one of the very few world leaders to have condemned Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Something that he did not have to do, but which he ‘needed’ to do.

When he returned from Moscow last summer, after his presidential jet was forced down for thirteen hours in Austria, on the orders from Washington: On suspicion that Edward Snowden “might have been with him” on board, he said the following.

Some countries from Europe have to free themselves from the U.S. Empire. They are not going to frighten us because we are a people with dignity and sovereignty…”

“… A very revealing slogan of the election was ~ which means he whoever fulfills his promises: The results have been because he now controls the wealth of a country that used to beg for aid, has expelled the IMF has a surplus on its balance of payments and has a GDP that has grown three and half times from the size it was when he was elected. And that (growth) has grown with an average of 5.2%, even during the world wide recession. And of course unlike other growths it has actually been shared.

I mean the constitution actually says that when there is growth that should be reflected in salaries. And there’s been a decrease. For example in 2013 the growth was 6.8% and people had a double bonus at Christmas. Of course those were the employed people in formal jobs.

So there’s been a huge economic transformation (not brought about by austerity measures or police-state tactics) ~ and the UN has recognized Bolivia as one of the countries that has achieved the greatest progress towards equality. Thirty-six percent of the population that were extremely poor have been brought up to much more acceptable levels…

And there’s much more in the rest of the 25min 55sec interview

So there are examples, in the world of nations and states as well as leaders that are willing to stand up against the tyranny of the West. The key to all of that is the establishment of real trust based upon actual activities that chose to bear the responsibilities and the consequences for their actions as leaders of their nations.

That would be those leaders who have not chosen to rule their people from the barrels of their weapons, but from the establishment of prosperity based on Mutual Respect between the many peoples in various states, who have freely chosen co-operation over the police-state criminality that rules in places like the United States Incorporated & Israel:

The “Exceptional States” amid all the 218 nations in the world today.

The world of today is no longer a place that values honor or human values of any kind. We’ve become just a brawling mass of criminal corporations and private mercenary armies doing the bidding of supposedly legitimate oversight organizations that are owned outright by the same players who routinely commit the most heinous crimes in all of human history.

I’ve been in this fight for most of my life, since I first discovered a passion for being able to question any and all authority, even in highschool. The situation as I’ve lived it has only gotten worse with every passing year: Recently something has changed about this continuing war. I can’t literally explain it: What I can say is that I have begun to hear the very small sound which the safety makes when you move it from the safety-position, on any weapon, to the “off” position. The reason probably has to do with the millions of those who have been “shut-down” that are finally deciding to refuse to follow the dictates of the commissars that have been appointed to govern over the lives of billions of people… Are you becoming one of us?


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