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Central Florida Garden Update
Sick, Dying Plants



Hi Jeff,

Here are the latest pictures from our Fall garden.  

We ended up losing all of the cabbage and broccoli plants. There are 2 cabbages that look edible but I wouldn't even feed them to my chickens. Last year, we got 3 bushels of broccoli. This year,  about 1 gallon.

Everything else did just fine.  Greens,  Peas,  Cukes,  Beans, Tomatoes, Potatoes and melons.

There is a 20 foot wide swath of destruction going through the center of the garden. This leads me to believe that whatever caused this blew in on the wind. If it was in the rain, the entire garden would be affected.

Hopefully, we will have better luck with our Spring garden. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Take care,  and have a great Christmas....



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